On the Edge of Reality: Hidden Technology, Powers of the Mind, Quantum Physics, Paranormal Phenomena, Orbs, UFOs, Harmonic Transmissions, and Crop Circles

On the Edge of Reality: Hidden Technology, Powers of the Mind, Quantum Physics, Paranormal Phenomena, Orbs, UFOs, Harmonic Transmissions, and Crop Circles

On the Edge of Reality: Hidden Technology, Powers of the Mind, Quantum Physics, Paranormal Phenomena, Orbs, UFOs, Harmonic Transmissions, and Crop Circles

On the Edge of Reality: Hidden Technology, Powers of the Mind, Quantum Physics, Paranormal Phenomena, Orbs, UFOs, Harmonic Transmissions, and Crop Circles

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A global expansion of consciousness is underway. As predicted by ancient prophecy, old ways of thinking and of seeing the world are shifting. Mind-stretching new phenomena are challenging current reality. New frontiers of science are disclosing a connection between our consciousness and physical reality.

As consciousness changes, so do our perceptions. The door is opening to a new reality.

Join Colin and Synthia as they explore what is beyond this door. Examine the multitude of current changes—from the bases of society to the foundations of science—that indicate the unfolding of a new paradigm. Investigate non-ordinary reality and unexplained phenomena as interactions of consciousness.

In this fascinating new title, you will explore and learn about:
  • Parallel cases of inexplicable exchanges between lights in the sky and crop circles on the ground
  • Strange sounds in the sky heard and recorded around the world
  • Photographic orbs of light
  • The Norway Spiral, a rotating spiral of light seen by hundreds of people in 2009
  • Unexplained RADAR interference patterns correlating with weather anomalies

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    ISBN-13: 9781601632555
    Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser
    Publication date: 08/24/2013
    Edition description: First Edition
    Pages: 320
    Sales rank: 868,371
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    About the Author

    Colin Andrews is a visionary and 30-year veteran investigator of unusual phenomena. He is best known for his work with crop circles, a term he coined in 1983. Colin is responsible for discovering the correlation between patterns of RADAR interference and weather conditions in Australia, where weather modification projects are underway. He is currently involved in investigating consciousness and non-ordinary reality. He is the author of eight books, including The Complete Idiot's Guide to 2012 (with Synthia Andrews), and has participated in numerous television programs and documentaries. His work can be viewed at www.colinandrews.net.

    Synthia Andrews, ND, is a licensed naturopathic doctor who graduated in 2008 from the University of Bridgeport. Previously, she worked for 30 years as a massage therapist. Through her personal healing journey, Andrews came to recognize the importance of the mind and emotions in healing. Consequently, her work focuses on the underlying spiritual and emotional aspects of health. She currently sees patients in a private practice in Guilford, Connecticut.

    Andrews has written or coauthored seven books on healing, subtle energy, and consciousness, including The Path of Energy and The Path of Emotions. She taught for 15 years at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy and 7 years at the Kripalu Yoga Institute. Andrews is an authorized teacher of Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressure, a Reiki Master-Teacher, and an instructor in energy awareness for personal and professional development.

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    The Nature of a Shift in Paradigm

    We are on the brink of a paradigm shift. Everything we currently understand to be true is changing. A paradigm is a model or conceptual framework that organizes how we perceive reality. When a paradigm shifts, our perceptions change. This is not the same as the small, eureka moments each of us has nearly every day — moments that expand our view of a problem, plan, or idea. A paradigm shift reorganizes the foundations of life. It is precipitated by two things: increasing pressure of external limitations resulting from our current thinking, and the innate desire to grow.

    My friend and colleague, the late Dr. Gerald Hawkins, called dramatic and irreversible paradigm shifts mindsteps. In his 1987 book, Mindsteps to the Cosmos, Hawkins states that a mindstep permanently changes how we fit ourselves into the larger context of the universe. It represents a shift in how we identify ourselves. The paradigm shift we are stepping into is such a mindstep. Once engaged, our ideas of what humanity is and what the universe is will be forever altered.

    Historically, our sense of self expanded in small steps: first extending beyond the boundaries of family, tribe, culture, and nation until eventually we began to search off-planet for our origins, capabilities, and destiny. Each paradigm shift created new technology that expanded our reach further and enabled us to engage reality in previously unimaginable ways, traveling farther and faster to explore greater vistas, and adding to our picture of the universe. Imagine the leaps involved as our ancestors moved from observing the night sky in awe and fear to creating telescopes, spaceships, and eventually the Hubble Telescope to assist in our exploration of galaxies. Many believe our current shift in paradigm involves finding unequivocal proof that we are not alone in the universe.

