One Hot Summer

One Hot Summer

by Melissa Cutler
4.5 16

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One Hot Summer by Melissa Cutler

Welcome to Dulcet, Texas, home of the legendary Briscoe Ranch Resort, where one woman will discover that even love is bigger in the Lone Star State.

Celebrity wedding planner Remedy Lane is Hollywood royalty—until a scandal sends her packing to the wilds of Texas. She has a knack for leaving disaster in her wake, but she’s determined to reboot her career at Briscoe Ranch, a luxury resort known for extravagant weddings. Little does she know that weddings don’t happen at the resort without the approval of the town’s cowboy-swaggering, too-hot-for-his-own-good fire chief, Micah Garrity.


Micah knows trouble when he sees it, and all it takes is one glimpse of Remedy’s princess airs for him to know he’s met his match. Too bad he can’t stop thinking about her—even when she brings about one disaster after another at the resort. He and Remedy clash at every turn, but they can’t stop the sparks flying between them. They come from such different worlds—does love stand a chance or will this fire burn too hot for either of them to handle?

Don't miss the first book in Melissa Cutler's One and Only Texas series!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781250071866
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 04/05/2016
Series: One and Only Texas Series , #1
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 283,730
Product dimensions: 4.11(w) x 6.85(h) x 1.03(d)

About the Author

Melissa Cutler is the author of The Mistletoe Effect and knows she has the best job in the world writing sexy contemporary romances and romantic suspense. She was struck at an early age for an unrelenting travel bug and is probably planning her next vacation as you read this. When she's not globetrotting, she's enjoying Southern California's flip-flop wearing weather and wrangling two rambunctious kids.

