Oh My God, My Heart!!!: It Is The Pursuit That Matters

Oh My God, My Heart!!!: It Is The Pursuit That Matters

by April D. Metzler


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There is a pursuit happening Right Now - a pursuit of the heart. It is not a pursuit of just any heart, though. No, indeed! This pursuit is of Your heart! God is pursuing Your heart with a fervent, unending, unfailing Love of the greatest kind! His Love endures forever and reaches from everlasting to everlasting! It does not change. It does not leave. It does not falter or break. It is always there! It is never anymore but a breath away, waiting for Your heart to see it, to know it! Can you imagine that kind of love!? Can you fathom what that love feels like, what it looks like, what it must be like to experience on the daily?! Oh, to know fully and completely the depth, the width, the height, and the length of the vastness of His Great Love! What a day that will truly be! May the eyes of all hearts be enlightened to the all in all of the fullness of God's Love! This is what I pray.

If you are like me, you know that there is another pursuit happening Right Now, as well! It is also not a pursuit of just any heart - It is a pursuit of God's heart by You. Once you have even simply glimpsed such a Love as God's for Your heart - that's it! Nothing else can satisfy. Nothing else compares! And so, the pursuit begins! The closer God draws you in, the more your heart desires to pursue Him...to know Him... to seek Him... and to Love Him more! Like a lot of folks I know, you may be saying, "Alright, April. I get it. God Loves me. BUT where are all the details?! What does that look like in action? What does that sound like in the way that I think and communicate? How does that work, exactly?! What happens when things go South? What do I do on those silent days or boring days, busy days or stressful days? How does this whole pursuing God thing work, on the daily?" I hear you! When I first accepted my Daughtership from my Heavenly Father, it was all a foreign language to me. MANY years later, I am here writing this story for you (and for encouragement of my own heart, even!) to help answer those questions and more! Based loosely but deep-to-the-heart-of the-matters on my life experiences, trials, struggles, truths, and more - Join me as I walk you through life's adventure seen through the eyes of one woman who is pursuing God on the daily... at least trying to!

You will get to read about her deepest desires, her inner thoughts, her relationship with her Father God, and all the in-betweens are explored as she pursues God in her days. You get the inside view of what is going on in her mind and her heart, what her soul struggles with right in the middle of these circumstances, and example after example of God's provision in and through it. Each new day is a gift, she knows that - BUT what she doesn't know is what is coming in each of those new days! Is she prepared? Is her heart ready for what comes next?! As a mother, as a wife, as a business owner...and simply - a woman and daughter of the King, you see her heart and soul completely unveiled and vulnerable with glimpses of 30 minutes here, an hour there, a morning here, and a day's recounting there. She even takes you down memory lane a few times to as she considers and thinks upon God's Provision even before she knew Him! Whether she is faced with a weakness or a strength, this one woman is doing her best to walk the walk and talk the talk now, but is it Good enough? Have you ever wondered that, too? She sure has! Yet, what does God say about that? You can see what her reaction to this is, as well! Also, find out with her as she strives to find the answer within all the moments that we each ask during this pursuit our hearts are called to for Him: What do I do now...What do I do right now, in this very moment to honor God and glorify Him?

It is the Pursuit that matters, for in the pursuit you find who you are called to be! We are Daughters and Sons of the Father - Yes, you are a Child of God! And He Loves You So Very Much!

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ISBN-13: 9780578721200
Publisher: April D. Metzler
Publication date: 07/07/2020
Pages: 290
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.61(d)

About the Author

April D. Metzler is a Christian author & songwriter. She lives in the countryside of rural Oklahoma with her husband, Joseph, & daughter, Shelby. April has devoted her life to sharing the love of God through words - whether in speech, writing, or song. Her heart is set upon writing to bring God's Love to the center-focus. Her hope is that the work she puts her hands to for His Glory to be known & shown through it all only serves to spread the Good News. From the Author: "God loves you so very much! His will be done, always."

Table of Contents

Introduction with Opening Prayer

Chapter 1

The Talk 1

Chapter 2

In the Silence 12

Chapter 3

Thinking Straight 28

Chapter 4

Long-Term Commitment 44

Chapter 5

Triggered 62

Chapter 6

Beneficial Confrontation 77

Chapter 7

Let's Talk: Part One The Fruit of the Matter 96

Let's Talk: Part Two Humble Encounters, Gratefulness Abounds 116

Chapter 8

Continuing in Prayer 130

Chapter 9

Indescribable Joy 151

Chapter 10

Confessing To Freedom 167

Chapter 11

Wait! Stop Right There! 188

Chapter 12

Expecting the Unexpected 216

Chapter 13

New Beginnings: Part One Sound Counsel Needed 239

New Beginnings: Part Two Abiding 263

Closing Note & Prayer

Scripture Reference

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