On Talk About Art: Michael Andrew Law's Artist Perspective Series

On Talk About Art: Michael Andrew Law's Artist Perspective Series

On Talk About Art: Michael Andrew Law's Artist Perspective Series

On Talk About Art: Michael Andrew Law's Artist Perspective Series


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This Books Features collection of paintings are the ones of the first or/and the earliest works in the michael Andrew Law's pale hair girls series ,these paintings set the tone of the whole series that comes later on ,Law chosen half innocent ,half erotic young female figures interacted with western pop cultural and Chinese calligraphy which symbolizes the contrasting style that glued deeply in his generation , which later spawned into a 900 plus more digital-classical crossover paintings , most of the earliest in this series are done solely in oil and sometimes with acrylic based underpainting ,while later works uses more variety of materials such as glitter , gold leafs, die cuts ,sometimes museum quality achieve prints to interact with the oil and acrylic paint. At the time when Law started working on these paintings ,he was just fresh out of his art school practice of classical oil painting in the mid 2000s in Hong Kong that's when he still using some of the academic classical painting method which he extensively trained during his art school years.that explains why These earliest work in the pale hair girls series were and mostly uses live model sitters in studio , which later on as the series expands,the later works are mostly painted based on photographs. Law also took some of the portraits painted works from his school years, and turned them into the same visual interpretation and style with the series , a gestures,in his words ,to erases the identities of the portraits , and in attempt to creating a timelessness vibe which cooperate with the pale hair girl's identitylessness of this series. While Michael Andrew Law obsessed with classical aesthetic figures , he also tries to pay homage to modern art superstars such as Warhol , litchenstein, richter , de Kooning, utilizing a more contemporary visual styles of images to document and expressed the contemporary predicament of his own generation - the post handover of the 2000s of Hong Kong - also cited as the most polarizing era of Hong Kong in many different subjects such as differences of political views, differences in contemporary economics situation between generations , cultural disagreement between generations and cultural differences between countries, resulting feeling and realistically of unfairness , arguments ,disappointments and finger pointing in between all of above and more.This Books also features an essay from the book iEgoism.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781511442657
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/25/2015
Series: Michael Andrew Law's Artist Perspective , #2
Pages: 48
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.12(d)

About the Author

Michael Andrew Law fusing digital and classical painting with west and East creative philosophy , to produce an extremely original artistic language and content that bridged west and east ,classical and modern medium , at the same time clearly tells the stories of his own generation. Combining digital creative materials and classical painting techniques with effusive yet knowing and precise focused , his paintings maintain a powerful tension between opposing aesthetic forces-expression and knowledge, control and spontaneity, savagery and wit, urbanity and primitivism-while providing satiric commentary on the oppressive realities of the predicament of Generation Internet, homegrown hongkonger's local-culture vesus Traditional Chinese culture, and The Hong Kong's post-handover history. In his dynamically designed compositions, gracefully detailed figures and innocent faces are incise against fields that juxtaposed with portraits, chinese calligraphy, and sometimes cgi. The Pale Hair Girls Series (2006 - 2013) depicts realistic cold, icy-like young female figures surrounded by abstract and expressively painted forms and shapes revealing images of Pop culture, Historial figures, and Hong Kong landmarks. Michael Andrew Law draws inspiration from Old Master's works such as Caravaggio , Ruben , Rembrandt , all the way to the Modern Art Superstars such as Warhol , Lichtenstein , Richter , De Kooning , Bacon , Wool and Prince . The Pale Hair Girls series mainly inspired by the painting works of French academic painter and traditionalist William-Adolphe Bouguereau and the Late Great YiFei Chen's characteristic "Romantic Realism" paintings. Michael Andrew Law was born in 1982 in British Hong Kong , studied fine art with american artist Daniel Anderson and also studied drawings with graduatee of China Central Academy of Fine Arts Sam Zeng from 2003 - 2006 . He co-founded the Hong Kong Art Studio Nature Art Workshop in 2008. In addition to the production and marketing of Michael Andrew Law's art and related work, Nature Art functions as a supportive environment for the fostering of emerging Hong Konger artists. Law is also a curator. In 2013, he organized an exhibition of contemporary art titled "iEgoism ," which served as a narration of contemporary HongKong Gen Y pop culture . Michael Andrew Law currently works and lives in Hong Kong.

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