One Day Long

One Day Long

by Mr. John deGroot


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The following endeavor is beginning at eighteen minutes to six o'clock in the P.M., Tuesday the fourth of April, year two thousand, the new moon. This effort of writing is an experimental entry into the musing of my mind in an accurate non-stopping (as endurance allows) mental-portraiture by script. This musing is amusing in concept for me. I am of and with the hope that some remnant of reason will be forth-coming as an inextricable and unhidden consequence of my thought. I entertain this pre-mentioned hope with an absolute honesty of unchanging of anything that may issue from the brain sac of slop that I slap around within my skull that for me seems to be the trigger of conscious thought that some people may construe to be mind-full. There is to be no corrections or changing or editing for the favor of improvement. Just as words can not be retrieved from the mouth; these words that I write now are to sustain as the work.
I have no idea or plan as to how long (duration of time) I can be productive in my ramblings of no-promise other than I will continue for the time being until my exhaustion overtakes me. There is and are bound to be interruptions and leaps in my thinking that will seem to add a degree of wonderment to the writing; I may leave to get a movie tape (for example), I may feed the fish, I may jump around in thought in my mind, and so on. This inherent confusion is, for me, typical of life.
On with the procedure. For the reader to try to follow and predict the bearing of my thought imitated in versification here-in may be difficult for some. Please remember that this is a non-stopping continual marathon of composition and remember that my inevitable fatigue is a factor of improvement of better or worse. My only research is my internal rambling or quest for more to write. Let us see:

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