Okay, So I Got Fat

Okay, So I Got Fat

by Gigi Verrey


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Okay, So I Got Fat by Gigi Verrey

Is your eating routine killing you?

Tired of feeling fat, overwhelmed, and stressed? Have you lost the will and energy to go on yet another fad diet? If you answered yes-Okay, So I Got Fat is the easy long-term solution to bring sanity and healthy eating to you and your family.

Gigi Verrey, a working mother of three active sons, was in your situation, until through trial and error, she found the answer: Six Basic Rules that allowed her family to eat pretty much any foods they wanted and resulted in everyone feeling more energetic, satisfied, and slimmer.

Smart shopping. Smart cooking. Smart eating. It's that simple.

The recipes in this book are based on "progressive meals." There are no laborious calculations, point counting, or the mental gymnastics required by most diets. Verrey's recipes work especially well for busy schedules because they can be used in multiple dishes that take on new identities and tastes when they are mixed and matched.

Stress less. Weigh less. Simply follow the rules and recipes in Okay, So I Got Fat.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780983577805
Publisher: Verrey Cooking
Publication date: 11/28/2011
Pages: 140
Product dimensions: 6.90(w) x 9.80(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

It's My Story and I'm Sticking to It vii

1 Basic Rules 1

What Organic Means 4

Know Your Labels 4

2 How the Routine Works 13

What You Need 14

Tips for Getting With the Routine 15

Basic Ingredients 18

Steps to Follow 20

3 Get to Know Your Food 23

Vitamins and Minerals 28

Ballpark Equivalents 30

Buy Organic Only 30

Okay to Buy Non-Organic 31

Cook with the Seasons 31

Umami 31

Spice Chart 32

Cook With the Seasons 34

4 Salads: It's Easy Being Green 35

Basic Dressings Plus 36

5 Make Friends With Veggies 39

6 Breakfast 41

7 Snacks 47

Great To-Go Snacks 47

Snack Tips 48

Great Snacks for a Crowd 48

8 Week One 50

Week One Cheat Sheet 50

Week One Shopping List 51

Week One Preparations 53

Recipes 56

9 Week Two 68

Week Two Cheat Sheet 68

Week Two Shopping List 69

Week Two Preparations 71

Recipes 74

10 Week Three 84

Week Three Cheat Sheet 84

Week Three Shopping List 85

Week Three Preparations 88

Recipes 90

11 Week Four 106

Week Four Cheat Sheet 106

Week Four Shopping List 107

Week Four Preparations 109

Recipes 112

A Recap 127

Acknowledgments 129

Bibiliography 131

About the Author 135

Index 137

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