by Lawrence M. Nysschens


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Lawrence captures the struggles of today's world exactly.

That clash of Freedom vs. Chaos.

Personal Rights vs. Oppressive Rulers.

Love vs. Hate.

His writing touches on both the beauty and the ugly of Life as he knifes through hate vs. love, emotion and universal oppression with a precision that reveals a power never before envisioned.

Attacked in mind and body: Will Once-Other go insane or will he win the battle of both mind and body? And when the inevitable war comes, can the strangest of all Ultimate Weapons of Mass Destruction bring them victory despite the odds against it?

In Once-Other Lawrence M. Nysschens has wound an intriguing mixture of personal struggle and oppression. His ideas are unique, and his style keeps the pages turning:

Immigrants from Earth settled a distant desert world. Is this the utopia Earth so longed for?


But these colonists will soon fight a War of Independence against their Mother Planet.

Failure and defeat are not options. Slavery would be its price. Who will win? Who will die?

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ISBN-13: 9780990988601
Publisher: Lawrence M. Nysschens
Publication date: 05/03/2016
Pages: 614
Product dimensions: 6.69(w) x 9.61(h) x 1.31(d)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents CHAPTER 1 Of Human Rights CHAPTER 2 Of the planet Here-Born CHAPTER 3 Of Once-Other by Once-Other CHAPTER 4 Of the first casualty of war CHAPTER 5 Of differences CHAPTER 6 Of a PRIOR arrest and conviction CHAPTER 7 Of jail time, economic value and a new taxation system CHAPTER 8 Of Poip, Pre-owneds Galore and a strange EB tourist CHAPTER 9 Of possible illness, a new economic system, hidden thoughts CHAPTER 10 Of Neatness, fingers and cacti CHAPTER 11 Of symptoms, Happiness Entitlements, Poip and Toip CHAPTER 12 Of sand, colored glass, Water Criers and sand-snails CHAPTER 13 Of the power of wallets and government assistance CHAPTER 14 Of boycotts and Here-Born's vanished beauty CHAPTER 15 Of Fraggers and reflexes CHAPTER 16 Of A collect-n-grind's dangers CHAPTER 17 Of speed and consequences CHAPTER 18 Of a southern lady CHAPTER 19 Of traditions, CO2 captures, the inflation falsehood CHAPTER 20 Of Maggie, the Lady and Mister Conqueror CHAPTER 21 Of third-eye cameras and a popped shoulder joint CHAPTER 22 Of home and Deidre's weapons CHAPTER 23 Of danger and confession CHAPTER 24 Of vehicle maintenance, regulations and happiness CHAPTER 25 Of real-time legislation CHAPTER 26 Of hidden enemies CHAPTER 27 Of buying and selling CHAPTER 28 Of unexpected and lame excuses CHAPTER 29 Of SandMasters and one-two-three CHAPTER 30 Of Peter's manifestations and Once-Other's condition CHAPTER 31 Of Water Criers, what is and what is not dangerous CHAPTER 32 Of drinking water and sting-claws CHAPTER 33 Of Crier milk and poison old and new CHAPTER 34 Of no comfortable a seat and visitors CHAPTER 35 Of our monitoring ensures your happiness CHAPTER 36 Of Once-Other's second Moment in Time and Deidre's concerns CHAPTER 37 Of a Moment in Time and promises made CHAPTER 38 Of Karrell's Moment in Time CHAPTER 39 Of Deidre's Moment in Time CHAPTER 40 Of Franciscoa's choice CHAPTER 41 Of a Desert Driver CHAPTER 42 Of sales techniques and a preowned arm CHAPTER 43 Of Preservatives and Bondo-stick-on CHAPTER 44 Of equal means equal and Divide and Rule CHAPTER 45 Of what and why Treason is CHAPTER 46 Of Peter Wernt's hidden hand CHAPTER 47 Of Once-Other's personal baggage CHAPTER 48 Of relationships, Water Criers, Arzerns and Roanark Braers CHAPTER 49 Of gasoline stops and escape options CHAPTER 50 Of a severed arm and revelations CHAPTER 51 Of reliance on old skills, realizations and Neatness CHAPTER 52 Of the assignment of Rights and internal conflicts CHAPTER 53 Of a sip of death, a touch of hope, a sandstorm CHAPTER 54 Of sand covers all CHAPTER 55 Of tire repairs and Argumentative Computers CHAPTER 56 Of a final three of too many one-two-three, Altogether CHAPTER 57 Of struggle, orientation and internal repairs CHAPTER 58 Of fever and voices CHAPTER 59 Of a painful descent CHAPTER 60 Of promises made CHAPTER 61 Of artistic universes CHAPTER 62 Of a visit with pre-owned and death CHAPTER 63 Of betrayals and revelations CHAPTER 64 Of votes tallied and decisions made CHAPTER 65 Of Property ownership and A Property's Rights CHAPTER 66 Of Peter Wernt CHAPTER 67 Of All being equal CHAPTER 68 Of Earth-Born's simple and fair tax and economic system CHAPTER 69 Of duties and change CHAPTER 70 Of history, lies and being enslaved by ideas alone CHAPTER 71 Of differences resolved CHAPTER 72 Of crimes and lies CHAPTER 73 Of oceans and a simple idea CHAPTER 74 Of Breathable Air, hidden agendas and old plans CHAPTER 75 Of the conqueror's minions, their use, their deaths CHAPTER 76 Of two different conquests begun CHAPTER 77 Of a battle fought and won CHAPTER 78 Of all citizen's personal choice CHAPTER 79 Of entitlements and more CHAPTER 80 Of the defense of Rights and a weapon to hand CHAPTER 81 Of the Slave Master's sales pitch and new rights CHAPTER 82 Of stepping up and taken down CHAPTER 83 Of Rights forever

