Official NetScape Dynamic HTML Developer's Guide

Official NetScape Dynamic HTML Developer's Guide

by Gayle Kidder, Stuart Harris




Shows how to use Dynamic HTML (DHTML) to deal with all types of Web design challenges, from artistic to contextual to practical. Describes a different aspect of DHTML (Dynamic Styles, Dynamic Page Layers, Dynamic Content, and Dynamic Databases). I Demonstrates how to use the latest HTML techniques for building intricate, interactive pages and delivering them intact to more viewers than ever. Written by bestselling authors who are award-winning HTML experts. Contains fully worked examples, developed in conjunction with the world-renowned team at Limitless Technical Dimensions in London, England, led by Frank Wales. Provides dynamic demo pages and templates. Includes sample scripts for animating pages. Contains shareware tools.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781566047975
Publisher: Ventana Communications Group, Incorporated
Publication date: 11/28/1997
Edition description: BK&CD-ROM
Pages: 400
Product dimensions: 7.42(w) x 9.27(h) x 1.11(d)

Table of Contents

SECTION I Dynamic Styles     1
Chapter 1 Using Dynamic Fonts     1
Chapter 2 Introducing Style Sheets   21
Chapter 3 Cascading Style Sheets   37
Chapter 4 JavaScript Basics   73
SECTION II Dynamic Documents 101
Chapter 5 HTML Positioning 101
Chapter 6 The Document Object Model 135
Chapter 7 Canvas Mode 173
SECTION III Dynamic Content 203
Chapter  8  Dynamic Animations 203
Chapter  9  Making Pages on the Fly 235
Chapter 10 Database & HTML Tools 267
SECTION IV Appendices 287
Appendix A About the Companion CD-ROM 287
Appendix B Style Sheet Reference 291
Appendix C JavaScript Reference 299
Appendix D The New HTML Tags & Attributes 319
Appendix E Useful URLs, Mail Lists & Newsgroups                               325

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