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One Last Lunch: A Final Meal with Those Who Meant So Much to Us

One Last Lunch: A Final Meal with Those Who Meant So Much to Us

by Erica Heller (Editor)


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In this heartwarming collection edited by Joseph Heller's daughter, dozens of contributors imagine one last lunch with someone they cherished

A few years ago, Erica Heller realized how universal the longing is for one more moment with a lost loved one. It could be a parent, a sibling, a mentor, or a friend, but who wouldn’t love the opportunity to sit down, break bread, and just talk? Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to ask those unasked questions, or share those unvoiced feelings?

In One Last Lunch, Heller, an acclaimed memoirist herself, has asked friends and family of authors, artists, musicians, comedians, actors, and others, to recount one such fantastic repast. Muffie Meyer and her documentary subject Little Edie Beale go to a deli in Montreal. Kirk Douglas asks his father what he thought of him becoming an actor. Sara Moulton dines with her friend Julia Child. The Anglican priest George Pitcher has lunch with Jesus. These richly imagined stories are endlessly revealing, about the subject, the writer, the passage of time, regret, gratitude, and the power of enduring love.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781419735325
Publisher: Abrams Press
Publication date: 05/12/2020
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 1,141,684
Product dimensions: 5.70(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Erica Heller is the author of the memoir Yossarian Slept Here; a novel, Splinters; and 300 Ways to Say No to a Man, a humor book illustrated by Seymour Chwast. She has contributed to the New York Observer, Huffington Post, and other publications.

Table of Contents

Introduction vii

1 Erica Heller and Joseph Heller 1

2 Clarence Major and James Baldwin 4

3 Brook Ashley and Tallulah Bankhead 13

4 Al Díaz and Jean-Michel Basquiat 26

5 Muffie Meyer and Little Edie Beale 32

6 Daniel Bellow and Saul Bellow 39

7 Carinthia West and David Bowie 49

8 Aviva Layton and William Burroughs 56

9 Benjamin Cheever and John Cheever 60

10 Sara Moulton and Julia Child 71

11 The Rev. George Pitcher and Jesus Christ 79

12 David Layton and Leonard Cohen 86

13 Kirk Douglas and Herschel "Harry" Danielovitch 91

14 Jesse Kornbluth and Nora Ephron 94

15 Elwood H. Smith and Nancy Boyer Feindt 99

16 David Breithaupt and Allen Ginsberg 107

17 Phyllis Raphael and Max Glezos-Chartoff 111

18 Stephanie Pierson and Marcella Hazan 116

19 Margaret Heilbrun and Carolyn Heilbrun and her pseudonym, Amanda Cross 124

20 Joe Lewis and Jimi Hendrix 131

21 Hussein Ibish and Christopher Kitchens 137

22 Allegra Huston and Enrica "Ricki" Soma 151

23 Lee Clow and Steve Jobs 157

24 Kaylie Jones and James Jones 162

25 RF Jurjevics and Juris Jurjevics 176

26 Nancy Evans and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis 184

27 Hilma Wolitzer and Maxine Kumin 190

28 Cathy Ladman and Leo Ladman 192

29 Caroline Leavitt and Henry Leavitt 200

30 Elizabeth Mailer and Norman Mailer 208

31 Merrill Markoe and Ronny Markoe 215

32 Bob Balaban and Groucho Marx 226

33 Malachy McCourt and Frank McCourt 231

34 Rick Moody and Meredith Moody 237

35 Dahlia Lithwick and Paul Newman 245

36 Kate O'Toole and Peter O'Toole 251

37 Taja Sevelle and Prince 259

38 Rain Pryor and Richard Pryor 267

39 Christopher Rauschenberg and Robert Rauschenberg 270

40 Robert Chalmers and Lou Reed 274

41 Adrien G. Lesser and Oliver Sacks 286

42 Anne Serling and Rod Serling 290

43 Dan Allentuck and Maureen Stapleton 296

44 Tracy Tynan and Kenneth Tynan 302

45 Mark Vonnegut and Kurt Vonnegut 311

46 Richard Bausch and Eudora Welty 313

47 Cameron West and Robin Williams 316

48 James Grissom and Tennessee Williams 325

49 Richard Lewis and Jonathan Winters 329

50 Erica Heller and Joseph Heller 334

Acknowledgments 342

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