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On the Edge (Harlequin NASCAR Series)
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On the Edge (Harlequin NASCAR Series)

4.6 11
by Pamela Britton

Unknown NASCAR driver Adam Drake has some of the best moves Rebecca Newman has ever seen, both on and off the track.

But she can't afford to feel anything but respect for the new driver she's hired to pilot her race car. With the financial security of her team hanging in the balance and everyone in the series thinking she's nuts, the last thing she needs is lust


Unknown NASCAR driver Adam Drake has some of the best moves Rebecca Newman has ever seen, both on and off the track.

But she can't afford to feel anything but respect for the new driver she's hired to pilot her race car. With the financial security of her team hanging in the balance and everyone in the series thinking she's nuts, the last thing she needs is lust getting in the way of logic. Too bad Adam has other ideas.

Adam isn't afraid of a challenge, but getting close to his new owner is proving to be a tougher road than some of the superspeedways he's driven. It's going to take a secret weapon—his daughter. Soon his precocious ten-year-old has Rebecca on the run—straight into Adam's arms. But can he convince her to stay with him, and leave behind the ghosts of her past once and for all?

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Harlequin NASCAR Series
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"WHERE IS SHE?" Adam Drake asked the minute Rebecca opened her front door.

She'd been expecting him for the past half hour. Heck, Becca had even raced to meet him at the front door of her home when she'd heard his car pull into the driveway. What she wasn't expect-ing—oh, no, what she absolutely did not expect—was what he looked like.

Holy crawdad, she thought, using Lindsey Drake's favorite expression, one she'd heard time and time again since the moment she'd offered to bring the little girl to her home rather than have the police take her to a shelter when they couldn't reach her father right away. She'd been expecting someone pudgy, maybe even short a few strands of hair. Someone who spent the weekends stroking his ego by lording it over other drivers whenever he won a race, maybe even someone who made a play for the trophy girls. But this man...this man looked like someone the trophy girls made a play for.

"Mr. Drake. Hi. I'm Rebecca—"

"Where is she?" he asked again, looking like he just might push past her if she didn't invite him in soon. Good heavens, her head didn't even reach his shoulders. He was the Incredible Hulk, Mr. Clean come to life (but with a full head of hair), his small, flat nose set between brilliant green eyes.

Rebecca, really!

He was staring. No, waiting. Impatiently. "She's, ah, she's in the back," she said. "Swimming," she added when he brushed by her the moment she stepped back from the door.

"Lindsey," his big voice boomed, echoing off her twelve-foot ceiling. "Lindsey Samantha Drake, answer me right now!"

"Lindsey Samantha Drake can't hear you," Rebecca said, tapping him on the shoulder. "Insulated glass," she offered by way of explanation. And there he went staring at her again. "She's through here," she said.

He followed her, Rebecca feeling—what?—as she walked in front of him. Maybe self-conscious, she thought as she led him past the living room and through a double-wide arch that led to the kitchen and ultimately the back patio.Yeah. That was it, she admitted. Self-conscious. She felt awkward in a way that reminded her of when she was a teenager and the local hunk had come into the McDonald's where she'd worked. She'd been so flummoxed she'd put his food in a Happy Meal box.

"Daddy," Lindsey called out the minute she spotted her father standing beneath the veranda, the two-by-two planks above their heads painting shadowy prison stripes on his light blue shirt.

"Lindsey Samantha Drake, get out of that pool now."

Rebecca jumped. The word now sounded like the crack of an uncorked motor.

Lindsey, who'd been in the midst of pushing herself out of the water, paused, droplets dripping down her face and arms and onto the faux stones that surrounded the kidney-shaped pool, the look in her eyes reminiscent of a squirrel caught in the KC lights of a truck.

"Now," he yelled again when she sunk back down in the pool.

"Mr. Drake," Rebecca said. "Is it really necessary to yell?"

"Is it necessary?" he asked, turning back to her. "Is it necessary?" he repeated and Rebecca thought for a second that his eyes might start bulging like a Chihuahua's. "Perhaps it's not necessary to you, but I just spent a full day scared out of my wits that someone had kidnapped my daughter, and so she ought to be grateful I'm just yelling instead of hauling her sorry butt out of the pool and paddling it with that pool net over there."

