Oh God, Why Can't I Stop?

Oh God, Why Can't I Stop?

by Jason K Ritchie
Oh God, Why Can't I Stop?

Oh God, Why Can't I Stop?

by Jason K Ritchie


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Are You Sick and Tired of Failing?

It's frustrating to fail against the sin of this world. It's even worse failing against temptation, fear, and faithlessness as a believer in Christ.

You're not alone.

Jason Ritchie never felt so "not right" with God as during his biggest failure. He cried out in distress, "Oh God, why can't I stop failing? I can't seem to stop. Though I pray, though I study, though I return to You, I still sin, and I don't want to."

In the aftermath, he wondered: "Will You still keep me? Will You still love me? Will You still use me?"

What does God say to these questions?

"Echoes the heart cry of every Christian who has fallen short of the Holy God we serve. Ritchie artfully applies Scripture as the lens of truth through which the reader is able to see Christ's mercy and grace through our repeated shortcomings."

- Dr. Ed Young, Senior Pastor at Second Baptist Church, Houston, Texas

Discover God's fundamental response to failure.

Oh God, Why Can't I Stop? examines God's fundamental response to failure through the story of Peter's denial of Christ. It explores the Apostle Paul's lament in Romans 7:19: "For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I do not want to do-this I keep on doing."

This Bible study examines the failures of some of the greatest people in God's family - and eight ways in which many of us fail today:

  • Falling into Depression
  • Hating
  • Judging Others
  • Holding On to Bitterness
  • Lusting
  • Giving In to Gluttony
  • Saying Things I Shouldn't
  • Being Prideful

"Guides us with wisdom and grace through various failures. Jason Ritchie diagnoses our struggles, relays real-life and biblically-based advice, is transparent about his own failures, and most importantly offers rich hope to every reader in the forgiving work of Jesus our Savior."

- Chad Bird, Scholar in Residence at 1517

Study individually or as a Bible study group.

Each chapter concludes with Reflection questions to consider by yourself or as a Bible study group. You'll find out how God responded in each situation - and what it means for us today.

"Captures the essence of our failures without pointing the finger of shame or guilt. . . . An eye-opening and heart-wrenching book that can be used individually or in small groups."

- Brad Goad, author of The Night He Was Betrayed, Pastor of Adult Bible Study at Second Baptist Church, Houston, Texas

It's time to stand on God's Word and move forward. Find out how God's response to failure conquers shame and paves your way to victory.

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About the Author

Jason Ritchie came to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ in 1996. At the time, he had just landed his dream job as a NASA software engineer for the International Space Station, but he still found himself at twenty-four years old feeling lost and unfulfilled. Although he had been raised in a Christian home, he knew something deeper was missing.When a trusted friend at work invited him to church, Jason found a community of people who shared their hope and joy in Christ. He began to learn about his Savior and came to an adult understanding of the missing piece: his purpose was not rooted in his career or efforts but in Jesus Christ alone. And with that, everything changed.Twenty-five years later, Jason continues to grow in his faith through prayer, study, success, failure, and redemption. He is a leader and teacher in his church in Houston, Texas. He is also an executive at a financial institution, leading real estate and information technology efforts. He holds a bachelor of science in aerospace engineering from Texas A&M University and an executive MBA in commercial banking from Sam Houston State University.Jason is married to his wife (and publisher) Ella and has four children-and one new grandchild at the time of this publication. Oh God, Why Can't I Stop? is his first book.Book a speaking engagement, ask a question, or find out about his next book by visiting www.stellarwriter.com/jasonritchie or by emailing jason@stellarwriter.com.

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