Once Upon a Wedding

Once Upon a Wedding

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Say I do…

Eleven best-selling and award-winning authors request your presence as they share all-new novellas that will have you humming the wedding march and dreaming of champagne toasts. It's easy to tie the knot with these heartwarming, second chance love stories.

I Do, Again by Jamie Beck
A makeup artist who is forced to become her bridezilla client's eleventh-hour bridesmaid is dumbstruck to discover her ex-husband is a groomsman and he wants a second chance.

Weather or Knot by Tracy Brogan
Two meteorologists with a turbulent romantic history join a team of storm chasers and discover that love, like lightning, sometimes strikes twice.

The Runaway Bride by Sonali Dev
A groom has one night to convince his runaway bride that her fears that he's settling for her are anything but true.

Starboard Vow by K.M. Jackson
A cruise director is taken off course when the country's hottest bachelor – and her secret husband – arrives aboard her ship for a whirlwind cruise.

A Wedding in Swan Harbor by Donna Kauffman
A widowed blueberry farmer is reunited with her late husband's best friend when he returns to escort her daughter down the aisle.

Snowbound in Vegas by Sally Kilpatrick
A Best Man and Maid of Honor loathe each other…until they're stuck in a cabin meant for a honeymoon.

Star Struck: Take Two by Falguni Kothari
Embroiled in a Bollywood stunt wedding, an A-list manager is torn between doing what is right for her celebrity client or seizing a second chance with the bad boy groom herself.

Always Yours by Priscilla Oliveras
With love in the air at a familia wedding, two high school sweethearts separated by their misguided mistakes just might find their second chance for a happily ever after together.

Home Sweet Home by Hope Ramsay
Family secrets tore them apart as teens but a wedding in Sweet Home, Virginia, may give star-crossed lovers a second chance at forgiveness and love.

Inseparable by Barbara Samuel
Thwarted high school sweethearts meet again in the gorgeous Colorado mountains for a wedding…of their children.

A Morning Glory Wedding by Liz Talley
A florist responsible for the break-up of the bride's first marriage gets a chance for forgiveness and a new love with a hunky pastor.

