One Naughty Girl 5

One Naughty Girl 5

by Alexx Andria

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One Naughty Girl 5 by Alexx Andria

The mission had seemed simple enough: gather intel on the infamous human trafficker, The Shadow but when Alliance spies Landry James and Liam O’Connor find their cover blown, neither expect to see the dawn.
But The Shadow wants Landry James and after a night of mind-blowing sex, Landry discovers there’s more to The Shadow than Alliance had shared with its operatives. All is not what it seems and it’s up to Landry to separate enemy from ally.
This is the fifth installment of the ongoing ONE NAUGHTY GIRL series featuring Landry James.
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::Bonus:: Don’t miss the exciting excerpt from Alexx’s popular BOUGHT BY THE BILLIONAIRE BROTHERS at the end of this short story!
An excerpt!
Landry gasped as a man emerged from the shadows of the darkened room. She recognized the man’s mask as the one worn by The Shadow and swallowed the mouthful before she choked from fear. “Where’s my Master?” she asked. “What have you done with him?”
“Lies do not become us,” he gently chided as he advanced. “That man is no more your Master than any man in your life. Your spirit is too wild, too untamed to have been anyone’s slave.”
How did he know all of that? “I don’t know what you’re talking about…please take me back to my Master,” she pleaded.
“Did you know that I was once an operative for Alliance?” he said, shocking her. He chuckled at her open surprise and continued as if they were having a pleasant conversation over coffee instead of what was truly happening. “And you, my sweet dove, are no spy. But you are certainly skilled with your mouth. Tell me, why did Alliance send a novice into the lion’s den with nothing more than a cub to fend off the dangers in the dark?” Landry didn’t have an answer but she sure as hell would like one. The Shadow posed a valid question. She cocked her head at him, waiting for his answer. “Perhaps they didn’t anticipate you returning. Yes?” His low chuckle sent a shiver dancing down her spine. “My darling Landry James…someone went to an awful lot of trouble of putting you in harm’s way. And I’m afraid Mr. O’Connor is simply collateral damage.”
Well, wasn’t that a fine howdy-fucking-do. Damn you, Killion. This had her fingerprints all over it. If Landry had known that Killion was that fucking insecure she never would’ve stepped foot on the plane for this insane mission. She’d have told Killion to go fuck herself and find someone else to send to the slaughter. That explained why she’d been so pissed that Liam had been put on the assignment with her. Killion had to have known that Liam was going to be screwed if he went along. “What’s going to happen to Liam?” she asked, dropping the act.
“Are you not more concerned about what I have in store for your pretty hide?”
Under normal circumstances, totally. But she supposed she was growing a conscience — albeit a bit late in the game — and she hated the idea that Liam had gotten lumped up in this mess on account of her. “Don’t kill him,” Landry said. “He’s a good guy. Just beat the shit out of him if you have to and dump him off somewhere but don’t kill him. Please.”
The Shadow regarded Landry with wry amusement. “The little slut with a heart. Adorable. But in my business I cannot afford loose ends. Agent O’Connor has gone on his last mission.”

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BN ID: 2940014862080
Publisher: Alexx Andria
Publication date: 08/10/2012
Series: A Landry James Short , #5
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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