On Translating French Literature and Film

On Translating French Literature and Film

by Brill



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On Translating French Literature and Film by Brill

This volume is of particular relevance to literary and filmic translators, to translation theorists and to anyone with an interest in translation as an art. Throughout the majority of essays in the volume, translation is projected as a complex creative task and not as an exercise in simply re-encoding the meaning of a source text. The received superiority of the original is ultimately questioned here. The customary binary divide between original and translation or copy, and between author and translator is forcefully challenged as cinematic and literary translation is presented as an essentially creative process. Whether highlighting specific author-related problems or whether focusing on the broader issues of the ethics of translation, of cultural transmissibility or of obsolescence, the general thrust of these essays seeks to demonstrate the authorial credentials of the translator. Despite the cogent counter-arguments advanced by a minority of the contributors, the dominant discourse here is one which replaces the stereotypical, virtually anonymous translator with a high-profile, creative figure.

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ISBN-13: 9789051839616
Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 07/14/2005
Series: Rodopi Perspectives on Modern Literature Series
Pages: 227

Table of Contents

Geoffrey T. HARRIS: Introduction. 1. Myriam SALAMA-CARR: Form in Translation. From Montaigne to Larbaud. 2. David BELLOS: Translation, Imitation, Appropriation. On Working with Impossible Texts. 3. Mary Ann CAWS: The Ethics of Translation. 4. Lucy MAZDON: Rewriting and Remakes: Questions of Originality and Authenticity. 5. Peter FAWCETT: Translating Film. 6. Anthony SIMONS: The Problem of Narrative 'Dialogue'. Translation and Reception of Le Journal D'une Femme De Chambre. 7. Ian HIGGINS: Translating French Poetry of the Two World Wars. 8. Martin SORRELL: The Best of Both Worlds? - Translating French Poetry into English. 9. Robert S. Thornberry: On the 'Built-In Obsolescence' of Literary Translation. 10. P.M. Wetherill: Translation and Cultural Transfer. 11. Jean-Pierre Mailhac: Evaluation Criteria for the Translation of Cultural References. 12. Jane WALLING: 'Why duplicate this particular solace?': Beckett's Self-translations. 13. J.K.L. Scott: J'irai cracher sur vos tombes: A Two-faced 'Translation'.

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