One in Christ, But Scattered

One in Christ, But Scattered

by David A. DePra


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In this day and age, as God continues to reveal His Son in His people, many have found that they are no longer able to continue with their church. They want fellowship with other believers -- but cannot walk in the error of those other believers. They have searched, visited churches, and prayed that God would lead them to a healthy church. But regardless, many find themselves alone. Some feel as if this means they are out of God's will. Some are even condemned by others for not, "being in church."
As is so often the case with many of these perplexities encountered in the Christian walk, the Word of God addresses this possibility. We are told in the Bible that it is possible - within the will of God - that a believer be isolated and alone. We are encouraged that God can nevertheless use all of His people for His great purpose.
This booklet is not a comprehensive study of the Body of Christ, or even of this limited subject. But it is hoped that it will serve to point the readers to Jesus Christ and put to rest many of the worries and fears that believers have with regards to fellowship and God's purpose in their lives.
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