On Playing the Flute / Edition 2

On Playing the Flute / Edition 2

by Johann Joachim Quantz, Edward R. Reilly
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Northeastern University Press
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On Playing the Flute / Edition 2

Johann Joachim Quantz's On Playing Flute has long been recognized as one of the most significant and in-depth treatises on eighteenth-century musical thought, performance practice, and style. This classic text of Baroque music instruction goes far beyond an introduction to flute methods by offering a comprehensive program of studies that is equally applicable to other instruments and singers.

The work is comprised of three interrelated essays that examine the education of the solo musician, the art of accompaniment, and forms and style. Quantz provides detailed treatment of a wide range of subjects, including phrasing, ornamentation, accent, intensity, tuning, cadenzas, the role of the concertmaster, stage deportment, and techniques for playing dance movements. Of special interest is a table that relates various tempos to the speed of the pulse, which will help today's musicians solve the challenge of playing authentic performance tempos in Baroque music. This edition includes 224 musical examples from Quantz's original text and features a new introduction by translator Edward R. Reilly that considers recent scholarship on Quantz's significant role in eighteenth-century musical activity.

On Playing the Flute vividly conveys the constancy of musical life over time and remains a valuable guide for contemporary musicians.

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ISBN-13: 9781555534738
Publisher: Northeastern University Press
Publication date: 03/01/2001
Edition description: 2nd edition.
Pages: 423
Sales rank: 674,369
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction to the New Editionxxxv
Introduction to the Reissuexxxix
Preface to the Translationxliii
Essay of a Method for Playing the Transverse Flute1
Introduction. Of the Qualities Required of Those Who Would Dedicate Themselves to Music11
I.Short History and Description of the Transverse Flute29
II.Of Holding the Flute, and Placing the Fingers36
III.Of the Fingering or Application, and the Gamut or Scale of the Flute39
IV.Of the Embouchure49
V.Of Notes, their Values, Metre, Rests, and Other Musical Signs60
VI.Of the Use of the Tongue in Blowing upon the Flute71
Section IOf the Use of the Tongue with the Syllable ti or di71
Section IIOf the Use of the Tongue with the Word tiri76
Section IIIOf the Use of the Tongue with the Word did'll, or the so-called Double Tongue79
Supplement: Several Remarks for the Use of the Oboe and Bassoon85
VII.Of Taking Breath, in the Practice of the Flute87
VIII.Of the Appoggiaturas, and the Little Essential Graces Related to Them91
IX.Of Shakes101
X.What a Beginner Must Observe in His Independent Practice109
XI.Of Good Execution in General in Singing and Playing119
XII.Of the Manner of Playing the Allegro129
XIII.Of Extempore Variations on Simple Intervals136
XIV.Of the Manner of Playing the Adagio162
XV.Of Cadenzas179
XVI.What a Flautist Must Observe if he Plays in Public Concerts196
XVII.Of the Duties of Those Who Accompany or Execute the Accompanying or Ripieno Parts Associated with a Concertante Part205
Section IOf the Qualities of a Leader of an Orchestra206
Section IIOf the Ripieno Violinists in Particular215
Section IIIOf the Violist in Particular237
Section IVOf the Violoncellist in Particular241
Section VOf the Double Bass Player in Particular246
Section VIOf the Keyboard Player in Particular250
Section VIIOf the Duties That All Accompanying Instrumentalists in General Must Observe266
XVIII.How a Musician and a Musical Composition Are to Be Judged295
Bibliography II377
Bibliography III383
Index of the Most Important Matters395

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