Olive Branch: Joy Comes in the Morning

Olive Branch: Joy Comes in the Morning

by Simone Faith


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People are dying, some running, some on their knees, what's going on? Cars on fire beasts as big as trees, as I have never seen anything like this. My heart is pounding the ground opens up, and fire is all I see people are being forced into this pit. I'm trying to hide, but I'm next to go in the hole.

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ISBN-13: 9781365743870
Publisher: Revival Waves of Glory Books & Publishing
Publication date: 02/09/2017
Pages: 116
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.24(d)

About the Author

Simone Faith, writes uplifting Christian Inspirational to bless all who read her writings, Born in Los Angeles, California; she now lives in Virginia Beach. Simone has been a believer of Christ for most of her adult life. She was baptized in the name of Jesus at the age of eight. Since the age of twelve, she realized through her sinful life she had torn her relationship with God. She learned that while all her struggles were going on, Jesus was still there. Soon Simone learned all she had to do was commit and admit she was a sinner. It was at this time she asked Christ back in her life, this is not to say that she does not sin because she has. The difference today is that she fights sin and when she does something wrong the Holy Spirit really convicts her. Today Simone knows she is a true Heir of Jesus Christ. In this book Olive Branch, if you will read and open yourself to something greater than your life, it will change your life, it has worked for Simone and countless others and it will work for you.