"You were supposed to think I was going to Brandy's house after school," Lindsey offered in a tiny little voice. "Just like I always do when it's an early release day."

Adam turned back to the pool. "Maybe," he said in a dead-calm voice, "you should have told Brandy that."

"I left a message on her cell."

Mr. Drake smacked his head. "Oh, well, that was good thinking, especially since Brandy's cell phone was taken away from her last night. And so no wonder she looked confused when she showed up on our doorstep right after I read your note about going home with her after school."


"Oops?" he repeated softly, taking a step toward his daughter. Lindsey sunk even farther into the pool like a hippo hiding from a predator. A guilty hippo. "Oops," he said again, glaring down at the pool. "I spent hours talking to every law enforcement agency in Kentucky, every missing persons bureau and every troubled teen counseling center alerting them that my daughter might be a runaway or might have been kidnapped or might have who knows what. They were this close to issuing an alert." He touched his thumb to his index finger. "Only suddenly I get this phone call from the world-famous Rebecca Newman—"

"I'm not really world famous," Becca said quickly.

"The world-famous Rebecca Newman explaining that, no, my daughter's not missing. Oh, no, she's in Mooresville, North Carolina, begging for a job." He drew his shoulders back, which made them look even more impressive, Becca noted.

"For me," he said, stabbing at his chest with such force Becca winced.

"I'm sorry, Daddy," Lindsey said, peering up at him between thick red lashes, freckles looking more pronounced against her pale skin. "I was going to call you after I was done talking to Ms. Newman."

"Do you have any idea what you've put me through?"


"You could have been mugged or raped or worse on that damn bus."

"But I wasn't—"

"You think that makes me feel better?" he asked, leaning toward her. "You could have been. You could have been abducted. You could have been taken away from me, and if that had happened..."

Rebecca saw him lean back, saw him swallow, saw his hands clench. Then, like leaves suddenly too tired to hang onto an autumn branch, his anger just fell away.All at once he looked like he wanted to pull his daughter to him. And probably never let her go.

Rebecca felt her throat tighten. "Go get your clothes," he said quietly. Lindsey looked down, the crystal blue water stirring around her neck and lapping at her ears. Then she slipped from the pool, settling at her father's feet. She paused for a moment, as if waiting for him to do something—maybe pat her on the head, or hug her—and when he didn't, her shoulders slumped. Blue eyes that had looked so brave this morning looked perfectly miserable when they met hers. Rebecca resisted the urge to reach out and comfort her as she walked by leaving wet footprints in her wake. As much as she hated to see Lindsey's misery, she knew it was earned. From the sound of things, she'd put her father through hell.

The moment the door closed behind Lindsey, Mr. Drake turned to her. "Ms. Newman, I'm sorry for being so short with you. Obviously, I was anxious to see my daughter. I swear, since her mother left, sometimes she seems like ten going on thirty. But she's not just my daughter...she's my best friend, too. And if I'd lost her..."

He'd have felt as if his world were ending, and she knew the feeling well. "It's okay," she said, feeling suddenly tongue-tied.

It was then, as he faced her fully, that Rebecca felt it again, that same frisson of awkward awareness she'd noticed when she opened up her front door.

Adam Drake was a hunk.

And for a woman who'd seen every size and shape of race car driver—not to mention quite a few good-looking men—that was saying quite a lot. His black hair matched black lashes that lined his eyes in such a way it almost looked like they were rimmed with eyeliner. The irises between those lashes were the exact same color as the pool tiles that rimmed the water—a green so crystalline they looked almost translucent.

"No, it's not okay. After all you've done, the least I could do was hold on to my temper."

"It was understandable," she said, having a hard time maintaining eye contact—and yet unable to look away. "You've had a tough day."

He took a step toward her. "But offering to bring her home with you," he said. "To let her stay here with you while I drove down this afternoon, that was above and beyond. I still can't believe she took off like that—spent the whole morning riding a bus just to meet you—but I'm grateful for your help."

Why had she greeted him at the door wearing nothing more than a white bathing suit top and an after-pool skirt?

"I couldn't let the police take her to a shelter," she said, resisting the urge to go to her lounge chair and don the matching thigh-length top. "Not after talking to her. She's something else, your daughter."

