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One Last Dance (Oak Grove Series Book 2)

One Last Dance (Oak Grove Series Book 2)

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by Nancy Stopper
A sophisticated city girl, a small town guy. Will their differences drive them apart or will they discover that home is where the heart is?

When the only girl Joey Bennett ever loved stole his heart and sped off to the city lights, he swore he'd never again surrender his heart or be measured by someone's big city ideals. Love is for chumps. Trust is only


A sophisticated city girl, a small town guy. Will their differences drive them apart or will they discover that home is where the heart is?

When the only girl Joey Bennett ever loved stole his heart and sped off to the city lights, he swore he'd never again surrender his heart or be measured by someone's big city ideals. Love is for chumps. Trust is only given to family and locals who care about him for who he is, and what he isn't. But when a beautiful stranger dances into his bar, he takes up the challenge to prove that his hometown is different.

Brittany Carlson hates small towns after growing up where the old boy's network turned a blind eye to her father's abuse, destroying her mother's life... and her own. She left that hell in the rear-view mirror the minute she turned eighteen. New York City is her new hometown where her neighbors are friends and everyone looks out for each other. They keep her safe. But a weekend visit to Oak Grove and one dance with a sexy local threatens to change... everything.

Joey is not like any guy she's ever met. And she likes that. Long nights stoke Joey and Brittany's desire to stay together, but reality is different when exposed to the harsh light of day. If Brittany goes back to New York, she'll be heartbroken. But she promised herself long ago that she wouldn't ever again live her life looking over her shoulder, wondering what secrets people are hiding and what ugliness lurks in the shadows with no one there to help.

Can she take the small town out of Joey, or can the love of a good man become her new home?

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Meet the Author

Nancy Stopper is an award-winning debut author. She writes contemporary romance with strong women and sexy heroes that tug at your emotional heartstrings and leave you with a warm feeling that lingers long after the last page. Her favorite escape is small-town romance and even when set in a larger location, her books have that small-town feel.

Her first novel, One Last Risk, was a category finalist and winner in chapter-level RWA contests.

Dreams Come True in Laguna, Nancy's first novella, was published in the Laguna Beach Kindle World in 2016. One Last Risk, her first novel-length contemporary romance was published in April, 2017.

Nancy lives in Virginia with her husband, two of her three kids that are still at home, and one cat who regards her with disdain daily. When she's not behind her laptop, you can find her at a ballfield, cheering on her favorite team (Washington Nationals) or her favorite player (her son, who pitches for his local high school), or at a dance performance with her daughter.