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The room is dark: I can’t see a thing with his hands all over me. I feel good, wish this was my husband. We both belong to someone else. His large hands and they grasp every part of my body; I feel like a woman, my body yearns for more. I know it’s wrong, but I crave the affection of real love. I can’t explain it, I know what I feel. My heart beats faster with every touch. It seems so right: my husband is cold and distant, and we have fallen apart. Our love has faded, I can’t remember the last time he said I was beautiful, he works seven days a week, sometimes he comes home and never says hi, we go months without sex or affection. His devices have become his wife. We don’t even kiss it’s like we’re strangers. For years I dreamed of another man loving me and holding me the way I wanted to be held, I even thought of meeting people online. I can’t remember the last time he held me or even said he loved me, we argue all the time over anything, the arguments are so petty, one time we argued over a wine display in the kitchen, and this was enough to have him sleep on the couch for three weeks I don’t know where we went wrong. Here I am now forty and sleeping with a man who is ten years my junior, was I a pedophile? I ask that question because at one point my husband was in fourth grade while I was in twelfth, and there was a secret part of me who wanted to groom him into the man I wanted him to be not the man he would soon become. I began to ask myself was I leaving my husband for the wrong man. He knows I’m married, but he doesn’t care, he says what my husband doesn't know won’t hurt, but if my husband finds out what will he think? Will he even care? Let me start from the beginning my name is Faith and my husband is Josh. When we met he was handsome, I mean I thought he was the ideal man. He had so much respect for his mother, he opened doors, he was everything I wanted I mean built like an athlete, I thought we would be together forever, but there was one problem I was dating other people from the beginning., People said it wouldn’t last, they said what you give is what you get. We were young, so it didn’t matter, we thought we had forever. It didn’t take long for me to cheat. I cheated all ten years of our marriage, and so did he, I called myself getting even, I even cheated in our home in our bed where we lay our heads, he cheated, but for all the wrong reasons, he was young and I guess curious but I was always looking for the next best thing. I found love in everyone’s bed, but my husband, and this was my dirty little secret. The men knew I was married, well some, but the ones who didn’t, I didn’t care. I was a good liar I never admitted to being married and my husband never cared if we wore our rings, so it didn’t matter, I could say I was at work and my husband believed it, the more things I found out about him, the more things I did. Sex, it was good with everyone but my husband: this person was always better than the next I was never in love with anyone but in love with everyone. What was I doing? My marriage was falling apart, I knew it was wrong, I knew the word, but I was afraid to leave, I had kids and I was taught to stand by your man, that’s what a good wife does and that’s what I did, my husband cheated on internet sites time after time he even had family members help him, in the beginning when he cheated I felt as though I could not compare to these women, they were everything I wasn’t. I was so tired of dealing with all the secrets, but I was stuck, I needed his money. We had a big home we had fancy cars, I mean we were living the good life to all outsiders, but my husband was not attracted to me. Had I become too fat? Was I turning gray to fast? I could not pinpoint it, I began to pray, but I felt as though God had stopped listening. It wasn’t long before I started going back to church, now church was something I loathed, I didn’t hate church like most people all my life with the help of Grandma Mae I went to church even when she didn’t, I hated the way people stared at me, I hated pretending I was holy. I just hated the fakes, and the biggest problem I had I knew I was fake. I didn’t want to come to God unless I was going to be real not to mention I was so angry with him, I always knew about God, but could he really change me, did he even care about a sinner like me, while I was cheating Josh was too. Hell one day while washing his clothes, I found pornography books and they were all in Japanese cartoon so where was his frame of mind? He was secretly on the dating sites saying his relationship was complicated all while being my husband; I had no regrets being with another man. I would like to say I did, but I didn’t, it was easy to fall for someone who acted as though I was important, while Josh did things in the dark I did mine in the open, Josh entire family knew he was having affairs as a matter of fact, his mother helped him secretly divorce me, yes you read that right, we were divorced for a year before we got back together, one day he came home while I was pregnant divorced me and smiled, I couldn’t cry as secretly I didn’t want to be his wife anyway. I was happy when I thought he was gone, but we got back together, and I can’t even tell you why I had no idea the effect it would have on my family until they grew up, I saw how dysfunctional my children were, they couldn’t hold relationships, they were afraid of commitments, some hated women, and mostly they hated him, they felt like he was a friend, not a father, he was a simple man video games and fried chicken made him happy. I can’t even really say he liked kids at least when we were married, he pretended to, but then you know he started doing things when I wasn’t there like cursing at them or spanking them only when I was gone. I knew I had a big part in how my children life turned out: I just couldn’t admit it. I mean what mother wants to admit she is lousy, what mother wants to admit she is wrong? I mean as a child almost every kid feels they could have had a better life and I was no exception to the rule, I mean, if you are a parent and you only have two children and one goes to college and the other don’t, the other one becomes a crack head or winds up in jail does that make you the bad parent or the child a bad kid? Well, one day I decided to go back to church, I don’t know what happened, I just woke up one day and I felt a strong urge, prior to going to church I had a dream that I was in church, and the pastor was talking about the rapture, I dismissed it and chalked it up just as a dream, I mean I am a sinner look at all the stuff I have done, why would God be talking to me. I took the kids and my husband and While in church the preacher spoke of the rapture, when I first heard the sermon I was a little shocked but I thought it was a coincidence as days before I had a dream, and God was telling me the kingdom was at hand, I thought maybe I ate too much the night before. When I heard him I thought they have been preaching this for years and still no Jesus, I mean for two thousand years preachers have been saying this, when any national disaster happens people say it’s the end of the world. All over YouTube everybody is a prophet, and everyone knows the world is ending. I became mad, even bitter towards God, I never took my children to church, and they were okay, I mean they had glitches but nothing a psychologist couldn’t fix. At least that’s what I thought, as the preacher was reading on the rapture he read that no liars, fornicators and so on would inherit the kingdom of heaven, well, I guess I was going straight to hell, One day at church I decided to tell the pastor the things I did while married, when I entered church my heart felt so heavy, there was a spirit on me that I could not explain, and I wanted God to forgive me. I thought it was between my pastor and myself, I was wrong, the pastor told the Deacons and they told the Bishops I was on trial. I soon left the church, I was so embarrassed. The whole church said I was filthy they made me feel like dirt, I wasn’t dressed up I had no fancy hats, I was a regular Joe Blow. I came in jeans and tennis shoes and I wanted this salvation that these Christians had I wanted to believe that Jesus could help even me. I knew I was dirty I knew I didn’t live right, but that didn’t stop me from wanting some help. There was nothing special about me no great education no wealthy background just me and the congregation did nothing for me, I received snares and secret whispers looks that made me feel like a tramp, needless to say I was mad at God, I thought if there was a God where was he when I was hungry? There were days where mustard and sugar was my best friend I had a hard life: I had nobody where was God when I needed him? I turned to the streets, and I turned my back on God. One day while partying, I met a man named Black who would eventually leave me. People say the grass is not always greener on the other side, but I was eager to find out. He was different from my husband; my husband would not buy a thing unless it said clearance, sale or free, black took me everywhere. I mean I was on cloud nine, I wanted to have sex again, that alone was major I’m sure there are many women who lay next to their husband and don’t even think about sex, I never dreamed this would happen, I always thought when I was married, we would be in love, and he would be my protector, but I was wrong I was married in someone’s house and I never had a honeymoon and he never gave me one, there were times we wouldn’t talk just walk around like zombies, the thought of my husband touching me made my skin crawl. You know sex was supposed to be my wifely duties, but how would I do this, I tried to fake it, but you can only do that for so long. Remember I said he was fine in the beginning, but towards the end he begin to look like a duck on crack, fat grew in places that should have stayed skinny, and places turned gray that should of stayed black, and things sag that should not! I fell in love or shall I say lust with black while dating black I met Summer and Tuff now both Summer and Tuff went to my church they appeared to be the ideal couple at least from what I could tell, but you never know people. Summer and I became very close, she let me know she secretly hated her husband. I didn’t want to tell her that I felt the same way, but I wondered how the church accepted her knowing she didn’t love him she only married him to leave the ghettos of south-central. Now her husband was truly a man of God, he never cursed, he gave all he could and he loved his family, unfortunately he had the wrong wife, Tuff believed in his heart that Summer was heaven sent, Summer was strange every three weeks she wanted a divorce, believe it or not I felt like God had me meet them so I could take a look at my life she was always mad about something, come to find out she had many skeletons and they were about to come out.

