One Book for Life Success: Tranform yourself to the next level

One Book for Life Success: Tranform yourself to the next level

by Venu G Somineni

Paperback(New Edition)

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You know there is a reason why only 5 percent of the world population is successful in terms of wealth and prosperity and a very small percentage of those people love what they do today. Life is all about a series of choices and experiences. According to Forbes (Oct'09), there are 274 billionaires out of the top 400 richest people in America, and they are all self made. They literally started from zero and made their fortunes from there. If you look at the world population ratio between the rich and the poor-moderate classes, it has always been 5%:95% for centuries. There are thousands of books written in the areas of personal development, success, career growth, health, motivational, inspiration, wealth management, investment techniques/tools, and finance management. However, no significant change has happened yet and very few could achieve their dreams. There is an absolute gap between the goal setting process and making them into a reality today.

Like the math equation '2 x 2=4', there is a formula for success. This book is a true eye opener for the people who lost track of their lives. A lot of people know the best practices, but unfortunately, very few follow them sincerely.

This book WILL make you realize a lot of things, which include how successful people are made; the best practices to be successful; what it takes to be successful; secrets behind successful people; what it takes for you to be happy; and make you realize your strengths; your passion; your dreams; where you're stuck now; where you're heading; how to manifest your dreams in a short span of time; what is life all about, and following the best practices.

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Publication date: 12/16/2009
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Pages: 202
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