One Man's Journey: Stories of Gay Erotica

One Man's Journey: Stories of Gay Erotica

by Gregory Branson-Trent

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One Man's Journey: Stories of Gay Erotica by Gregory Branson-Trent

Everyone has a journey they go on in life. These journeys can be filled with joy and laughter and some with sadness. Mine was filled with love and sex.

In this book you will experience 14 stops on my journey. Starting from my teenage years through my twenties, these experiences shaped who I was and who I would become on my journey towards being a gay man.

These was my earliest experiences with Tim the boy I went to middle school with and Robert a boy who was just learning what he wanted and how to take it. Alex was the bad boy motorcycle rider who went after what he wanted to Matt my military intellectual who never knew love. All these stories make up the early parts of my journey.

Join me in this book and re-live my journey. Feel the heat and the heartache, the steam and the passion. Remember your first time as I go back to my earliest. Take a trip back to the 80’s with me and remember your own past. The memories never go away; they are still with us and make us who we have become.

This isn’t just a book of sexual erotica, it’s One Man’s Journey.

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Publisher: Gregory Branson-Trent
Publication date: 10/13/2010
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About the Author

Gregory Branson-Trent has been a published author for 16 years now. His writing has spanned from biography style works to science fiction and non-fiction. His first release was the book Olivia Newton-John…More Than Physical, a biography styled book in 1994. He continued with, Magic: The Music of Olivia Newton-John (released September 2007), The Unexplained: Amelia Earhart, Bermuda Triangle, Atlantis, Aliens And Ghosts (released December 2009), Vampires Among Us: Children Of The Night (released February 2010), An Encyclopedia Of Paranormal Events (released February 2010), and has many other books. Included is a series of books about paranormal psychology Ghosts, Hauntings, And The Dark Side Of The Cemetery (released September 2008), Return To The Cemetery: More Ghosts And Hauntings (released November 2009), Haunted Hollywood: Ghosts of The Dead Famous (releasing January 2011), and Haunted Houses: Around The World (released March 2010).
In early 2009 he released Mysteries Of The Unexplained: Vampires, Aliens, Ghosts, Atlantis, and Bigfoot. He is also in the process of releasing a science fiction series with Project Exodus: Child of Light, Child of Darkness, and Project Exodus: Dark Awakening. And coming soon, the novel Grandma Ran A Whore House. Also the books… The History Of Christmas, From Saint To Santa: The History Of Santa Claus and The History Of Halloween.
In the coming years, Gregory will continue his book series exploring the Metaphysical. His current releases explore Wicca and also an Encyclopedia of Magick. In other releases there will be books on Tarot, Runes, Chakra, and the Healing Properties of Stones and Crystals. Look for the following titles: Magick: Wicca Witchcraft And The Book Of Shadows (released 2010), The Encyclopedia Of Magick And The Occult (releasing January 2011), Inside The Chakra: An Experience In Natural Magick, Inside The World Of Tarot And Magick, Runes A Guide to Divination and Magick Uses, The Witch’s' Kitchen: Incense Oil And Candle Recipes, The Witch's Spell Book, The Witches' Halloween and The Magick and Healing Properties of Crystals, Metals and Stones.
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