One Man's Family

One Man's Family

by Brenda Harlen

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When Children's Connection nurse Alicia Juarez came to private investigator Scott Logan's door, she was desperate: Her brother was in jail for a crime she was convinced he didn't commit, and his two kids were left in her care.

Though he swore he wasn't much of a family man, something in the passion of the lovely woman begging him to help her got to Scott. And soon Alicia and the children became his priority in a way he never thought possible. He'd vowed never to get involved with a client. But his growing feelings for Alicia had him contemplating taking an altogether different kind of vow….

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ISBN-13: 9781426801228
Publisher: Silhouette
Publication date: 05/01/2007
Series: Logan's Legacy Revisited , #1827
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 740,087
File size: 187 KB

About the Author

Brenda Harlen is a multi-award winning author for Harlequin Special Edition who has written over 25 books for the company.

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Scott Logan had things on his mind and a crick in his neck, both courtesy of having spent the better part of three days hunkered down in the front seat of an aging Ford Escort on an insurance fraud investigation. Despite the mental preoccupation and physical discomfort, he felt good about the successful completion of another as- signment and satisfied that he'd done his job well.

His former colleagues couldn't understand why he'd walked away from the police force for this kind of work, and Scott didn't know how to explain that the job that had once meant everything to him had meant nothing after Freddie was killed.

His family, who had never comprehended his want- ing to be a cop in the first place, understood his new job even less. Not that they criticized his choices so much as they were clearly baffled by them. In a family com- prised of mostly white-collar professionals, Scott had always been the odd man out.

You can do anything you want to do was Lawrence Logan's favorite mantra, and one which he repeated at every opportunity to each of his four sons. It was the kind of positive and nurturing approach he'd advocated in the self-help books that had brought him so much fame and fortune. His encouragement and support were genuine, his pride in his sons'accomplishments sincere.

he'd flown to NewYork to help LJ settle into his new apartment when his eldest son had accepted a position with a prestigious public relations firm, had been sitting in the front row when Ryan graduated with his archi- tectural degree, and cried tears of joy when Jake was accepted to medical school. But when Scott announced his intention to go to the police academy, the renowned psychologist had just shaken his head—as he'd done fre- quently over the thirty years of his youngest son's life.

Scott hadn't been deterred by his father's lack of support because there had been no other options for him. he'd wanted only to be a cop—to uphold the laws, put the bad guys in jail and help make the world a safer place. Of course, when his partner was killed—gunned down in pursuit of an armed suspect who was later ac- quitted on a technicality—Scott's faith in the system was shaken.

He banished these disquieting memories to the back of his mind as he pushed open the door to Darlene's Diner. The bell tinkled, announcing his arrival, and Darlene herself glanced up from the counter she'd been wiping down to greet him with a smile.

"Morning, stranger ." "How are you, Darlene?"

"Hanging in," she told him. "How about you?"

"Desperately needing my daily dose of caffeine ." She was already reaching for a large foam cup. "You haven't been in the last few days ."

"Assignment," he said simply.

She glanced up at him again as she filled the cup. "You been sleeping in your car again? You look like hell ."

"I haven't been getting much sleep," he admitted.

"Regardless of where I spend my nights ."

"You need a good woman, sugar. A reason to go home at night." She set the coffeepot back on the element and winked at him. "And lots of steamy hot sex that wears you out so good you can't help but sleep ."

"Is that an invitation?"

Darlene threw back her head and laughed. "Sugar, you wouldn't know what to do with me if I said yes ."

"How will we ever know, if you don't give me a chance?"

She snapped a lid onto the cup and slid it across the counter to him as the bell tinkled over the door again and another customer entered.

"Because despite your broad shoulders and tough- cop scowl," she told him, "you've got a heart softer than the yolks of sunny-side up eggs, and I eat guys like you for breakfast ."

He frowned at that. "You must be confusing me with someone else ."

"Actually, I was thinkin' it was an appropriate—if somewhat bizarre—analogy," another female voice piped in from behind him.

Scott turned to see Aster Cooney, proprietor of the local salon and spa, slide onto a stool at the counter. Her hair, pink and purple today, was sticking out in tufts around her face, her eyelids were covered in glittery lime-green shadow and her lips were painted orange. In a denim miniskirt that hugged her round hips and a lime green T-shirt, she should have looked ridiculous. But somehow she managed to appear almost stylish, if a little flamboyant.

"Good morning, Aster," he said, inwardly cursing himself for lingering to flirt with Darlene.

Not that he didn't like Aster. On the contrary, she was one of his favorite people in the world—open and honest and incredibly gutsy. And he usually enjoyed her company, but he felt at a distinct disadvantage now, knowing that she and Darlene would gang up on him over some issue or another.