    Mindsteps represent a shift in perception; how we think is altered. We connect the dots differently, linking information together into new arrangements. Another aspect is the development of new faculties of awareness. More than perceiving from a different perspective, we actually perceive differently and make new neural connections that expand our capabilities. Reality expands because the faculty we use to perceive, our consciousness, expands first. We see, touch, and understand a new layer — a deeper one that still only represents a small fraction of what is actually present.

    A new paradigm gives birth to new understanding from which new technology is derived. A period of growth is initiated that escalates until the limits of our new understanding are reached and the resultant restriction drives a new leap forward. Hawkins observed that the time between mindsteps became exponentially shorter with each one. Consider the tens of thousands of years that passed with people living in small, mobile bands relying on clubs, spears, and other primitive tools. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a leap in understanding results in the simultaneous eruption of civilization across the planet and the advent of the agricultural age. Five thousand years later, the industrial age emerged, to be followed within a hundred years by the current era of electronics, and within a few decades, quantum physics. The diminished amount of time between shifts represents an acceleration of change.

    The mindstep we are presently experiencing surpasses any previous in its scope and magnitude. It involves all the foundations of life and culture: ecological, social, scientific, religious, and economic. The acceleration of change is racing forward at unprecedented speed. The stakes are tremendous. Never before have we struggled with the ability to destroy the planet with nuclear weapons; never before has the planet tried to support a population of more than seven billion people. Our international activities in forestry, mining, agriculture, and fossil fuel production and consumption disrupt the planet's life-sustaining capabilities. We have reached the global limits of our ability to expand exponentially as a species. Consequently, the need for a paradigm shift has never been more critical, and the immensity of what we stand to gain or lose, never greater.

    Though many people might disagree with the specifics of global difficulty or the reality of expanding consciousness, everyone agrees that we are undergoing accelerated change, predicted by Hawkins as signaling the advent of a new mindstep. Exponential acceleration is seen in the quickening pace of each day and the ever-increasing complexity of what the average person is expected to manage. The amount of change a modern person is confronted with in a year or even a month is more than a person 100 years ago would have faced in a lifetime. When regarded this way, we don't have to ask whether other signs of a shift are real. Two questions immediately arise: Is it possible to adapt to incessant and accelerating change and complexity without a radical shift in consciousness, and how much acceleration can we absorb before this shift must occur?

    Native Consciousness

    The times we are in may be unprecedented, but they are not unexpected. The prophecies of many ancient cultures such as the Maya, Egyptian, Hindu, and several Native American tribes predict this paradigm shift. Examining ancient wisdom clarifies the stakes and the steps that will help us adjust to the transition underway.

    Using different terms and cultural metaphors, all ancient texts basically warn of a "Day of Purification" where the imbalances of human consciousness are eradicated in a cleansing process. This is commonly interpreted as End Times and described as a period of massive disruption. More precisely, all that does not sustain life is collapsed in ruin, allowing movement through the bottleneck into a new and ostensibly better era.

    According to most prophecy, catastrophe is caused by our loss of connection to spiritual reality and neglected awareness of the sacred. As humans we are out of balance with our own spirit and consequently with the forces of nature. Restoration is required to avert destruction. My wife and I have discussed this with many Native people who work with traditional prophecy. Each has said the same thing: The prophecies do not predict doom or punishment. Rather, they warn of the consequences of being out of balance and encourage us to return to a path of inner and outer harmony. At any point along the path we can change direction. We only need to make a choice. We can choose to live in recognition of the interconnection of all life, or we can choose to act from greed and fear. The prophecies are calling for a change in consciousness; however, the bottom line is that when the mindstep occurs, by choice or by consequence, we will change.

    With some exceptions, the timing of prophecy is discerned through the arrival of predicted events that portend the transition. People often wonder whether various prophecies actually relate to the current time period. It is not our purpose in writing this book to prove or disprove prophecy; we offer the following as examples only.