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One Hot Summer: A One and Only Texas Novel 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was a good one in the series. Remedy was a walking disaster. You felt pretty sorry for her most of the time. Seems like everyone in her life wants to use her for one thing or another. Micah needs a good hard shake where she's concerned!
Buecherwurm161 More than 1 year ago
What a Fun Read. I was a First Read Winner of this book and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I loved the characters and the plot line and it held my attention until the last page. It was infused with plenty of humor and some steamy romance and I was sad when the book ended because I was not ready to say good bye to Remedy and Micah just yet. Melissa Cutler has found a new fan in me.
BookSnuggle More than 1 year ago
"One Hot Summer" by Melissa Cutler is book one in the "One and Only Texas" series. This is a romantic comedy set in a small Texas town. This is Remedy Lane and Micah Garrity's story. The remedy was a celebrity wedding planner in California until a recent scandal. She is now in a small town in Dulcet, Texas working as an executive wedding planner at the Briscoe Ranch Resort. She hopes to rebuild her reputation, then go back to California. Micah is a hot looking country Texas cowboy and does not like the rich. Everyone loves Micah, Fire Chief of Dulcet, who takes his job very seriously. Well, everyone loves him, but the owner of the Briscoe Ranch Resort. They have an ongoing reputation for being a thorn in each other's side. Micah and Remedy do not hit it off at first. The attraction and chemistry between them is undeniable. There is a lot going on in this story. From the crazy things that happen in the Briscoe Ranch Resort, Micah's obsession with everyone following the fire codes, steamy romance, family relationships, and Granny June this book will keep you entertained. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley/St. Martin's Press for an honest review. FYI, contains mature content.
gromine49 More than 1 year ago
This book from the beginning made me laugh. From the start, with Remedy and the elephant and then her introduction to Micah, the first chief, it was one laugh after another. The romance part was very touching and sweet. Loved it!
Under_The_Covers_BookBlog More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Angela and posted at Under The Covers Book Blog I was so excited when I found out Ms. Cutler was coming out with another small-town contemporary read. I’ve really missed her writing in this genre. I was even more excited that this was in the same world as The Mistletoe Effect which was released late of 2014. Just like it’s prequel, Ms. Cutler made One Hot Summer a sweet and sexy read. Remedy Lane is the daughter of two famous celebrities and has been living the Hollywood lifestyle working as a wedding planner. After a bad scandal giving her a bad reputation in her field of work, Remedy took the job at The Briscoe Ranch Resort, which was called The Texas Hill Country Resort. For now, she is trying to lay low and when the time comes and she has proven herself, she will return with her head held high. The problem is, she didn’t take account to falling in love with the quaint little town, the friends she’s made, and the Fire Chief who was determined to keep her job a living hell with his regulations. Micah Garrity, the one, and only Fire Chief has taken on the responsibility to go above and beyond his duty to ensure this small town’s safety in his hands. And keeping The Briscoe Ranch follow protocols is at a high priority. You can say he’s a straight shooter when it comes to regulations but now that The Ranch has a new Event Coordinator, he will have a hell of a time keeping her on track. I love Remedy. I thought she was “real” despite her rich upbringing and coming to Briscoe just made her even more of a better person. Micah, on the other hand, was the only person that is keeping things interesting and keeping her from bolting out of this small town. Who can blame her, he is the town’s most eligible Fire Chief after all. Everyone respected him and the women swoon at this presence. Micah and Remedy made me laugh. Their annoyance to friends to lovers relationship was very sweet. The romance was simple and never over the top. It was a very mature relationship though there was a tiny bit of angst at the end but not enough to keep you from enjoying the book to the fullest. There was good humor, it was sexy, and it was plenty sweet. I’m happy Ms. Cutler decided to continue with this series. I’m excited about the next installment, One More Taste which will be about the feisty chef, Emily.
Anlenhart1 More than 1 year ago
One Hot Summer is a cute romance set in a small town outside of San Antonio, Texas. Remedy Lane, the the daughter of two famous actors, travels to Briscoe Ranch to work as an Event Planner to escape Hollywood. Micah Garrity is the town's fire chief and safety inspector, and he is the first person to let Remedy know when she violates any regulations. They are fierce adversaries, who fiery chemistry leads to entertaining dates. Their new relationship is tested by a series of fires, a visit for her parents, and planning a wedding for a friend who is marrying a friend of her fathers. Will Remedy decide to make a future in Texas or return to her old life in Hollywood? I liked this book because both characters were strong and brought out the best in each other. I liked the setting and felt the protagonists were just the right amount of snob.. I plan to follow the series and would recommend this book to fans of small town and southern romances. I was given a free copy for an honest review.
stanhope3234 More than 1 year ago
I loved everything about this book. I laughed from start to finish and I also cried. Remedy Lane is hilarious and witty and a menus in a golf cart. Micah Garrity "Alpha Bubba" is the town hero and the Fire Cheif/Fire Marshal. He takes his job to heart and will protect the folks of Ravel County Texas until his last breath. Remedy and Micah's chemistry is off the charts and they but heads every time they are in the same room. They just can't seem to stay away from each other. I loved the first book and I can't wait for the next one. *A Book Obsessed Chicks Review Team Selection
Jackie_F More than 1 year ago