Two weeks before December twenty- first I was having the time of my life, I was laughing, shopping having a good time. The year had been great. I bought a car, started a new job and I found a new church to attend with my husband despite how the people made me feel. All was well. We met new people who seemed to like us, but Something appeared to be a mist, as I walked out the mall, I noticed my sunny day had changed, I thought something was wrong with my eyes, for a brief second the sun looked as though it jumped. I took off my shades to take a second look, but then clouds started drawing at a vast rate, sunlight was soon leaving and all that was around was darkness and I wanted to hurry home, I thought this must be a storm rolling in. The clouds had somehow covered the sun I thought, oh no this is going to be a massive thunderstorm I could no longer see the blue skies, the birds had disappeared, it was as if they never flew, I tried to phone my husband, but I had no service, my husband always called my cell phone “dumb phone” and this time I agreed with him since I could not reach him, I wished I had a smart phone instead of this stupid phone, I ran to my car as fast as I could, trying not to fall slipping in those dang heels attempting to look cute within moment’s rain came down my heart calmed down as I thought this is just a thunderstorm, I couldn’t wait to get home to see the news, and I knew I could count on them, if not my T.V. I knew I could trust my tablet. It seemed like I was in traffic for hours, everyone was on the road I guess we were all trying to take cover, this was odd, I looked down at my watch and I noticed it was only one in the afternoon could this be the lunch rush? Of course not, silly me it was a Saturday, and the streets were packed. I forgot it was two weeks before Christmas this was a big shopping weekend, people were everywhere, I tried to call my husband this time he answered, I was so mad I began yelling, I said are you looking at this rain? Why didn’t you answer my call? You knew it was me. Each time he tried to talk I just said whatever, I told him you ought to be happy to have someone like me, you see I thought I looked better than him, well I was wrong according to God beauty really is skin deep, how could I be prettier than him when I was turning gray and fighting to stay young, but mother time was catching up fast, those creams didn’t work to make me feel good I just put him down I would say things like I didn’t even want to marry you it’s just something I did, he replied what is that supposed to mean? Again, I said you know what I mean. I told my husband you know I only got married so I could get out the ghetto you were my ticket, but that’s a decision that I’ve regretted since meeting you. I could hear the tears in his voice, but I didn’t care as he said Faith I’ll pray for you, I know God has a plan for us, he brought us together, and I immediately got mad and asked are you at church? He said yes, I am here in bible class, I said you’re always at church, here it is the storm of the century and instead of being at home, you are in church praying to a God who could care less, Josh replied and said Faith I will be home soon and I will ask God to forgive you, I yelled I didn’t need God to forgive me, you need to ask God why he gave me your broke ass! My husband hung up, I was left saying hello, oh no this bastard didn’t hang up is what I thought to myself, I hung up the phone and stuck a CD in I began to sing when all of a sudden a huge streak of lighting zoomed across the sky, it went so fast I thought I was seeing things I came to a sudden stop as did the other drivers I turned down the music and looked out my window. I tried to see where the lightning went, but I couldn’t. I looked as far as the eye could see, still nothing. The next thing I heard was a boom it was like a sonic boom like something from the movies.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments 4

Prologue 5

Chapter 1 Can Sinners Enter? 6

Chapter 2 Idle Words 20

Chapter 3 The Entrance 23

Chapter 4 Worshipping False Idols 30

Chapter 5 One God 37

Chapter 6 What If 42

Chapter 7 The Greatest Is Love 53

Chapter 8 Thank You! 56

Chapter 9 His Holy Place 58

Chapter 10 God Loves You If No One Else Does 60

Grace 64

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