Oikos: God's Big Word for a Small Planet: A Theology of Economy, Ecology, and Ecumeny

Oikos: God's Big Word for a Small Planet: A Theology of Economy, Ecology, and Ecumeny

by Andrew Francis


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ISBN-13: 9781498235174
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 04/25/2017
Pages: 178
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.35(d)

About the Author

Andrew Francis is a UK-based writer, poet, and community theologian who leads courses and retreats. A former artist, potter, and pastor, he speaks at conferences, festivals, and to congregations, and is a community gardener and joyful cook. He is the author of What in God's Name are You Eating? (2014) and Shalom: the Jesus Manifesto (2016).

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements xi

About the writer xiii

Introduction 1

Oikos means "household" 3

A Small Planet? 5

God's big word 6

Rethinking the future 8


1 Render to Caesar? 13

Learning from my past 14

Learning from economic theory 16

Key economic practices 21

The bottom line 24

2 Foolishness to the Greeks 26

Crashes and the failure of corporate theory 27

Did Kropotkin, Marx, & co. get it wrong? 29

Agony 30

Taxation 33

Serving God and Mammon 36

3 Come on Over and Help Us 38

Economics as if people mattered 38

The Shetland 'model' 41

Challenging the system 43

"See Venice and die …" 48


4 Back to the Garden? 53

Is there an environmental crisis? 54

Climate change 55

Biblical principles and Christian theology 57

"Isms" and Gaia 58

Rio, Kyoto, Copenhagen, Paris: development goals and sustainable change 60

Dominion, domination, and human pride 63

Can we restore Eden? 65

5 A Theology of God-Envisioned, "Earth-Friendly" Stewardship 70

Not just voices from the margins? 71

An Olympic effort 73

Towards an "Earth-friendly" theology 74

Praxis, partners, and purpose 79

6 Making the Practical Changes-Ten Ways to Make a Real Difference 81

Commit to zero deforestation 81

Decrease reliance on finite resources and fossil fuels 82

Education-do your research 83

Make dietary and lifestyle changes 84

Preserve habitats and species diversity 86

Reduce consumption of everyday things 86

"Teach your children well" 87

Technology helps … 88

Think biblically 88

"Think global-campaign co-operatively-act local" 89


7 "The Lather and Mother of All Nations" 93

"Father and Mother" 93

Abrahamic faiths 94

Christendom and the Caliphate 97

Jihad and God's world empires 100

Freedom, suspicions, and religious (in)tolerance 102

Ergo … 105

8 "That they may be one" 107

Fragmentation 107

Learning from others 108

"The global market" 110

Migrants and refugees 111

Population, health, lifestyle, and diet 113

Alternative currencies 115

Power blocs and trading treaties 118

Postcards from Taizé, Iona, and Compostela 119

Wrestling with God's intentions 121

9 Spirituality and Discipleship 123

Bladerunner vs. Star Trek 124

Contemplation in a world of action 126

Paradise lost? Paradise gained … 128

Servant communities 130

Chlopski filosof 133

And So …

10 "Towards a New Vision for All God's People …" 137

Artists, citizens, philosophers 137

"By the rivers of Babylon …" 140

Creating a community of visionary oikos thinking 142

The canary in the coal mine 146

A common skin? 148

Epilogue 151

Bibliography 157

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