On the Spartacus Road: A Spectacular Journey Through Ancient Italy

On the Spartacus Road: A Spectacular Journey Through Ancient Italy

by Peter Stothard


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On the Spartacus Road: A Spectacular Journey Through Ancient Italy by Peter Stothard

In the final century of the first Roman Republic, an army of slaves brought a peculiar terror to the people of Italy. Its leaders were gladiators. Its purpose was incomprehensible. Its success was unprecedented.

Stretching through 2,000 miles of Italian countryside into 2,000 years of world history, the Spartacus Road is the route along which these rebels outfought the finest military forces of the age and took a unique hold on the modern mind.

In this inspiring memoir, Peter Stothard retraces their footsteps, bringing to life the vital battles of the rebellion, whilst simultaneously illuminating the modern Italy he encounters. The result is extraordinary.

At once a journalist's notebook, a classicist's celebration, a survivor's record of a near fatal cancer and the history of a unique and brutal war, On the Spartacus Road is non-fiction writing of the highest order.

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ISBN-13: 9780007340804
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 02/28/2011
Pages: 353
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.70(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

Prologue xi

I Rome to Ariccia 1

Saxion Suicides

Senators Symmachus Regrets

Finishing Schools

Too Many Foreigners

Riddle of the Number 3

Chemistry Kirk Douglas

Capuan Carlo's Virgin

II Ariccia to Benevento 39


Poplios Papinios Statios

Dwarf-Eating Birds

Nazi Revenge

A Cancer Called Nero

How to Die Well

Horace and his Father

Hacksaw Teeth

III Capua to Acerra 75

Spartacus Leaves the Kitchen

Contract Killers

Curious Koreans

Sabbio's Las Vegas

Bush E Sharon = Criminali

Florus of Fleet Street

What Goes Around

Comes Around

Mountain Monster

IV Vesuvius to Pompeii 117

Slaves on a Volcano

Epicurus In Scotland

Death And His Half-Brother Sleep

A Boxer from Thebes

How to Succeed in Selling Plates

What Pain does to the Brain

V Pompeii to Nuceria 155

Terror, Rape And Revenge

Cesspools in Our Streets

Virtual Herculaneum

A Vicar from Essex

Spartacus Triumphant

Lost Libraries by the Sea

VI Egnazia to Botromagno 191

South for the Winter

Magicians and Castrati

Greeks Vs Trojans

Arthur Koestler's Crucifixions

Early Cases of Syphilis

Massacre of the Horse-Builder's Men

Body Scans

The Duties of Slave Women

VII Gargano to Pognana 231

Victory For a Philosophical Consul

In The House of Archangel Michael

Human Entrails Around Their Waists

Calls of Crows I Corpses on the Beaches

How Spartacus Lost His Hollywood War

VIII Torno to Picentino 261

Ghost-Hunting with the Yogurt-Seller

To Leave Italy or to Fight Rome

In A Chemo-Fuelled Rose Garden

Solid Gold Piss-Pots

Enter Marcus Licinius Crassus

IX Reggio Calabria to Buccinovolcei 297

Popcorn For Plutarch

Columns in the Press

Betrayed by Pirates

Man a and Man B

At The Bitter-Sweet Lake

When the War Was Over

X Sorrento to Rome 333

How to Live a Happy Life

Marble Mimics Grass

Things to Do With Defeated Slaves

Crucified in Theory

A Head Full of Molten Gold and Other Aftermaths

Acknowledgements 347

List of Illustrations 349

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