One Night with a Hero (Hero Series #2)

One Night with a Hero (Hero Series #2)

by Laura Kaye

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A sexy category romance from Entangled's Brazen imprint...

He wants just one night…

After growing up with an abusive, alcoholic father, Army Special Forces Sgt. Brady Scott vowed never to marry or have kids. Sent stateside to get his head on straight—and his anger in check—Brady's looking for a distraction. He finds it in his beautiful new neighbor's one-night-only offer for hot sex, but her ability to make him forget is addictive. Suddenly, Brady's not so sure he can stay away.

…what they need is each other.

Orphaned as a child, community center director Joss Daniels swore she'd never put herself in a position to be left behind again, but she can't deny herself one sizzling night with the sexy soldier who makes her laugh and kisses her senseless. When Joss discovers she's pregnant, Brady's rejection leaves her feeling abandoned. Now, they must overcome their fears before they lose the love and security they've found in each other, but can they let go of the past to create a future together?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781622668038
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 10/20/2012
Series: Laura Kaye's Hero Series , #2
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 290
Sales rank: 59,702
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Laura Kaye is the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of nearly a dozen books in contemporary and paranormal romance. Laura grew up amid family lore involving angels, ghosts, and evil-eye curses, cementing her life-long fascination with storytelling and the supernatural. Laura lives in Maryland with her husband, two daughters, and cute-but-bad dog, and appreciates her view of the Chesapeake Bay every day.

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One Night with a Hero

By Laura Kaye, Heather Howland

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2012 Laura Kaye
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-62266-803-8


Brady Scott ran down the Mount Vernon trail, the breeze off the Potomac River offering little relief from the late afternoon sun. The rush of blood through his ears, the rhythmic dull thud of silenced dog tags against his bare chest, the constant overhead roar of airplanes landing at Reagan National Airport — none of it was any use. He couldn't get the therapist's most recent assignment out of his head.

Get closure with your father.

Stationed back in the country three months with orders to get his head on straight if he wanted to go up for promotion, and it all came down to daddy issues.

Son of a bitch.

As if it wasn't bad enough being forced to see a therapist. There was no making yourself okay with the things Joseph Scott had done. Every mark Brady's little sister, Alyssa, had worn on her skin, every tear she'd spilled in fright, every wide-eyed help me gaze she'd ever thrown his way had sliced into Brady's heart until he was certain it lay shredded in his chest. He'd been old enough to fight back and defend himself, but Alyssa never stood a chance against their dad.

His stomach soured and churned at the memories. If that was the shit "love" led to, he wanted no part of it, thank you very much.

The trail dumped him into Old Town Alexandria, which was nicer for the shade the buildings and trees along Union Street provided, but more challenging for the crowds of people that thronged the sidewalks, and the rush of traffic that paid no heed to pedestrians. Brady bit out a curse as he dodged a minivan circling for parking and crossed the street, where the sidewalk brought him along Founders Park, a long strip of green that bordered Alexandria's waterfront. The park was crowded with groups staking out real estate in the grass with lawn chairs, blankets, and coolers.

Brady slowed to a jog, then to a walk as he came up behind a family pushing a stroller. "What's going on tonight?"

The father glanced at Brady's ID tags and gave him a smile. "Labor Day fireworks at sunset."

"Oh, yeah?" He was halfway through the ten-mile trail he'd sketched out. Maybe he'd come back down after grabbing a quick shower. Assuming he could find towels. And the shower curtain. He hadn't exactly unpacked after moving in to his new town house last night. And then it had been the ass crack of dawn before he'd gotten home from celebrating his new digs with the guys.

He was about to kick it back into a run when he saw her.

A woman sitting on a blanket removed from the mass of people. Arms around her knees, chin resting on an arm, forgotten book at her side.

She was all long lines and sun-kissed skin, and Brady couldn't stop looking. Wavy dark hair twisted on top of her head. A wide-necked white shirt exposed a long column of throat and most of one shoulder. Crossed at the ankles, the part of her legs not covered by the long skirt were tanned and toned.

