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On the Wings of Phoenix Rising: A Journey from Ashes to Joy

On the Wings of Phoenix Rising: A Journey from Ashes to Joy

On the Wings of Phoenix Rising: A Journey from Ashes to Joy

On the Wings of Phoenix Rising: A Journey from Ashes to Joy


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On the Wings of Phoenix Rising gives us an awe-inspiring glimpse into the delight of existence, the joy of the cosmos. Yuan Miao also reveals how, as a very small child, she almost unknowingly and even casually accepted her spiritual life mission directly from Guan Yin. Perhaps most sobering of all is to read first-hand the heart-breaking price she had to pay, over and over, for personal access to some of life's deepest mysteries.

Come with an empty vase and read this book for two important reasons. One is that you will never forget the story of this beautiful Chinese woman who had it all, lost it all, and found her true self in ways both surprisingly mystical and breathtakingly true. The second reason is more urgent: it is that just reading about her journey could forever change yours.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780989731614
Publisher: Phoenix Century Press
Publication date: 03/13/2014
Pages: 202
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.43(d)

About the Author

Yuan Miao was born in Main­land China into a family with a rich Chinese and Tibetan spir­i­tual heritage. Her Chinese grand­fa­ther was a Zen master. Her grand­mother, Yeshe Tsuomu, whose name means "Ocean of Wisdom", was the daughter of a high Tibetan Rinpoche and herself an enlight­ened master deeply connected to the Divine Mother. She named her grand­daughter Yuan Miao -the Source of Infi­nite Water- after receiving a trans­mis­sion from the Divine Mother.

She was Miao's teacher, guide and guardian, passing down to her a precious ancient dakini lineage.

In her own life, Miao has had a close affinity with the Divine Mother - Guanyin - , since she was three years old, when in a vision, she appeared before Miao as a tradi­tion­ally dressed woman holding a water-filled vase. She conveyed a clear message that she would become a guide for Miao.

Years later, Miao would have the spir­i­tual expe­ri­ence that radi­cally altered her life. She'd become a successful docu­men­tary film director at CCTV (the central TV station in China), gaining worldly expe­ri­ence trav­eling exten­sively through China and other coun­tries. Following a dream, she went for a visit to her grand­mother on the full moon in July 1985. While looking out the window the night she arrived, she saw a large globe of light. She first thought it was a lantern, but the light divided and divided again into smaller spheres. Grandma recog­nized that it was a truly special event, and that night Miao received empow­er­ments and reve­la­tions from the Divine Mother and the high masters.

After­wards, changed, she had frequent mystical expe­ri­ences and began to spon­ta­neously prac­tice Shakti charged move­ments that she came to under­stand were expres­sions of tradi­tional Tibetan sacred Dumu, which liter­ally means "strong light".

In 1991, Miao's only child, her daughter, died from leukemia when she was only nine years old. Plunged into the deepest despair, Miao's faith was shaken and her will to live was lost. She became suicidal, but the mystical events and visions continued, and she emerged from the expe­ri­ence reborn; like a phoenix rising from the ashes, she was able to realize the true reality of life and death, and become completely enlight­ened, having trans­formed her deep suffering into a vast well­spring of compas­sion and joy, a trans­mis­sion she received from the Divine Mother.

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