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One Last Dance (Oak Grove Series Book 2) 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
BooksAndSpoons 4 months ago
A heartfelt and delightful story about finding your destiny, finding your place in the world, about love and living, friends and family, life in the small town where people genuinely care for each other and look out for each other. I am loving the Bennett family, the tight-knit solidarity they have, the unit the brothers form to protect their family and loved ones when needed. The stories do entwine yet they are easily read as stand alone books. The ongoing problems their sister Rachel is having in her relationship gets more insights in One Last Dance, and the abuse she faces might be a trigger to some. The tragic, terrifying situation Rachel lives with is painted with realistic and vivid, heartbreaking images, I have to say I am anxiously looking forward to her story coming up next month. But One Last Dance is about Joey Bennett and Brittany Carlson. Joye, the former happy go lucky from fling to fling guy is looking at the happiness his brother has found and is longing for something more to his life as well. His business is going well, he volunteers his time to a great cause, and his dedication to help veterans and raise awareness of their needs is admirable. Joye is easy to like, he has charm, wit, and charisma. His protectiveness towards his sister is fierce, and eventually, his temper gets him in trouble. He had his heart broken once by a girl longing for the city lights, yet he is learning that some risks are worth to take to find your place in life. Brittany has thick walls around her, to protect her secrets and hold herself together, to keep going. She has a temper to match Joye's, but her heart is golden, her desire to serve and help others is genuine, and her feelings towards Joye are unavoidable. The abused girl in her sees the reality Rachel is living in, by looking in her eyes. With Brittany's help, the situation with Rachel starts finally unravel as the family finds more about her life. There is a lot going on in the story, with the family, and with Joye and Brittany. The connection between them is adorable and passionate. They are so perfect together, perfect for each other, despite the seemingly opposite lifestyles. I loved how they supported each other, how well they fit with each other and their interests in life. They do things together that they both enjoy and that brings them even closer together. The development of their characters, the healing and the growing they absorb through their journey is remarkable. Even though the events in the book all happen within a short time period, a lot of living and learning is done during those days. The feelings, the emotions, the relationship developing between Joye and Brittany is believable, solid, sweet, and taking deep roots. I'm really liking this series and the range of emotions and life the stories hold. One Last Dance is a great addition to the saga of the Bennett family and left me excitedly waiting for the next installment. ~ Four Spoons with a teaspoon on the side
EllenH 5 months ago
I LOVED this book! I loved Joey and Brittany, their connection, their chemistry. This was such a great book! Cannot wait for the next one.
anapjm02 5 months ago
I am loving this series! Nancy Stopper is on a roll! Britanny, "the city girl", and Joey, "the small city bar owner" are a super cute couple and their story is so engaging. Britanny's backstory is so important and looking forward to the next book that will unfold it by telling Rachel's own story on this matter. In addition, Joey is a sweet character homaging veterans that are an important and essential part of our society to keep democracy and freedom. This is a standalone but I truly recommend the Oak Grove series as a whole.
EileenAW 5 months ago
I loved One Last Dance by Marilyn Stopper, the second book in her Oak Grove series. In this story we get to know Joey, brother to Lucas and owner of JJ’s, and Brittany, an aspiring architect from New York City visiting Oak Grove with her friend Karen. Joey no longer believes in love after getting his heart broken by his high school sweetheart. Trust is a major issue for him. Brittany left small town living when she was eighteen to get away from her abusive father and never planned to live in one again. She also lacks trust in men after her treatment by her father. Brittany is the first woman to interest Joey since his ex left him, so Joey works hard to not only convince Brittany on the wonders of his city. Joey’s sister Rachel makes an appearance and Ms. Stopper gives us a peek of the abusive relationship she is in. Since no one ever helped Brittany, she tries to help Rachel. Both Joey and Brittany need to figure out if they are capable of trusting each other. I really enjoyed reading this book and had trouble putting this book down. This was a sexy, fun, and entertaining story with very likeable and authentic characters. I loved the fact Ms. Stopper honored those who served our country in this story; from Honor Beer to the housing for those injured during the war. I highly recommend this book to other readers and am looking forward to the next entry in this series which is supposed to feature Rachel. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
Cowgirl2Fireman 5 months ago
One Last Dance is a sweet, entertaining and delightful love story. The story is an inspiring story full of romance, passion and emotion. Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people but the trials and pains can create a stronger person within. With a man that is not willing to give up while going all out to show you what you can have, what hope does Brittany have? Joey is every women’s dream. He is passionate, emotional and would do anything for you. The characters are entertaining and well developed. The story line is fresh and moves along at a good pace. This is a sweet and delightful story that will captivate you and keep your attention from the beginning to the end. This story hooked me from the very start and I could not put it down. So many emotions put together in one book that causes an emotional overload. You will finish this book with faith and hope in love no matter what pain and loss you might have experienced in the past. There is someone special out there for every person despite your quirks while being your comfort and holding your heart. This is the second book I have read by Nancy Stopper and will definitely not be my last. The Oak Grove series has been a great series to read. Nancy Stopper does a great job on each aspect in her books. She really seems to do a great job at the research behind it to give the book a realistic feel that keeps you connected to the characters. I recommend this book (and the series) to anyone that enjoys sweet and passionate romance stories.
Naty 5 months ago
Oak Grove is a perfect place to live and their people are wonderful, but Brittany, visiting for the weekend with a friend, just is not into small towns, that what she repeats herself when she mets Joey Bennet, but the attraction seems just to strong to pull away. She is running from her past and Joey lost once his heart to her sweetheart from high school when she left to live in the big city. Can they put aside their demons and be together? A very beautiful story about love, friendship, and family
Lashea677 5 months ago
One Last Dance is not always sweet. Sometimes it's heartbreaking, others inspiring, but with Ms. Stopper emotion is as central to the journey as the main characters. Brittany's journey is to rise above an abusive childhood and learn to feel safe again. Joey seeks to mend his broken heart as he learns to trust again. Bad things, sometimes happen to good people. Only through the trials can we learn how strong we really are. Wise advice, great characters and an emotionally fulfilling story dominate the pages of One Last Dance.