Old Texts Through New Eyes

Old Texts Through New Eyes

by Dallas R. Burdette


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Christians frequently slaughter freedom of conscience with fanatical dogmatism. It is not uncommon for various fellowships of God's people to lay an embargo on freedom in favor of their own exclusive doctrine or understanding of the Scriptures. One objective of this book is to set Christians free from sectarianism. The views set forth in this book are not bound by party ties. It is my desire that these writings will assist Christians in their desire to escape the prevailing forms of radicalism manifested by so many sincere and devout believers. In my fifty-eight years of preaching and teaching, I have witnessed that men and women, for the most part, are afraid of freedom. This volume examines the philosophy of "what we teach is true and what others teach is false." Among some bodies of believers, freedom of investigation is rigidly shackled. The chapters in this book seek to defuse the attitude that the one who refuses to comply with the status quo is no longer a brother in Christ. The diversity of the chapters in this book refutes the prevailing opinions of many Christians-"my opinion is the only sound one, flawless and incontestable."

Dallas Burdette has been a serious student, teacher and preacher of the Bible for fifty-eight years, supporting himself for many years as an agent for AFLAC. He has written numerous articles for religious journals, as well as many essays and sermons which are available on his website. He has developed a keen interest in promoting unity among God's people through a more accurate reading of the Word. He has degrees from Amridge University (formerly Southern Christian University) where he also was Director of Extended Learning for five years. He holds the Doctor of Ministry degree (1999) from Erskine Theological Seminary.

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