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Once-Other 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
ReadersFavorite4 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Ruffina Oserio for Readers' Favorite Once-Other by Lawrence M. Nysschens is an epic story that is told in fascinating, lyrical language, absorbing and powerful to the ears. At times it will read like the myth of creation, but what creation? The story is taking place in a desert called the Here-Born, a planet that has been affected by cosmic changes that have rocked the universe. The reader is introduced to a compelling character known as Once-Other, because he once had a different name and adopted this one after he replaced his “arms and head with pre-owned body parts.” Once-Other is a warrior, fighting to protect the lives of his people and to ensure they are free from slavery, but he is a man with his own personal issues, including his unstable and troublesome relationship with his ex-wife who has their son. This book is his odyssey to embracing his potential and fulfilling his mission. The setting is fascinating and it is in a far-away distant future, a planet that is desert, described as Here-Born. There is a lot to enjoy in this book, and I must say that I was absorbed by the strong and lyrical writing style. It read like music. There are the characters that are compelling, strangely familiar, and memorable. This is the kind of book you read and wake up feeling as though you’d traveled to another world. There are many insights in this story and a whole philosophy on the secrets of success and personal growth. The story is fast-paced and laced with powerful images. The plot, the exquisite writing, the awesome characters, and the mythical undertones of the story are elements that make it stand out as a work of great depth and success.
ReadersFavorite3 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite A novel with powerful spiritual undertones, Once-Other by Lawrence M. Nysschens presents man’s pain in loss, his battles, both spiritual and physical, and his journey to conquering fear and embracing himself. Set in the symbolic regions of the desert — and I couldn’t help reflecting on the deserts of our souls as I read on — the reader is introduced to Once-Other, a man whose life seems to be in disarray because of his ex-wife’s control over their son. Besides his personal struggles, he is engaged in a peculiar war to achieve freedom for his people in the Here-Born. The story unveils dread truths about a spiritual journey of the warrior towards self-realization and growth. Once-Other’s battle, his greatest battle, is with himself, the battle to unlock his full potential by conquering his inner demons and fears. Lawrence M. Nysschens’ book is very symbolic in its style, and even the names of characters and places are also symbolic. The author writes well, and he masterfully incorporates the themes of love, self-conquest, life in the desert, and politics seamlessly into the story. The story is well-paced and the writing features beautiful descriptions, great action, and an engaging plot line. I love stories that are both entertaining and educative, and this one has successfully showcased the theme of inner freedom in a very unique way. The characters are well-imagined and developed, and even though their names sound very strange to the ears, they are believable. This is the kind of writing for readers who love books that are insightful, entertaining and provoke light reflection on the part of the reader. A great joy to read.
ReadersFavorite2 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Arya Fomonyuy for Readers' Favorite Once-Other by Lawrence M. Nysschens is a compelling blend of fantasy and sci-fi with a lot of symbolism, a story that vividly depicts the author’s creativity and ingenuity, from the quirky names of places and characters, to the unique voice, to the plot and setting. Set against the backdrop of a barren desert, the story features Once-Other, a citizen of Here-Born and a soldier, a man who is relentlessly tortured in many ways by his ex-wife. Besides the physical torments he must endure, he suffers the loss of the one thing he loves the most. He must look deeper inside himself to find the skills required to free himself and his people, but he must first overcome his fear. I loved the concept behind this story, the symbolism, the powerful themes that come across neatly through the writing — freedom, love, personal growth, the power of the mind and romance. The writing is excellent and the author composes his sentences in a way that forces the reader to keep on reading. The pacing felt slow at the beginning, but increased fairly quickly. Once-Other is a multifaceted character that many readers can connect with. The conflict is built around his relationship with his ex-wife, which could be read in a very symbolic light. Lawrence M. Nysschens paints an interesting setting with great descriptive prose. For anyone who has been through a desert, this book comes with the many lessons that it communicates, and one of the things I loved about the desert in this book is that it isn’t a place of death, but of growth, of self-discovery. This is a story with relevant lessons and a lot of entertainment for readers.
