Oh What Rapture!: Is a 'Secret Rapture' Going to Spare Believers from Tribulation to Come?

Oh What Rapture!: Is a 'Secret Rapture' Going to Spare Believers from Tribulation to Come?

by Raymond McCullough



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ISBN-13: 9780952578581
Publisher: Precious Oil Publications
Publication date: 11/06/2012
Pages: 162
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.35(d)

About the Author

Raymond McCullough, from Co. Down, near Belfast, Northern Ireland, has been a professional writer for over twenty years. Beginning with technical articles and reports for UK magazines, he then published the Irish Christian magazine, 'Bread', from 1990-96, with his first book, 'Ireland - now the good news!' in 1995; (co-edited by his wife, fiction author, Gerry McCullough). He has also had articles published in the Irish Times, Dublin, and the Presbyterian Herald, Belfast.

He hosts the 'In tha Name a' Gawd!' and 'Fresh Bread' satellite radio shows, plus 'Celtic Roots Radio' - a regular 30-minute show of Celtic, folk, folk-rock, Breton, Galician, bluegrass, Cajun, Cape Breton, acoustic and singer/songwriter music, broadcasting on satellite and podcast on iTunes.

For seven years, he and Gerry led a cell-based Christian fellowship in the Belfast area - also producing an album of Celtic & Hebrew worship music, 'Into Jerusalem' (2005) and a Celtic pop-folk album, 'Different' (2008).

His 'Kingdom Come Trust' ministry website (kingdomcome.org.uk) has hundreds of enthusiastic emails from satellite radio listeners in US, Canada and other countries. Raymond says, "They love the Irish music and culture - although the interviewees are from many parts of the world."

Raymond has researched bible prophecy for about forty years, off and on, but the events of 9/11 brought an urgent focus to his research. He is also working on a TV documentary, filmed mainly in Canada, entitled, 'Broken Treaties.'

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