Oglethorpe and Colonial Georgia: A History, 1733-1783

Oglethorpe and Colonial Georgia: A History, 1733-1783

by David Lee Russell


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Oglethorpe and Colonial Georgia: A History, 1733-1783 by David Lee Russell

Inspired by his successful campaign to empty the debtor's prisons in England, Oglethorpe, aided by a group of fellow Members of Parliament, convinced King George II to grant them a charter for land south of the existing colony of Carolina. He threw his lot in with 114 poor colonists from the streets of London and sailed aboard the Anne to the New World. There as the sole resident Trustee, Oglethorpe took charge of founding the Colony of Georgia at Savannah, the first pre-planned town in America. After shepherding the colony by establishing more villages and towns, building forts, holding off the disruptive initiates from the South Carolina leaders, expanding the territorial expanse and fighting off the Spanish, Oglethorpe sailed away from Georgia in the summer of 1743 under political pressures.

The colony languished until the Trustees surrendered the Charter in 1752 and Georgia became a royal province. Through the often misguided, yet effective administrative of three royal governors covering some 21 years, life in Georgia improved as prosperity emerged. But with a series of unpopular British legislative acts, the province was eventually pushed into open rebellion as the patriot spirit flourished.

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ISBN-13: 9780786422333
Publisher: McFarland & Company, Incorporated Publishers
Publication date: 02/24/2006
Pages: 230
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About the Author

David Lee Russell works as an information systems director and continues his writing projects in Canton, Georgia.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Preface ix

Introduction 1

1. Oglethorpe and the Georgia Inspiration 3

2. The Founding of Savannah 14

3. The Spanish and Georgia 24

4. A Georgia Victory and Charter Surrender 37

5. The Royal Period Begins 49

6. The Wright Era and Patriot Crisis 57

7. Georgia Heads to Revolution 68

8. A Frontier War in Georgia 78

9. The Fall of Savannah 93

10. Patriots Regroup and D'Estaing Arrives 109

11. Siege Forces Gather at Savannah 124

12. The Siege of Savannah 134

13. An Occupied Georgia 147

14. A Fifty-Year Colonial Legacy 162

Appendix A. The First English Settlers to Georgia 181

Appendix B. Georgia Constitution of 1777 183

Appendix C. Colonial Georgia Timeline, 1733–1783 189

Chapter Notes 199

Bibliography 207

Index 211

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