    Hopi Prophecy

    The Hopi Prophecy is carried on by an oral tradition that is supported by a drawing on the "Prophecy Rock," thought to be at least 1,500 years old. The prophecy is extensive, revealing many aspects of the Hopi path and the imbalance that creates the need for Purification. The prophecy reveals signs and omens that provide a time line of events to alert the People (those who live in accordance with spiritual law) when the time is at hand. The following list is a very short sample of the type of detail found in the prophecy. It comes from a combination of published and unpublished sources. For those who want in-depth information, Hotevilla: Hopi Shrine of the Covenant-Microcosm of the World by Thomas E. Mails and Dan Evehems is the only published source that is sanctioned by traditional Hopi Elders. Information that is taken from Hotevilla is sourced.

    A gourd of ashes will fall from the sky causing great destruction. This is commonly thought to relate to the dropping of the atomic bomb.

    The Bear and Eagle will build a ladder to the Moon. This is thought to represent the Russian and American space programs.

    The Eagle will bring back rocks from the Moon. This happened with the Apollo 11 Moon landing.

    And Purification is close when "Nature will speak to us with its mighty breath of wind. There will be earthquakes and floods causing great disasters, changes in the seasons and in the weather; disappearance of wildlife, and famine in different forms. There will be gradual corruption and confusion among the leaders and the people all over the world, and wars will come about like powerful winds." As we explore the trend lines in Chapter 2, we see that the seasons have shifted, the weather is changing, natural disasters abound, and there are corruption and confusion among our leaders.

    The Calendar of the Maya

    Most people today have heard some rendition of the prophecy connected with the Maya of Central America and the end of their Long Count calendar in 2012. The Maya tracked the cycles of celestial events: the movement of planets and constellations through the night sky. Celestial cycles such as the phases of the moon, the Earth's revolution around the Sun, the movement of Venus as the morning and evening star, and, most importantly, the 26,000 year Precession of the Equinox, were all tracked with individual calendars. The Maya are said to have 17 different calendars tracking various celestial cycles. How they knew the length of longer cycles like the Precession of the Equinox is one of the mysteries of their advanced mathematical and astronomical culture.

    For the Maya, the endings and beginnings of cycles contained meanings and were celebrated. The Long Count calendar marks one-fifth of the Precession of the Equinox and the completion of five Long Count calendars represents the completed Precession called a Grand Cycle, Age, or World. The end of the current Long Count in 2012 represents the end of such an age. According to Creation stories found in Mayan codices such as the Popul Vuh, the Earth has already gone through four previous ages. Each age ended with some type of calamity as life transitioned into the new age. The current thought that the end of the Long Count calendar represents the end of the World is purely a media induced interpretation; however, it is not a stretch to say it represents the end of a current paradigm and therefore the world as we know it.

    There is speculation as to the exact date the Long Count calendar ends. The continuity of Day-keepers, those who kept the calendars, was disrupted and the meanings of original documents were altered with the arrival of Spanish missionaries in the 1500s. Also, archeological date correlations are controversial. However, exact dates and years are not as important in a 26,000-year cycle as periods of transition. The changes associated with the endings and beginnings of cycles do not occur on one date; they arrive along a continuum, one that we can clearly see is underway.

    If the end of the current Long Count is the end of an age and is correctly interpreted as 2012, Mayan texts provide indications of how things might transpire in the years leading up to and immediately after as "the old crumbles to make way for the new," so to speak. This includes:

    * Earth changes such as floods, volcanoes, earthquakes, and fires resulting in famine and plague.

    * Corruption of governments and religions such that the populations no longer trust their leaders.

    * Widespread social unrest and war.

    * The beginning of a "Golden Age" where spiritual "Masters" that lived in the past return to share gifts and wisdom.

    Original sources for this information can be found in modern interpretations of the Popul Vuh, The Dresden Codex, and The Chillum Balaam, The Book of the Jaguar Priest. For the last, we used Maud Worchester Makemson's translation (Henry Schuman, Inc., 1951).

    Hawkins's Mindstep Prediction

    Gerald Hawkins also predicted a time frame for the next mind-step: 2021. He determined the date using a mathematical formula based on the ratio of accelerated change from one era to the next. Hawkins relates mindsteps to advancing awareness of our place in the cosmos and writes, "If rationality is any guide, one might expect the fifth mind-step to be communication with extraterrestrial intelligence."

    Astrological Indicators

    How does modern astrology relate to that of the ancient Maya? We asked astrologer Alan Ouimet. Alan is a retired FBI Special Agent in counterintelligence and terrorism, a member of the Secular Franciscan Order, and founder and president of the Franciscan Family Apostolate, providing support to families in India. He began studying astrology in 1972. As one might expect he is highly intelligent, serious, and not one for nonsense.

