One God, One People, One Future: Essays In Honor Of N. T. Wright

One God, One People, One Future: Essays In Honor Of N. T. Wright


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Leading scholars from around the world engage with key facets of N. T. Wright's most important work, providing a window onto major debates and developments in New Testament studies in recent decades.

These essays focus on N. T. Wright's contribution to New Testament theology and interpretation over the past four decades. The structure is three-fold, corresponding to the three areas of classic Jewish theology that Wright views as starting points for discerning the shape of New Testament theology: monotheism, election, and eschatology. Working within these broad categories, the contributors critically engage with Wright's work from both biblical and theological perspectives.

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ISBN-13: 9781506448763
Publisher: Augsburg Fortress, Publishers
Publication date: 11/18/2018
Pages: 608
Product dimensions: 6.39(w) x 9.46(h) x 0.00(d)

Table of Contents

List of abbreviations viii

List of contributors xii

Introduction: Celebrating the Rt Revd Professor N. T. Wright John Anthony Dunne Eric Lewellen 1

N. T. Wright and the promise of New Testament theology Michael F. Bird 19

One God

N. T. Wrights theodicy Michael Lloyd 59

The human face of God: God and the Christology of the New Testament James D. G. Dunn 72

The Shema and 1 Corinthians 8.6 again Richard Bauckham 86

The way the One God works: covenant and ethics in 1 Corinthians Grant Macaskill 112

King Solomon, a new Adam and incorporative representative of God's people (1 Kings 3-4): a text that supports N. T. Wright on Paul and the Messiah Crispin Fletcher-Louis 126

Reading Climax of the Covenant with John: return from exile, monotheism and the one people of God in the Fourth Gospel Nicholas Perrin 148

One People

First Corinthians and the marks of God's ekklesia: one, holy, catholic and apostolic Michael J. Gorman 167

Grace, race and the people of God David G. Horrell 191

Saints re-formed: the extension and expansion of hagios in Paul Scot McKnight 211

The healing of the blind and the lame in the Temple: David, 'Canaanites' and the reconstitution of Israel in Matthew 21.14 Grant LeMarquand 232

Tom (aka N. T.) Wright on Galatians Peter Oakes 256

The source of the problem: source arguments and the role of women in the world and in the Church Ben Witherington III 266

Sex, Scripture and improvisation Brian J. Walsh 287

Paul and obedience Andrew J. Goddard 316

Neither sober nor of sound mind: Timothy's spirit of sophronismos Oliver O'Donovan 346

Paul, poverty and the powers: the eschatological body of Christ in the present evil age Bruce W. Longenecker 363

Walking with the oppressed: lament and new-creational hope Sylvia C. Keesmaat 388

One Future

Reclaiming all Paul's Rs: apostolic atonement by way of some Eastern Fathers Edith M. Humphrey 421

N. T. Wright and justification revisited: a contrarian perspective J. Andrew Cowan 440

Newness of life: gospel, Church and the common good in Romans 12-13 S. A. Cummins 466

Narrative cross, apocalyptic resurrection: Ephesians and reading Paul Carey C. Newman 493

Apocalyptic and the history of God: possibilities from Mark's epistemological inclusio J. R Davies 513

'One day as a thousand years': Psalm 90, humility and the certainty of eschatological judgement in 2 Peter 3.8 Scott J. Hafemann 529

Hope for what we do not yet see: the salvation of all Israel in Romans 11.25-27 Richard B. Hays 545

'Beloved for the sake of their ancestors' (Romans 11.28b): God's covenant love in Romans and some Old Testament backgrounds Stephen I. Wright 573

Index of ancient sources 591

Index of modern authors 611

Index of subjects 619

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