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Okavango: Jewel of the Kalahari

Okavango: Jewel of the Kalahari

by Karen Ross Greer

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Library Journal - Library Journal
The Okavango River flows through the Kalahari Desert, culminating in a unique delta in northern Botswana. Many species of wildlife, some quite exotic, live in this region, and this book seeks to impart the flavor of life there. The tepid style and pedestrian prose, however, leave the reader unmoved. Ross, who lives in Botswana, seems determined to cram into one volume as much information as possible about southern Africa; the resulting mountain of detail is overwhelming. Many color photographs show the magnificence of the region, but the book cannot be recommended on their merits alone. Furthermore, after the first reading, several pages of photographs fell out. Libraries need sturdier material than this. (Companion to a PBS series.) Randy Dykhuis, Grand Rapids P.L., Mich.

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