Meet the Author

Bestselling author Pamela Britton blames her zany sense of humor on the amount of Fruity Pebbles she consumes. Not wanting to actually have to work for a living, Pamela has enjoyed a variety of odd careers such as modeling, working for race teams--including NASCAR's Winston Cup--and drawing horses for a living.

Over the years, Pamela's stories have won her numerous accolades. In 2004 alone, her novel, Seduced, was named one of the best romances of 2003 by the staff of Barnes and Noble.com, The Oakland Press, RT BOOKclub Magazine and Romance Readers at Heart. Seduced also won a National Reader's Choice Award for best long historical romance, and was nominated for a HOLT Medallion. One might think this would give Pamela a very big head, but, in fact, she's kept humble by doing laundry, scooping manure and caring for a precocious four-year-old who's not impressed that mommy "colors books."

Pamela feels privileged to write full-time from her ranch in Northern California where she lives with her husband, daughter, and--at last count--fifteen four-legged friends. Visit Pamela at www.pamelabritton.com. (Hint: she gives away lots of cool prizes.)

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4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Jutzie More than 1 year ago
On The Edge by Pamela Britton NASCAR #3 Rebecca Newman’s past four years haven’t been her best. Her husband Randy had died and now her racing business is in dire straights. What she needs is to find the best driver around and start winning. She didn’t expect the answer to her problems to come knocking on her door in the form of a ten year old girl. Adam Drake had one priority, his daughter Lindsey. His daughter had one priority as well, getting her dad back into racing. Adam raced the local dirt tracks on the week-ends, but Lindsey knew he was better than that. So she took matters into her own hands. And why not match make while she’s at it? The third book in the series continues with a racing romance. The reader met Becca in the previous two books, a business woman who seems to have it all together….from the outside. The road to romance is never easy for the couples in these books, this one included. There are seven books total in this series. **Mild language
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
On The Edge by Pamela Britton takes us back to the pulse-pounding world of NASCAR. _______________ Ten-year-old Lindsey Drake is a girl on a mission. She bulldozes her way into the offices of Newman Motorsports. All she wants is for the owner Rebecca Newman to give her dad a chance at being a driver for their team. _______________ Rebecca Newman is at her wits end with the financials of her team and the fact that her driver situation stinks. When Lindsey walks in, she figures what has she got to lose. But one look at Adam Drake and Rebecca is afraid she may lose her heart to this man. She has kept men at length since her husband¿s death a few years ago. -____________________ Adam Drake had put his dreams of driving for Nascar on hold to raise his daughter after his wife left them. But when this golden opportunity comes up he would be a fool to say no. Adam would also be a fool if he didn¿t let Becca into his world. _________________ Becca still has ghosts from her past to overcome. Adam will do everything in his power to let her see he is the man for her. ___________________ On The Edge make you feel like you are right there in the pits, on the track and watching these two fall in love. It¿s a feel good book that is keeper.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In Mooresville, North Carolina, ten year old Lindsey Drake ¿crashes¿ through office assistants to beg Widow Rebecca Newman, owner of Newman Motorsports to hire her dad, the best driver in Kentucky. When the distraught father Adam arrives, Becca thinks hunk while he thinks beautiful kind and famous. She hires him.---------------------- Becca is attracted to her new employee, NASCAR driver Adam Drake but will not act on her feelings because she believes that romance does not belong on the racing track. She also knows how precarious her team is as financially they are shaky. Brett feels the same way about his boss, but unlike Rebecca he plans to explore his desires. However, Brett finds Rebecca to be very stubborn as she refuses to believe she can be his boss at the track and his lover at night. As Brett falls in love with the reluctant Rebecca, he pulls out all the stops to get out of the pits starting with his precocious daughter, who he believes will bring the winning flag with this race for love.---------------------- This is a fun NASCAR racing contemporary romance that readers will enjoy from the moment that Lindsey starts the engines of her father and Becca. The story line contains a fascinating theme as Becca firmly believes that love and business do not mix while Adam thinks otherwise. The insight into the business side of racing is deftly interwoven within this fun tale, which from start to finish line takes readers on quite a ride around the track.----------------- Harriet Klausner