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Once Upon a Wedding 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Kayreader More than 1 year ago
If you love weddings and second chance stories, then this anthology is absolutely perfect to add to your summer reading list. This anthology revolves around couples that all get a second chance at love. Plus you get to experience eleven different weddings and who doesn’t love a wedding? Sappy vows make me tear up every time. Whether it’s tense situations, the reminder of love lost, family, etc…these couples remember what it means to love. Once Upon A Wedding is a happy read with lots of very good stories packed inside. There is nothing in this book that will leave you disappointed at the end of the day, again, who doesn’t love a wedding? Here is a look at just a couple of the stories: “I Do, Again”- Jamie Beck While Ellie is finishing up the bride’s face on her wedding day, one of the bridesmaid’s turns ill. Even though Ellie is just the makeup artist, the bride offers up a deal that Ellie really can’t refuse and suddenly she is walking down the aisle in a borrowed gown looking at her ex whom is one of the groomsmen. To say Cody never felt he had closure after his divorce is an understatement. What he never felt is that spark for anyone else again since Ellie. Seeing her again walk down the isle lit him up inside and he knew this was a sign, a second chance he wasn’t going to miss out on. I Do, Again is a heartwarming story that was also funny. It is definitely a story that reminds you that love is work and isn’t all just filled with happy moments, but to enjoy each other while you have each other. “Weather or Knot” – Tracy Brogan Allison Winters, a meteorologist, is sent on assignment to tag along with some storm-chasers. Her assignment is not only to catch great footage of the weather, but make sure it is interesting enough to bring up ratings. Allison is ready for the challenge…what she is not ready for is to sit in a truck with her ex for a week. Dylan Parks hasn’t seen Allie for five years. Not since the day she broke his heart and returned her engagement ring. He is good at his job and can be professional, but having her close is like being caught right in the center of a storm. Given this second chance and with perspective on their side, Dylan and Allison wonder what would have happened if things had worked between them five years ago, could they have actually worked given that their professional lives took them in different directions. Can they actually give it shot now that destiny has put them in each others path a second time around? Too often we get caught up in love and emotion and don’t think practically, I enjoyed this story because it did look at both sides. Yes, I LOVE love, but reality does come into play, unfortunately. This was a great story with both action, love, and some real life practicality mixed in. This anthology is filled with eleven all-new novellas that will have you reminiscing over your wedding vows or perhaps dreaming of your own future wedding day. These heartwarming, second chance love stories are fun and easy to pick up for an in-between read this summer.
FaeScot More than 1 year ago
I read Donna Kauffman's story in this Box, A Wedding In Swan Harbor. It was an absolutely joy filled story. Lily Dawson is the Mother of the Bride, Faith. She's a widower for 4 years. Faith contacts her Dad's BFF and her Godfather to walk her down the aisle so she doesn't have to take the trip alone. Sam Fletcher is glad to do it as he adores Faith. He is retiring from Navy intelligence work and coming home to stay, although no one knows that. He loves his hometown even if his Dad didn't love him, he pretty much lived at Dan's farm anyway. He's been away doing his intelligence work all over the world and ready to put down roots. It seems when they were kids Sam rescued nerdy Dan from some bullies and they became fast friends. He noticed Lily in school starting to crush on her when he realized Dan was made for her and introduces them. Now he's home and she's been widowed for years. The old chemistry ignites once again. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book. All thoughts and all opinions are my own.
gdsnv More than 1 year ago
I’ve only read three of the stories but I wanted to post my thoughts so far: Donna Kauffman’s A Wedding in Swan Harbor – If the rest of the stories are as heartfelt, heartwarming, loving, charming…[please feel free to add your own words!] as this one was, it will definitely be a winner anthology! The author tells us that this is a story of second chances but it is so much more, imho. Overall, she really hit the mark with what it feels like to lose a great love and then find a second chance, right before your eyes. I won’t say too much about the actual story; instead, I will talk about my favorite parts. I LOVED Lily Dawson! She is strong, she is capable, she is funny. She is a widow who had the great love of her life, who passed away, and she is now helping her daughter with a wedding. Faith is a terrific character and I loved the relationship, and closeness, between her and her mother. The opening scenes are hilarious – Lily is a bit embarrassed by her daughter’s forthrightness (I guess we can say) – but that endeared them both to me. And I LOVED Sam Fletcher, Lily’s late husband’s best friend and godfather to Faith. He comes back to town to walk the bride down the aisle. Truly touching. He has been a part of Lily’s and Dan’s (Lily’s deceased husband) lives from when they were kids but as an adult he has mostly been away, traveling the world for work. Simplified version but you will read about it. The chemistry burns bright between Sam and Lily but their path is, in their minds, filled with landmines. Oh how I loved their journey! The banter between them sometimes made me laugh out loud but to me, their road to an HEA was honest and true. Yes, let’s say I loved these characters! What a refresh for my reading list. In I Do, Again by Jamie Beck, my heart broke for Ellie and Cody. They married young, experienced the worst heartbreak, and divorced shortly thereafter. They meet again at a wedding and their second story, for lack of a better term, will touch your heart. The characters at the wedding…hooboy! Funny, and yet not, but as long as it helps these two find their way back to each other, it’s all good. In Weather or Knot by Tracy Brogan, Allison and Dylan are meteorologists and storm chasers who were once engaged, and then not. Their struggles are real, and probably experienced by a lot of us, so it felt true. They are funny and sweet, and downright sexy.
ReadsWithGranddaughters More than 1 year ago
I read Home Sweet Home by Hope Ramsay. This second chance love story is between Isabella (Isa) and Collin, who had a relationship in their youth that ended badly. Eighteen years later, both return to Sweet Home, Virginia for a wedding. Collin’s 8-year-old son Liam plays a big part in this novella. Without his mother, he has been lost. Isa helps them through their pain with kindness and her cooking. I enjoyed the progress of how each treated the other and watching them grow closer while wary of any future happiness together. I look forward to reading the other second chance novellas in this anthology.
Terri_C More than 1 year ago