I have been a long time fan of Melissa Culter. I love all of her books and I was looking forward to reading this one very much!! I enjoyed reading The Mistletoe Effect, where readers are introduced to Texas Hill Country and the Briscoe Ranch Resort. In this story Remedy Lane is the new wedding planner. She has come to Briscoe Ranch from L.A. where she had trouble. She wants to start a new life and work on rebooting her career in Texas. Micah Garrity is the Fire Chief and Fire Marshall of the County. He is responsible to approve every event at the Resort before it happens. Remedy and Micah have instant chemistry from the first time they meet. Knowing that they really shouldn't be together, they decide to try to keep work and personal life separate. I loved this story. It was very nice to see the characters from The Mistletoe Effect in this story. Granny June is an awesome character. She makes you laugh with all of her Facebook "selfies". It was also nice to learn more about the other characters at the Resort. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series!!!! A Book Obsessed Chicks Review Team Selection
blonde_betty More than 1 year ago
Melissa Cutler does cowboys like no other writer. I loved her romantic suspense stuff, but it is with cowboys that she really shines. One Hot Summer takes us back to the Briscoe Ranch, home of the Mistletoe Effect. At its heart, this book is about finding your own way. We are all aliens at one point or another, the key is figuring out how to fit into your surroundings while still finding a way to shine. Remedy does that and more as the new wedding planner. Her klutzy tendencies bring chaos to Micah’s structured world. Together they bring out the best in each other and those around them. There were moments I laughed out loud – the opening scene with the elephant is one of the best I’ve read in a very long time. This book definitely makes my keeper shelf. Fall is too long to wait for the next installment. Copy received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
S_Leca More than 1 year ago
Trust fund wedding planner meets anti-money firefighter. Remedy has just survived a major scandal in Hollywood so in order to help rebuild her career she relocates to a "quaint" town in Texas, now as the head wedding designer of a hotel she has everything she was hoping for. That is until she meets Micah, the fire safety stickler of her new town, and the firefighter who holds a major grudge against the hotel owners. Micah just wants to continue his life as a firefighter, receiving goodies from his secret admirer. But when he first meets Remedy life gets set on fire (more than once). Micah has a savior complex in which he is always there to help bail others out, and Remedy, well, she is her very own brand of klutz, they are either a match made in heaven or the worse thing to ever happen to this town. I absolutely loved the writing style as well as the characters. You were able to see the changes as they occurred which really made this book a spectacular read. P.S there is sex scenes in this book but they are not excessive or disgusting in their detail. This was an artfully written book that you won't want to miss out on. ~ A book obsessed chicks review team selection
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
In One Hot Summer, Melissa Cutler has managed to bring two people running from their past together, to find a future and love worth fighting for. Remedy Lane is the child of two Hollywood powerhouse celebrities. She’s accustomed to staying in the background, and being a wedding planner allows her to do that. Unfortunately, her last Hollywood celebrity wedding didn’t go so well and now the press and Hollywood itself have turned on her. Wanting to reestablish herself and return to Hollywood better than ever, she takes the event planner management position at Briscoe Ranch Resort which is well-known for being a wedding destination in the small Texas town of Dulcet. Unfortunately, Remedy sticks out like a sore thumb. Micah Garrity is the Fire Marshal and Fire Chief of Ravel County. He takes his job very seriously and is a stickler for the rules. He has a strict no fraternizing with Briscoe Ranch executives policy and this also goes for the other members of the fire department as well. He has a hero complex the size of Texas, but he also love his family, friends, and the town like crazy. What he doesn’t love are rich, self-entitled, snobby people. The love affair of Remedy and Micah was definitely not one of love at first sight. I immediately loved the “Alpha Bubba” that was Micah. He has his reasons for sticking to the rules, knowing rules are what keep people safe. It took me awhile to like Remedy. She’s a klutz and that’s what kept me reading the book although I viewed her as being arrogant, ungrateful, antagonizing, and just plain rude. In the end, I found her to be a sassy and smart woman with a good heart. One Hot Summer was a story I had trouble getting into at first. But in the end, this is a story with surprises. It’s hilarious with runaway elephants, stalking pigeons, and a shotgun carrying Granny. But it’s also a story of friendship, family, love, loss, and redemption. I strongly recommend having tissue handy close to the end of the book. **Received a copy from St. Martin’s Press in exchange for an honest unbiased review.**
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
After a scandal all but chases celebrity wedding planner Remedy Lane out of Hollywood, and her career takes a big hit, she's left with no other choice then to run, and find a safe place to hideout and lick her wounds. When she learns the Briscoe Ranch Resort in Dulcet, Texas is looking for an events coordinator she thinks this might just be the perfect place for her to restart her career, and rebuild her reputation, and if things go according to her plan she is certain Hollywood will be begging her to return in no time. She is settling into her new job nicely, until she realizes that every event she holds at the resort must be approved by the towns fire marshal Micah Garrity. The mere idea that she needs to seek his approval is down right irritating, especially since he is determined to fight her every step of the way, and it leaves her wondering how can someone so damn good looking be so frustrating! The minute Micah Garrity lays eyes on Briscoe Ranch's newest employee Remedy Lane he knows she is nothing but trouble, and her high society ways have no place in his little town. With each event she plans, a new disaster arises, and he can't help but step in and save her beautiful butt! He never thought someone like her would catch his eye, but the more time he spends with her the more attractive she becomes, and the harder it is for him to resist her. Now he just has to convince her he's worth sticking around for... This story captured my attention right from the start and had me flying right through the pages, with a dire need to know more, which inevitability had me staying up well past my bedtime just to get my fix! This was my introduction to Ms. Cutler's work, and I have to say that it left a very memorable first impression, so much so, that I plan to revisit the series as new books are released. It was refreshing to read a story where the heroine could hold her own against a tough alpha male, and I was impressed to see that she had what it took to keep him on his toes the whole way through. The heated banter between them was not only entertaining, but also help to create some very spicy encounters that had me want to reach for a fan! Highly recommend you give this one a try, Ms. Cutler's eccentric characters, and inventive story line are sure to win you over and provide you with one very sexy literary escape!! ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by St. Martin's Press in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.