    At my request Alan did a detailed astrological chart on the date December 21, 2012, including the years before and after. The following is summary of his report, which can be read on my Website (www.colinandrews.net).

    At the center of the chart is an unusual astrological configuration called a Yod, or Double Quincunx, commonly known as the Finger of God. It involves three key planets: Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. Alan quotes astrologer Bil Tierney as stating that the configuration is symbolic of society meeting an unrecognized necessity and arriving at a fork in the road, having to proceed in one direction without knowing where it leads. Alan explains that this astrological configuration — the Finger of God — was joined by a square aspect suggesting "the need for the physical manifestation of a reality which promises to be deep and revolutionary."

    It is further suggested that society's conflict is between secularism and religion, capitalism and socialism, conservatism and progressivism. The reconciling of these forces will require dropping long held ideologies that are blocking our ability to move forward. The tensions demand a shift in paradigms. The chart warns against bad judgment, overconfidence, and overreaching in material, economic, and political concerns.

    The activation of the Finger of God at this time and under these conditions suggests the need to let go of limiting psychological beliefs, interests, and habits in order to become involved in whatever is appearing on the horizon. Any part of self or society that is destructive will most likely surface and actively struggle in the environment.

    One problem with astrological prediction is that we interpret it in light of known facts. However, the manner in which an astrological impulse will actually express is unknown and results often fall short of their expected impact. For example, in his 2009 report, Alan suggests that in the fall of 2010 there might be an Israeli and Iranian conflict involving a stealth attack on Iran's nuclear facility. Of course we imagined a military attack. In fact, in November 2010, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmeadinejad reported a stealth attack of malicious software against Iran's uranium enrichment centrifuges. According to a January 15, 2011, report in the New York Times quoting Reuters news agency, the software was an Israeli test of a computer virus/worm hoped to slow Iran's ability to develop a nuclear device. The Times reported that the tests of the destructive Stuxnet worm had occurred over the previous two years at the heavily guarded Dimona complex in the Negev desert. Apparently it was a joint Israeli–U.S. effort to undermine Iran's nuclear ambitions. The Times said the worm was the most sophisticated cyber-weapon ever deployed and appeared to have slowed Iran's nuclear ambitions. We can see that the astrology was right, yet our interpretation of what would occur was not.

    In summary, here is a small sampling of some of Alan's report on 2012 and the years that follow:

    * The time period will contain international social, civil, political, and military unrest, after which the world will be a different place, much like the difference between the 1950s and 1970s.

    * The period will be consciousness raising for some and hurtful to others, especially those who resist change.

    * There is no way to know whether the paradigm shift will result from a period of long change or will be due to one large series of cataclysmic events.

    * What you believe will affect your reality.


    Excerpted from "On The Edge of Reality"
    by .
    Copyright © 2013 Colin Andrews and Synthia Andrews.
    Excerpted by permission of Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC.
    All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
    Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

    Table of Contents

    Introduction 13

    Part I The Crossroads

    Chapter 1 The Nature of a Shift in Paradigm 19

    Chapter 2 The Point of the Arrow 29

    Chapter 3 Frontiers of Consciousness 49

    Chapter 4 Changing of a Personal Paradigm 63

    Part II Conscious Circles

    Chapter 5 The Presence Within the Mystery 79

    Chapter 6 The Hoaxing Paradox 97

    Chapter 7 Fields and Forces 111

    Part III Bridging the Edge: Non-Ordinary Reality in Ordinary Life

    Chapter 8 Interactive UFOs 127

    Chapter 9 Luminous Orbs 141

    Chapter 10 Phenomena on the Edge 151

    Chapter 11 The Sounds of Change 163

    Chapter 12 Conversations With the Other Side 177

    Part IV Hidden Technology

    Chapter 13 Chemtrails 193

    Chapter 14 The Ionosphere: The New Frontier of Hidden Technology 205

    Chapter 15 Australian Radar Anomalies 215

    Chapter 16 Mind Games 233

    Part V Bridging the Edge

    Chapter 17 Other Minds, Other Intelligences 245

    Chapter 18 Homo Noeticus: The Conscious Human by Synthia Andrews 259

    Conclusion: The New Frontier 275

    Appendix A Resources 287

    Notes 293

    Index 313

    About the Authors 319

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