"you're gettin' an early start today," Aster said. Then she turned to Darlene. "Decaf vanilla latte and a toasted cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese, please ."

"I've been out of the office for the last three," he told her, as Darlene turned away to take care of the new order. "Lots of paperwork to catch up on ."

"You look tense," she said, not unsympathetically.

"I could squeeze you in for a massage around three, if you want ."

"I'm fine," he said.

"I was just telling Scott how he needs a woman's hands on him," Darlene told Aster, then grinned. "Only I wasn't talking about a back massage ."

Aster nodded her agreement. "That might be just what he needs—but only if it's the right woman ."

Today, the topic of their interest was his personal and the reason for his early arrival with the paperwork and e-mails that would have piled up during one of the other investigators— abruptly when he rounded the corner of the building and saw her standing there. And in the back of his mind came the assurance that Aster wasn't wrong about one thing: the woman was gorgeous.

His police training kicked in to make a more detailed assessment: Hispanic, five feet four inches tall, a hundred and twenty pounds, approximately twenty-five to thirty years of age. Long, dark hair tied into a braid that fell to the middle of her back, darker eyes, wide full lips, and dressed in hospital scrubs with white running shoes on her feet. It was an impartial and professional appraisal, but what came next was a purely involuntary and com- pletely male evaluation: sensual, seductive, sexy.

She was petite, and he usually liked his women taller—long and leggy. But she had curves that would make any man's mouth water and lips that promised a taste of paradise. Though the punch of arousal that hit low in his belly was unexpected, it wasn't unwelcome. It was always good to know that he was alive and well, that his body wasn't dead even if his heart had long ago been buried beneath the unforgivable weight of grief and guilt.

"Scott Logan?" she asked, when he stepped closer.

"Yes ."

His hesitant response was immediately rewarded with a warm smile, and he felt a quick rush of heat through his veins.

She really wasn't his type. But there was something about her that called to him on a primal level—or maybe it was just that Darlene and Aster's teasing remarks in the diner had reminded him that it had been a very long time since he'd been with a woman.

"I was afraid you wouldn't get here before I had to leave for work," the woman said.

Her voice was as soft and seductive as her smile, and he almost didn't hear the words he was so caught up in the enjoyment of the sounds rolling off of her tongue. Then he realized she was waiting for him to say some- thing, and he forced his brain to wrestle control away from his suddenly overactive hormones to respond to her statement.

"Do we have an appointment?" he asked, starting to question his earlier conviction that they did not. Maybe Caroline had booked it after he'd called yesterday af- ternoon to tell her that he'd be in the office this morning.

"No," she admitted. "But I was hoping you could squeeze me in, anyway ."

He glanced at his watch, as if he were considering the request. But the truth was, he was intrigued enough by the woman to want to listen to whatever she had to say. Especially if she continued to speak in that smoothly melodic tone that made him think of steamy nights and steamier sex.

Whoa. He immediately reined in the shockingly un- professional thought, surprised—and a little ashamed— at the purely visceral reaction he was having to this woman. It was Darlene's fault, he rationalized again. He wouldn't be having such inappropriate ideas if she hadn't started him thinking about how long it had been since he'd had a woman in his bed.

"Why don't you come in?" he offered, inserting his key into the lock.

She waited until he'd punched in the code to disarm the security system before she followed him through the door. He flipped on lights as he made his way toward his office at the end of the hall, conscious of her presence behind him, wondering what had brought her here so early in the morning.

Did she want him to check up on a spouse whom she suspected was unfaithful? He hadn't seen a ring on her finger, but he knew that wasn't conclusive evidence of anything. And while securing evidence of infidelity wasn't one of his favorite assignments, it was, regret- tably, a regular one. Still, he had to wonder at the stu- pidity of a man who could have a woman like this one in his bed and still look elsewhere for pleasure. Of course, it wasn't his place to speculate or judge, only to do the job he was hired to do.

He settled in behind his desk and pushed the stack of unopened mail aside.

"I'd offer you coffee, but this—" he held up his foam cup "—is all I've got until my secretary gets in. Caroline's very proprietary about the coffeepot ."

She lowered herself onto the edge of one of the visitor chairs facing his desk and folded her hands in her lap. "I'm fine, thanks ."

Scott took a long sip from his cup, hoping the infusion of caffeine would jump-start his brain and help keep it one step ahead of his hormones. "Why did you want to see me?"

"I need you to get my brother out of prison ."

The unexpected statement jolted him even more than her presence, followed quickly by a pang of disappoint- ment.

"I'm sorry, Miss—"

"Juarez," she said. "Alicia Juarez ."

He paused, wondering why the name sounded vaguely familiar even though he was certain he'd never met this woman before. He had no doubt that he would have remembered.

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