On the Principles of Political Economy, and Taxation

On the Principles of Political Economy, and Taxation

by David Ricardo



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Publication date: 10/03/2011
Pages: 272
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Preface; 1. On value; 2. On rent; 3. On the rent of mines; 4. On natural and market price; 5. On wages; 5*. On profits; 6. On foreign trade; 7. On taxes; 8. Taxes on raw produce; 8*. Taxes on rent; 9. Tithes; 10. Land-tax; 11. Taxes on gold; 12. Taxes on houses; 13. Taxes on profits; 14. Taxes on wages; 15. Taxes on other commodities than raw produce; 16. Poor rates; 17. On sudden changes in the channels of trade; 18. Value and riches, their distinct properties; 19. Effects of accumulation on profits and interest; 20. Bounties on exportation, and prohibitions of importation; 21. On bounties on production; 22. Doctrine of Adam Smith concerning the rent of land; 23. On colonial trade; 24. On gross and net revenue; 25. On currency and banks; 26. On the comparative value of gold, corn, and labour, in rich and in poor countries; 27. Taxes paid by the producer; 28. On the influence of demand and supply on prices; 29. Mr Malthus's opinions on rent; Index.

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