One Jesus, One Way

One Jesus, One Way

by The Proving Jesus Group


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God could have created more than one Son, but why create multiple Sons if Jesus had passed the test to prove that he is the Son of God. Our Heavenly Father, not creating a Son would mean he created the earth for himself, and why would he? Without a Son, all that he created such as man and the earth would have been a waste. Obviously this is a project of God, one that is in progress until the entire children of God abode with him. Such a life is possible only because God sent his Son to the earth. Realize we cannot test our Heavenly Father. Therefore, if he was in our sight it would mean eternal life or death. Jesus is the author of salvation, only he can prepare us for eternal life and that imparts is due to his accomplishments. Preparation is the way of the Lord.

Never have I sought to compete in the field of Christianity because salvation is more to life than is money. Knowing eternal salvation is not a privilege then how to achieve it is the reason "One Jesus, One Way" should be of importance to the majority who reads it. For starters believers are led in the spirit because of our failure in managing the representative house of the Lord. God’s plan has not been change even after the first sin committed by man. However, he has separated the spiritual world from that of the carnal world.

"One Jesus, One Way" goes from switching leaders to the image of the Son of God. We then learn the protocol for Jesus's church. The Holy Bible is reference to prove my word true. I believe God created us to build a world that follows his protocol but sin has interrupted his plan. It is hard to imagine a world without sin because of the world we live in but it does exist. We live in a world wanting to separate from God desire. Since I cannot change the world, I work diligently to understand the Word of God because my heart desire is the Lord's. Anyone curious of my heart desire should read my book. It is worth our time if we familiarize ourselves with the Word of God because of the happenings in the present world. God has turned a void world into something meaningful but currently we seem to be heading back to the state of the world when it was void.

The manuscript of “One Jesus, One Way” is part of a news feed for the children of God. It demonstrates a true leader, the sacrifices to hold such a position and the characteristics of a congregation that is devoted to a true leader. Both the leader and congregation are expected to reach a goal because of their dedication to each other; a lesson we ought to learn and overcome our failure in leading.

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