I read A Wedding in Swan Harbor by Donna Kauffman. I loved this second chance romance by Donna Kauffman. The story is based around the wedding of a young couple, but the story is really about the bride's mother and her godfather (the best friend of her deceased father). It was wonderful that the romance was for the older couple. Kauffman's writing style is so smooth that it feels like you are swaying as you glide into the romance. Her dialogue is superb and her characterization is so fantastic that this novella ended up feeling like a full length book. I was given a complimentary copy of this novella. I do, however, have the book preordered. I'm familiar with almost all of the authors and know that my expectations for great romance will be met. All thoughts are my own.
EileenAW More than 1 year ago
I totally loved the stories I’ve read, so far, in the Once Upon a Wedding anthology collection by the Fiction From the Hear authors. These stories are second chances at love for their characters. A Wedding in Swan Harbor by Donna Kauffman has two old friends reunited for a wedding. Blueberry farmer Lily never expected that Sam, her late husband’s best friend, would get time off from his military intelligence position and attend the wedding, let alone a week earlier. Sam left his military position to return to Swan Harbor and just in time to escort his goddaughter down the aisle. Sam and Lily once might have had crushes on each other back before Sam introduced Lily and Dan, his best friend and her late husband. Being back together reunites all those memories and sets in motion an attraction and chemistry that is perfect; especially now that Lily is ready to date again. Ms. Kauffman wrote an amazing story exploring giving two people a second chance for love in their life. I Do, Again by Jamie Beck has Ellie believing that she is cursed and can only protect those she love by keeping them out of her life. Makeup artist Ellie is in the wrong place at the wrong time when her bridezilla client forces her into taking the place of an ill bridesmaid. Imagine her surprise when she discovers her ex-husband is a groomsman. Cody has never stopped loving Ellie nor did he believe in the stupid curse on her life. Bad things happened, that’s just the roll of the dice. Seeing Ellie again gave him the chance to get her back and prove to her, how much they belonged together. This couple definitely deserves a second chance for love, marriage, and family. These were wonderful, sweet, and entertaining stories that are not to be missed. They provided a tale rich with chemistry, amusing banter, and endearing characters a chance at love, happiness, and a future none expected. I highly recommend the Once Upon a Wedding anthology collection to other readers.
tsmb02 More than 1 year ago
This book is a collection of 11 novellas all dealing with weddings. My review is only on the book A Wedding in Swan Harbor by Donna Kauffman. Lily Dawson is excited for her daughter Faith's upcoming wedding but is also feeling melancholy and missing her husband who died four years ago. While Lily and Faith are in the wedding shop looking for a dress for Lily, who shows up but Sam Fletcher, her husband's best friend. Lily had a crush on him when she was young, but then she met Dan and he was the one for her, but now Sam is making her feel things she hasn't felt in years. Lily is not sure that her life as a blueberry farmer would excite the ever adventurous Sam but what she doesn't realize is that he has moved back to Swan Harbor for good. As the wedding preparations are happening, Lily and Sam spend more time together and quickly realize that there may be something special to these feelings that they are both feeling. It will just take a huge leap of faith for these two older adults to find a new chance in love. I really enjoyed this novella. Lily is still young and should find someone to love again and Sam seemed like a perfect choice. These two were so sweet together and I really enjoyed their story.
TarynLee More than 1 year ago
This is a wonderful compilation of romantic reads great for the romantic at heart. You get eleven wonderful shorts that will have your heart racing at times, the tears falling at others, and a smile at the end of each. A favored author among the reads for me was Donna Kauffman's A Wedding in Swan Harbor. Where you will meet a mother who is getting ready for her daughters simple yet elegant wedding in their barn. She is marrying a wonderful young man and all is going well with the preparations. The only thing missing is the young brides father who died several years before, so she asks his best friend, a man who has always treated her like a daughter to step in. You soon see that there are true feelings for the mother of the bride and the fathers best friend. Follow along as the two dance around each other and in the end come together to see just what love has in store for them. With wonderful romances like this throughout the book you won't be able to put it down.
sbart84 More than 1 year ago
One of my favorite troupes, second chance love. Don't we all deserve a second chance is finding our HEA. These stories will leave you with a smile on your face and even a few laugh out moments. The perfect reads for a lazy afternoon. so far I have read: Weather or Knot by Tracy Brogan, two meteorologists reconnect while chasing tornadoes in a whirlwind second chance romance, if Allie can talk Dylan into another chance. I live in Kansas, so I can feel the storms that they are chasing. I Do, Again by Jamie Beck. Ellie a make up artist, at the last minute agrees to stand up in the bride's wedding only to find out that her ex husband, Cody is one of the groomsmen. Cody has never felt closure with the divorce so this is his perfect second chance. This story had me laughing out loud, a must read. Wedding in Swan Harbor by Donna Kauffman, two old friends reunited at a wedding . Sam has returned home to walk his goddaughter down the aisle. Lily and Sam were good friends prior to introducing each other to their spouses. Now both single again, memories start to flow. A heartwarming story that I could not put down. A Morning Glory Wedding by Liz Talley, I was so excited to see Brandy gets HEA. Brandy is the town florist who had an affair with Jess's ex husband and is now the only florist who can do the flowers for Jess and Ryan's wedding. There is a new pastor in town, Geoff who does not know the past of Brandy, but sees her for what she is now. Sparks and forgiveness will soon fly. An enjoyable heartwarming story. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the stories in this anthology. I highly recommend these stories from they very talented authors.
howel2ce More than 1 year ago
Please note this review is only for Donna Kauffman’s A Wedding in Swan Harbor. Lily Dawson is a widowed blueberry farmer who is in the middle of getting ready for her daughter's wedding. Enter Sam Fletcher, her late husband's best friend and daughter's godfather, who has agreed to escort Faith down the aisle (unbeknownst to Lily). Lily has experienced her share of sorrow but through it all has learned to move forward and celebrate life. Sam has spent his adult life in the Navy and it's been several years since he's been home. He's now retired and ready to settle down in Swan Harbor. Lily is scared and hesitant about jumping into a relationship, especially with her late husband's best friend. However, the chemistry between them is undeniable and they take a leap of faith towards happiness. Even though this is a novella, the romance between Lily and Sam doesn't feel rushed. This is an endearing, second chance love story.