DaneWeimMama More than 1 year ago
Wow! Just wow! This book started off great with a run away elephant that only comes when called with swear words & just gets better & better. I loved Remedy & Micah- the author wrote them with such life that you just feel you know them. And the town of Dulcet Texas is someplace I wouldn't mind calling home. And let me tell you..... you'll never look & strawberries & champagne the same again..... SEXY! This was the first full length novel in the One & Only Texas series (there is a prequel) and I can't wait for the next book. ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book which is the beginning to what should be a fun new series. Set in small town Texas, there is a cast of characters that were hilarious with history that can only be found in small towns. Remedy Lane is new to Dulcet having fled Hollywood after a wedding scandal implodes her event planning career. She is working at the famous Briscoe Ranch as the wedding planner. She's funny, determined, and just a bit scary in a golf cart. When the Ranch's anything goes philosophy has her butting heads with the town fire cheif, Micah "Alpha Bubba" Garrity, she knows this job will be nothing but trouble. Micah knows the new wedding planner is all kinds of wrong for him but he can't seem to get her out of his head. They fight over everything and he has to deal with one disaster after another because of her. Yet the sparks are still flying. Will he come out of this without being burned??? This is such a fun story and I can't wait for the next one. I highly recommend this book for everyone.
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
First book I have read written by Melissa Cutler – it won’t be my last! Remedy Lane and Micah Garrity are combustible from their first meeting – chemistry, sparks and soon a conflagration even though they are supposed to be so wrong for one another. Their preconceptions and prejudices about what “that sort of person” is supposed to be like are blown to smithereens as they get to know one another better. Remedy is intelligent, quirky, strong willed, and knows what she likes. She has had an interesting childhood that has made her more than what others assume she may be. She is a bit of a klutz and seems to bring disasters to the fore wherever she goes. Micah is a man who would be wearing a cape and hero costume if his inner self were expressed externally. He is a man who wants to save family, friends, community and anyone in danger. As the man in charge of fire safety and putting out fires in Dulcet, Texas he has ample opportunity to do some saving. The interaction between Remedy and Micah was wonderful! They were honest, didn’t play games, tried to please one another, were open and for the most part honest – I liked them together and on their own. They were completely developed characters that I would want to have as friends. Micah was the perfect book boyfriend – except when his temper took hold and would not let go before he said stupid things. He did apologize afterwards, though. I loved the Characters in the book and look forward to many more stories in this series! Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for the copy of this book to read and review. 4.5 Stars
bouncyberthaCR More than 1 year ago
4.5 - "I set the fires and you put them out." Stars! The first book in Melissa Cutlers’ One and Only Texas series delivers a sweet, sexy read, that also sets up the town and people of Dulcet, Texas really well. I think the first thing that stands out about One Hot Sumner is the scope that the author has in relation to expansion on the series, bearing in mind that you have the townsfolk of Dulcet in the equation for one, you also have the staff and Members of the Briscoe Ranch Resort in the mix too. This is a series with the potential to run and run, and Melissa is certainly an author that knows how to build and develop a series with great skill. "You’re not my first fire marshal." Remedy Lane is your typical city girl out of water, I loved her innate clumsiness, if there is an opportunity to trip, slip, drive into or fall over an object she pretty much manages to do it. Add in an errant elephant, and a flock of homing pigeons who are not actually sure where their home is, and her first few weeks on the job as the resorts events co-ordinator are more than a little eventful. "We can’t breathe in each other’s airspace without ticking each other off." Remedy’s initial relationship with Local County Fire Chief Micah Garrity, is certainly not all warm and fuzzy, but the author did a really great job of building the attraction and sexual tension between them as well as the chemistry as their working ‘frenemy’ relationship developed. I absolutely loved that he always seemed to be on hand whenever she had one of her little klutzy disasters. Big city girl, and small town fireman are soon doing more than just burning up the sheets, and I loved this relationship, opposites really do attract in this one. "My bed or yours." We have a slight blip in the story-line with the inclusion of Remedy’s abhorrent family and friends in the latter stages of the book, this is a group of people that could have become very annoying very quickly for me, luckily Remedy didn’t take too much of their own particular brand of snobbery and small-mindedness before she kicked them into touch, and I liked that Melissa didn’t drag this aspect of the plot out, as it really would have ruined the vibe of the story for me. "Loving you is really turning out to be a wild ride." A great start, with lots of interesting new character introductions, to what promises to be a really entertaining series. One More Taste is the next book due, and I am interested to see what sort of story the author gives Emily Ford, as Briscoe Ranch Resort’s Executive chef, getting involved with the bosses errant son, may cause more than a few burnt fingers. ARC generously provided via Netgalley, and it was my pleasure to provide the above honest review.