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On Our Way to the Fair: A play in three acts by Bill Savage

On Our Way to the Fair: A play in three acts by Bill Savage

by Bill Savage


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In a hard-working America, still trying to pull its way out of the Great Depression, a family of second-generation immigrants work through their own changes as some of them prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime trip – to the 1939 World's Fair.
"On Our Way to the Fair" is not a play about that fair. None of the scenes in the play are set there.
Rather, the fair is one of the hubs around which the play revolves. The other hub, of course, is the impending World War II. The characters in the play are at crossroads, and as we learn about them in 1939, they are trying to figure out how to move forward to a future that will bring great changes for them personally, and as members of a family.
This play is staged in three acts. It has been perceived by some as a trilogy of one-act plays, but I have kept it as one three-act play because I wanted to preserve the interludes between the acts. The first two acts take place in 1939. The final act takes place in 1964. I realize the stage isn't always the best place to split up the unity of time, but I consider the third act to almost constitute a coda for what happened in the first two.
The first act features Emma Dudek, the eldest of her family's surviving children, and her struggles with her past, the pressures put on her in the past, and how she will handle those pressures.
The second act features her youngest surviving sister Dottie, one of the two characters (their brother Walter is the other) to feature prominently in all three acts. The second act, which takes place on a train to and from the World's Fair in New York, finds Dottie and the others looking less to the past and more to a future that, of course, features a world in turmoil and a coming war.
The third act brings us twenty-five years ahead, to a family dynamic that has changed extensively. This act features the denouement of Sophie, the apparent "black sheep" of the Dudek family.  
This play is an outstanding vehicle for young actors and actresses. I love seeing Generation X and millennial actors play the roles of people their age, but several generations past. The issues facing these second-generation immigrant young people are no different from issues facing those of today. And while we are not necessarily facing worldwide war, we do live and probably will continue to live in a troubled world. But there is also always hope and magic and faith and, perhaps, a World's Fair or two – be it real or only in our dreams.

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Bill Savage is a journalist, editor, writer and playwright. His fiction works include “Redemption by the Bay” and “To the Mill and Back.” His dramatic works include the plays “On Our Way to the Fair” and “Men of the Empire.”

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