Love, he wanted no part of. Lust, however, was a welcome old friend.

His mind churning on a plan, he braced his hands on his hips and debated how to approach her.

Her gaze swung around. Brady sucked in a breath. He would've thought those green eyes the most beautiful he'd ever seen, if they hadn't been glassy with tears. She blinked and looked away.

His brain shifted gears and he walked toward her before he'd even thought to do it, concern a growing weight on his chest and anger at whoever hurt her searing his gut. Neither made any sense, really, but he never could stand to see a girl cry. Hell, that instinct went way back. "Hey, you all right?"

She cast him a sidelong glance. "Peachy, thanks."

What's the attitude for? Caught off guard by the sarcasm in her tone, he dragged a hand through his hair and noticed hers had pink highlights mixed in with the rich brown. "Uh —"

"Look." Her grip tightened around her knees. "I appreciate the Good Samaritan routine and all, but I'm not looking for a hero today. Capisce?"

The hard edge to her tone was full of stubbornness and challenge. So much for trying to be the good guy. "Capisce? Seriously? Did we just step into The Godfather and I didn't know it?"

She rose in one fluid movement and brushed at the thin colorful skirt, a wrist full of bracelets jingling as she moved. A cascade of stars tattooed the skin behind a heavily pierced ear. "And what's wrong with The Godfather? It's one of the top ten movies of all time."

He drank in all her details, assessing and weighing her as if she were any other adversary he'd determined to figure out. About his age, he'd guess. "You like The Godfather?"

Standing on the edge of her blanket, she gave him a once-over that made his bare skin go hot. "Yeah. And what of it, sailor?"

He narrowed his gaze, his internal temperature kicking up another few degrees. "I got no beef with The Godfather, but I'm not a sailor." Fuckin' A, he couldn't tell if they were fighting or flirting, but these running shorts were about to make it crystal clear his body believed it was the latter.

She shook her head and looked at him, all hint of those tears long gone, the bright green of her eyes still stunning. In bare feet, she stepped into the grass and closed the four-foot gap between them. Brady's gaze was torn between watching her curvy body move and reading the ink that decorated the side of her foot. Her body won out, the way the thin cotton shirt shaped around her full breasts capturing his attention. She stopped in front of him, and his body went on alert, shoulders tense and muscles tight — not out of fear, but out of anticipation. The tats, the piercings, the hard wariness in her gaze, and the challenging tilt to her chin gave her a tough edge that was just shy of beautiful, but man was he was more than sold.

She flicked at his ID tags with her fingers and arched a brow. "I can see that."

The army was the only service that didn't spell out its acronym on the tags. Someone knew her military trivia. A fact that made her equal parts more interesting and more annoying. "Which is why you said it."

She licked her lips. "Now you're getting the picture."

Jesus, her tongue was pierced. Could this chick get any hotter? He wanted to pull her in and see if that mouth tasted as sweet as it looked. And bonus that it would cut off the stream of sarcasm she'd been dishing out. He tucked his hands in his pockets and chuffed out a humorless laugh. "Why are you messing with me?"

She pressed those ruby reds together, turning the smile he could've sworn she'd almost given him into a smirk. "Because you're an easy target."

"I'm an easy target? I think you have me confused with some other squid." Five years in the Army Special Forces, and Brady hadn't suffered a single injury. An easy target was the last thing he was. Not all his buddies had been so lucky, though, like his best friend, Marco. A good guy through and through, and yet he'd been injured so severely he'd been medically discharged and still struggled with his recovery — all while someone like Brady got off without a scratch. How fucking fair was that? His fists curled and he clamped down on the anger his thoughts unleashed.

"Nope. Just talking about you." Without a backward glance, she returned to her blanket. Damn if that skirt didn't hint at the very fine smart-ass beneath.

