On the Street of Divine Love: New and Selected Poems

On the Street of Divine Love: New and Selected Poems

by Barbara Hamby

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Perhaps Paul Kareem Taylor said it best in his piece called On the Road Again: Barbara Hamby's American Odyssey: "Reading Barbara Hamby's poetry is like going on a road trip, one where the woman behind the wheel lets you ride shotgun as she speeds across the open highways of an America where drive-in movie theaters still show Janet Leigh films on Friday nights, hardware stores have not been driven out of business by soulless corporate titans, and where long poetic lines first introduced by Walt Whitman and resurrected by Ginsberg are pregnant with a thousand reasons to marvel at the world we inhabit."

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ISBN-13: 9780822979630
Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Press
Publication date: 01/21/2014
Series: Pitt Poetry Series
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 144
File size: 609 KB

About the Author

Barbara Hamby is the author of four poetry collections, including All-Night Lingo Tango and Babel, winner of the Donald Hall Prize in Poetry. Her book of linked stories, Lester Higata's 20th Century, received the 2010 Iowa Short Fiction Award/John Simmons Award. She also coedited an anthology of poetry, Seriously Funny, with her husband David Kirby. Hamby is the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Kate Tufts Award, and numerous other honors. Her poems have been widely anthologized, including The Best American Poetry 2000, 2009, and 2010. She is a Distinguished University Scholar at Florida State University, specializing in poetry and fiction.

Table of Contents

Contents New Poems Ode to Forgetting the Year How to Pray Ode to Knots, Noise, Waking Up at Three, and Falling Asleep Reading to My Id Ode to Skimpy Clothes and August in the Deep South Ode to Lil’ Kim in Florence Reading Can Kill You 17 Dollars Ode to Red and Speedy Ode to the Messiah, Thai Horror Movies, and Everything I Can’t Believe Ode to the Triple Ode to Wasting Time and Drawing Donatello’s David On the Street of Divine Love Ode to Augurs, Ogres, Acorns, and Two or Three Things That Have Been Eating at My Heart Like a Wolverine in a Time of Famine I’m Making Walt Whitman Soup Questions for My Body Delirium (1995) The Language of Bees Betrothal in B minor Ova Toska St. Anthony of the Floating Larynx St. Clare’s Underwear Nose Delirium The Alphabet of Desire (1999) The Word Thinking of Galileo The Dream of the Red Drink Achtung, My Princess, Good Night Hatred So Long, Roy Trigger Tries to Explain Ode on My Wasted Youth Ode to Untoward Dreams Ode to the Lost Luggage Warehouse at the Rome Airport Babel (2004) My Translation The Mockingbird on the Buddha Idolatry O Deceitful Tongue Vex Me Fang Thus Spake the Mockingbird Ode to American English Ode to Hardware Stores Ode to Barbecue Ode on Satan’s Power Ode to My 1977 Toyota Ode on My Mother’s Handwriting All-Night LIngo Tango (2009) Ode to Anglo Saxon, Film Noir, and the Hundred Thousand Anxieties That Plague Me Like Demons in a Medieval Christian Allegory Working at Pam-Pam’s from 9 Sonnets from the Psalms Ode to Air Heads, Hairdos, Trains to and from Paris Mambo Cadillac from Lingo Sonnets Ode on Dictionaries Ode on My 45s, Insomnia, and My Poststructuralist Superego Ode on the Letter M Acknowledgments

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