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite Once-Other by Lawrence M. Nysschens is a very interesting and different science fiction story from the ones you might have read before. It is definitely far more creative than the usual science fiction fare and I have to say, the Once-Other actually feels very much on the same level as Star Wars and Star Trek. There is something about the way Lawrence M. Nysschens writes that just clicks with you and you want to keep on reading. Even though science fiction is really not my cup of tea, I was riveted by the characters and the background. The story follows Once-Other, a humanoid very much like humans, but very different. He lives on Here-Born and he has issues just like any regular person would. He lives in a rocky, windy and heat-filled world where just the natural conditions can kill you if you are not careful. He is a soldier and he has a battle to fight. He needs to find that courage within and that ability to fight the unwanted. But his life is complicated and things are not getting better. His ex-wife is making things worse and stopping him from seeing his son. If Once-Other does not get his act together, his people will be enslaved and may even be completely killed off. But is there really something he can do? What else can I say about Once-Other, the novel and the character? I loved Once-Other, the character. He was unafraid when it was needed and he was a little nervous just as any human would be. I loved the fact that he was not scared of taking a chance and he was scared of risking it all. He is how a true hero should be; a daring character who shows clear signs of being human.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Sefina Hawke for Readers' Favorite Once-Other by Lawrence M. Nysschens is a paranormal fantasy/science fiction novel filled with romance, adventure, and humor. This is a book that would appeal most to a mixed audience of young adults and adults who enjoy slower paced science fiction novels that have an elaborate background. Once-Other resides on a planet known as Here-Born and is a Here-Born campaigner during the second war for independence. Once-Other faces daily danger as a Here-Born campaigner from the Earth-Born, who seek to kill or capture those who act against them. The Earth-Born began the war when they sought to invade Here-Born and ignored all of the warnings issued to them. Now with war looming on the horizon, does Once-Other have what it takes to rise above his losses and sacrifices to be the leader and hero his people need him to be? Once-Other by Lawrence M. Nysschens was a very intriguing book that reeled me in chapter by chapter. The start may have been slow, but Nysschens caused me to become emotionally invested in Once-Other; I really sympathized with his hurt and confusion when he discovered Jiplee and could not figure out why she did not call out for help using their ability to communicate from mind to mind. I found the difference in cultures in the two worlds to be interesting in how one values the individual and their freedom while the other no longer does. While the book was a fictional story, I enjoyed the hidden elements of politics and morality that were woven into the story. Overall, I enjoyed the unique nature of the book and I hope that Nysschens decides to write a follow-up.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Once-Other is also the name of the main character, a man of integrity. I liked that the author was able to transport me to that world and interest me in Once-Other's fate. The character became real and beloved. There are two planets, Here-born and Earth-born with similar humanoids but different cultures. One culture values individuality and freedom while the other does not. The author takes through a couple of adventures and slowly unravels how the two cultures developed. I liked their weapon of mass destruction, so simple, yet effective.