Old Soldiers (Bolo Series #2)

Old Soldiers (Bolo Series #2)

by David Weber
4.4 7

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Old Soldiers (Bolo Series #2) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a good read, but not as compelling as the first book.
diverwpg More than 1 year ago
Weber's take on Laumer's Bolos is quite enjoyable. The concept of two warring cultures fighting to total destruction is scary in its implications. Could two cultures really fight to a point where neither is viable? The characters were a bit better than average. A good read but nowhere as entertaining as an Honoverse book.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Dinochrome Brigade Captain Maneka Trevor is the only human survivor of her brigade at the devastating battle on planet Chartres her Bolo unit Benjy died in the battle. Lazerus also survived that fight as the only Bolo to make it from the slaughter, but without its human host who died in the combat. Doctors heal Maneka¿s physical wounds, but she remains with the military because she does not have any options while suffering survivor¿s guilt. At about the same time, the Bolo technicians repair Lazerus..................... Rear Admiral Sedgewood selects Maneka to participate in 'Operation Seed Corn', a desperate ploy to save the human race facing extinction against the mighty Melconian Empire, which sacrifices soldiers in exorbitant numbers to overwhelm the enemy. The last hope is to colonize a new planet. To help her, Lazerus is assigned to her though he embellishes her feelings of survival guilt by being there. When the enemy arrives to destroy this mission, a fire fight breaks out leaving both sides mostly dead. Maneka with Lazarus as her chief aid takes charge of the Seed Corn survivors. One year later, the humans settle on 'Indrani' while the Melconians prepare for the final battle of Armageddon.................... The second Bolo tale (see BOLO) is a terrific military science fiction thriller that symbolizes an American-Chinese conflict. The story line goes into great depth to showcase the short term military strategy with the humans employing higher levels of technology against the much greater in number of soldiers that fight in massive waves but are considered expendable the acceptable philosophy is that multiples might die for every human killed. Fans will appreciate this deep look at war in outer space as David Weber ventures outside his Harrington universe with this strong tale of intergalactic war between two species................ Harriet Klausner
Guest More than 1 year ago
Captain Maneka Trevor, of the Dinochrome Brigade, is one of the few to have survived the horrible battle on the planet Chartres. Though still active military, she carries guilt of surviving when her Bolo 'Benjy' and the others in her brigade did not. Maneka is surprised to find herself before Rear Admiral Sedgewood until she learns why she was summoned. Maneka has been chosen to be part of a special mission called 'Operation Seed Corn'. The Melconian Empire is winning the war. The Humans are losing. Those chosen for this special mission are to travel far away, find a new habitual planet, and begin a new human colony. .................................. Commodore Lakshmaniah was to be in charge. However, when the Puppies arrive she and her people go out to meet them head on, in hopes of keeping them away from the transports and industrial ships. They mostly succeed. Both teams seem to wipe each other out. Yet some of the 'Seed Corn' convoy is also destroyed. Maneka and Lazarus, the Bolo who is assigned to her and was also at Chartres, are now in charge. Commodore Lakshmaniah, before her death, had believed there was at least one Puppy ship under stealth somewhere. Though Maneka prays the info is incorrect, she takes all precautions. (The reader knows from the beginning that Lakshmaniah's info IS correct. The stealth ship shadows the convoy until, over a year later, a new planet is found by the Humans.) .......................... The new planet is named 'Indrani'. As the humans settle in, the Melconians prepare to attack. They intend to wipe out the human race and take the human's higher tech equipment as their own. Only two Bolos stand in the way of the overwhelming number of Melconian troops. ............................. **** This is David Weber's second Bolo novel. The first is compiled out of several stories, like an anthology where the stories all link together eventually. This novel, however, is one long story. The author, David Weber, is famous for having complex tactical strategies in his works. This book is no different. The readers get to see the tactical equations taken by the Humans AND the Puppies. Many of these are utterly brilliant! All-in-all, another winner for Weber. I look forward to his next release, which is to be another 'Honor Harrington' novel (due out in October 2005.) Stellar reading here! ****
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago