Official SWiSHmax Bible

Official SWiSHmax Bible



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ISBN-13: 9780764575631
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 12/28/2004
Series: Bible Series , #189
Pages: 696
Product dimensions: 7.44(w) x 9.22(h) x 1.44(d)

About the Author

Donna L. Baker is an author, graphic designer, and instructor who has trained Macromedia Flash users in both conference and classroom settings. She has been a writer and contributing editor for an online magazine since 1998, writing 10 to 11 graphics articles per year. Her articles have included three Flash series, covering V 3 through MX, as well as pieces on other animation software such as Adobe Live Motion.
She is the author of CourseBuilder for Dreamweaver f/x and Design (The Coriolis Group, 2001), Acrobat 5: The Professional User’s Guide (Apress, 2002), How to Use After Effects 5.5 (Que, 2002), Acrobat 6: The Professional User’s Guide (Apress, 2003), The 100 Best Acrobat 6 Tips & Tricks (Peachpit, 2003), Premiere 6.5 Complete Course (Wiley, 2003), Premiere Pro Complete Course (Wiley, 2003), and HTML Complete Course (Wiley, 2003). She is the coauthor of Jan Kabili’s Photoshop cs Complete Course (Wiley, 2004).
She has been working on the Internet since its very early days, building her first Web site in 1993. More information about and demos of motion graphics and video are available on her Web site at

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Table of Contents




Part I: Getting Started with SwiSHmax.

Chapter 1: SWiSHmax QuickStart.

Chapter 2: Welcome to SwiSHmax.

Chapter 3: Starting a New Movie Project.

Part II: The Basic SWiSHmax Building Blocks.

Chapter 4: Viewing a Movie’s Content.

Chapter 5: Drawing in SwiSHmax.

Chapter 6: Modifying Basic Shapes.

Chapter 7: Choosing and Using Color.

Chapter 8: Working with Images.

Chapter 9: Using Animations and Flash Movies in SwiSHmax.

Chapter 10: Working with Text.

Chapter 11: Adding Sound.

Part III: Animating Your Movie.

Chapter 12: Introducing Movie Effects.

Chapter 13: Using Basic and Authored Effects.

Chapter 14: Customizing Core Effects.

Part IV: Exploring SWiSHmax Objects.

Chapter 15: Creating Sprite and Instance Objects.

Chapter 16: Building Buttons.

Part V: Adding Interactivity to a Movie.

Chapter 17: Writing Scripts in the Script Panel.

Chapter 18: Understanding Events.

Chapter 19: Applying Actions to Control a Movie.

Part VI: Distributing SWiSHmax Movies.

Chapter 20: Testing Movies and Preparing for Export.

Chapter 21: Exporting SWiSHmax Movies.

Chapter 22: Using SWiSHmax SWF Movies in Other Programs.

Part VII: Sample Projects.

Chapter 23: Building Menus.

Chapter 24: Welcome to Preloaders.

Chapter 25: Constructing a Web Site Interface.

Chapter 26: Constructing a Shopping Cart Using SWiSHmax and PHP.

Chapter 27: Building a SWiSHmax Image Gallery.

Chapter 28: Building a Daily Horoscope in SwiSHmax.

Part VIII: Appendixes.

Appendix A: About the Contributors.

Appendix B: Web Sites of Interest.

Appendix C: Menus, Toolbars, and Keyboard Accelerators.

Appendix D: SWiSHmax Effects.


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