Once More Upon a Time

Once More Upon a Time

by Patrick Thomas, Diane Raetz
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Once More Upon A Time 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
WisenheimerLatina More than 1 year ago
This is a different kind of Mystic Investigators tale by my New York homeboy, Patrick Thomas, and his latest collaborator Diane Raetz. The protagonist of this novel is a young witch named Jillian Anderson, an agent of Templar Mason, once known as the Knights Templar. She’s new at this business, so new that her mistakes can cause serious repercussions for the people she’s trying to help. Not only is she a third generation witch whose family were all Templar agents, but her great-great grandfather was Hans Christian Anderson, who literally wrote the book about traditional folklore, or fairy tales as they’re more commonly known. Yes, all those fairy tales you loved so much as a child are based upon a grain of truth, just as a beautiful pearl is formed around a single grain of sand. So they’re not just folklore, but history. And we all know how history tends to repeat itself. Merecedes Lackey, another fantasy author I'm fond of, is also familiar with this phenomenon. She refers to it as The Tradition, a non-sentient but powerful force that causes hapless humans whose lives bear even the slightest resemblance to these popular tales to relive them, over and over again. This dark force that toys with peoples’ lives doesn’t give a damn about happily ever after. It only wants to play out the chosen story, shoehorning its victims into the traditional roles whether they like it or not. That’s where Templar Mason comes in; they’re in charge of investigating these strange phenomenons, discovering which popular folktale they are based upon, and stopping them before they get out of hand. Unfortunately, our young heroine is a good witch, but only a novice as a TM agent. So quite a bit of mayhem results from her investigations, along with a few deaths, not all of them innocent. Jillian can't even kill one of the bad guys in self-defense without feeling guilty about it. I’m sure she’ll get accustomed to killing with time, but I hope it never comes as easily to her as it does to Agent Karver of the DMA, a reformed serial killer who’s still atoning for all the damage he did in his former life while he was possessed by a homicidal demon. She’s a relative innocent who’s just getting into the ancient art of demon hunting. I wish her well, and hope that she never becomes as cynical or hard-bitten as her male counterpart. That way lies despair, which in the Catholic Church is as much a sin as murder, though the only victim is usually yourself.