On the Edge of Sunrise: Book One of the Long Hair Saga

On the Edge of Sunrise: Book One of the Long Hair Saga

by Cynthia Ripley Miller


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ISBN-13: 9781632636775
Publisher: BookLocker.com Inc
Publication date: 04/30/2018
Series: Long-Hair Saga
Pages: 306
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.69(d)

About the Author

Cynthia Ripley Miller is a first generation Italian-American writer with a love for history, languages and books. She has lived, worked, and traveled in Europe, Africa, North America and the Caribbean. She holds two degrees, has taught history and teaches English. Her short fiction has appeared in the anthology Summer Tapestry, at Orchard Press Mysteries.com and The Scriptor. A Ring of Honor-Circle of Books Award winner and Chanticleer International Chatelaine Award finalist for her novel, On the Edge of Sunrise, she has reviewed for UNRV Roman History, and blogs at Historical Happenings and Oddities: A Distant Focus and on her website, www.cynthiaripleymiller.com.
Cynthia lives with her family, her cat, Romulus, and Jessie, a German Shepherd, in a suburb of Chicago.

Table of Contents

Main Characters

Prima Lux: First Light

Part One

Chapter One - Terra Aliena: Foreign land

Chapter Two - Nox: Night

Chapter Three - Cui bono: Whom does it benefit?

Chapter Four - De Mortuis Nil Nisi Bonum: Let Nothing But Good Be Said Of The Dead

Chapter Five - Infra dignitatem: Beneath one’s dignity

Chapter Six - Divide et impera: Divide and rule

Chapter Seven - Cave Felem: Beware of the cat

Chapter Eight - Errare humanum est: To err is human

Chapter Nine - Re Vera: In Truth

Chapter Ten - Promitto: I promise

Chapter Eleven - Fortes fortuna iuvat: Fortune favors the brave

Chapter Twelve - Frigida Solaque: Cold and Alone

Part Two

Chapter Thirteen - Castra Attilae: Attila’s Camp

Chapter Fourteen - Medica: The Healer

Chapter Fifteen - Magnum Opus: A Great Work

Chapter Sixteen - Per Ardua Ad Astra: Through Hardship to the Stars

Chapter Seventeen - Praemonitus praemunitus: Forewarned, forearmed

Chapter Eighteen - Dum Spiro Spero: While I breathe I hope

Chapter Nineteen - Nil Sine Numine: Nothing Without Providence

Chapter Twenty - Amor vincit omnia: Love conquers all

Chapter Twenty-One - Alea iacta est: The Die is Cast

Chapter Twenty-Two - Esto Perpetuum: Let It Be Everlasting

Chapter Twenty-Three - Ex animo: From the heart

Chapter Twenty-Four - Lapsus linguae: A Slip of the Tongue

Chapter Twenty-Five - Tempus omnia revelat: Time reveals all

Chapter Twenty-Six - Qualis vita, finis ita: As the life, so the end

Chapter Twenty-Seven - Dum vivimus, vivamus: Let us live while we live



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On the Edge of Sunrise: Book One of the Long Hair Saga 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
On the Edge of Sunrise is a gripping story with extraordinary characters, adventure, action, intrigue and love. The author's scrupulous scholarship makes the fifth-century time period more than stage setting: Our senses experience the world around us. Readers get an accurate picture of Europe as the Roman Empire fades and the Christian Church rises.