Brady shifted to hide his body's reaction to her, sure she was going to look his way again, but she didn't. She stretched out on her stomach, kicked her ankles up, and crossed them — revealing more leg in the process as her skirt pooled behind her knees — and grabbed her book.

Dis-missed. Damn.

What-the-fuck-ever. He scrubbed his hand over his short hair and after a moment of indecision, made for the brick sidewalk. When was the last time he'd been turned on, pissed off, amused, and embarrassed all at the same time? Being in her presence was like riding a roller coaster in the dark, totally unaware of whether a hill, a sharp turn, or a frickin' free fall was coming at you next.

"Hey, sailor boy?"

"Son of a ...," he said under his breath, turning despite himself. He met her amused gaze. She freaking knew she had him in knots. "Yeah?"

Her expression changed, grew more serious. "Just ... thanks for asking."

His heart kicked up in his chest. She could be vulnerable, too, and that gave him hope. "You got it, Pinky."

She wrinkled her nose. "Seriously?"

He smirked and found himself walking toward her again. She'd taken the bait just like he'd hoped she would. "Don't like the nickname? Gimme your real name instead." He crossed his arms and watched an array of expressions pass over her face.

She pretended disinterest and returned her focus to her open book, which — ding ding ding, now we're talking — was upside down in her hands.

He crouched down in front of her and grabbed the book. "It might help" — he made a big show of turning the book right side up and placing it back in her fingers — "if you read it this way."

Laughter spilled out of her and she dropped her face behind the open pages, shoulders shaking. The sound was deep and throaty, and the tension melted out of Brady's neck. Finally, she glanced back up, smiling so freely all the toughness fell away, leaving an exotically beautiful woman. If Brady hadn't been hooked before, wanting to hear that sound and see that smile shape those full, dark red lips reeled him right in. It was an odd reaction for him, which made her a particularly good distraction. She'd kept him guessing more than anyone he'd met in a long time.

He tapped his fingers against the back of the book. "Name."

The woman grinned up at him for a long moment, then rolled her eyes, which lingered on his bare chest.

Brady arched an eyebrow. "Name."

She heaved a sigh like she was all put out. "Joss."

"Joss. Okay. See, that wasn't so hard, was it? I'm Brady."

Joss pushed into a sitting position and tucked her legs under the pink-and-green tie-dyed skirt. The tattoo on her foot he'd glimpsed earlier read "courage" in elegant script. Now he was not only attracted, but intrigued. This chick was pushing all his buttons.

She tossed her book to the blanket. "Anyone ever tell you you're kind of a pain in the ass, Brady?"

He managed a rueful grin. "Every damn day."

"And why is it you sound so proud of that fact?"

He held out his hands and shrugged. "We all have to excel at something."

She tried to rein in her smile. Failed. "Congratulations, then, I guess?"

"Thanks." He glanced over his shoulder, toward where the grass was filling with people waiting for the evening's show, then looked back to her. "You gonna stay for the fireworks?"

"That was the plan."

"Good. So, pizza, sub sandwiches, or fried chicken?"

"Excuse me?"

"Which one would you prefer I bring back for dinner?"

More of that free laughter spilled from her lips, making a big old show out of her tongue piercing. Man how he'd love a closer inspection of that little silver ball. She shook her head. "You're not serious."

"As a heart attack."

"Okay, well. On the off chance you actually come back, surprise me."

Brady rose and patted his hand twice over his heart. "Oh, you can count on that. Gimme an hour, ninety minutes tops."

"Right on, sailor boy."

He shook his head. "Before the night's through, we're gonna cure you of that," he said, then he turned, hit the sidewalk, and broke into run. All those dark thoughts of his father he hadn't been able to shake earlier? They were long gone.


Jocelyn Daniels watched the man make his way through the tourists until she couldn't see him — or his powerful thighs and incredibly well-muscled back — anymore.

Well, that was interesting.

Shaking her head, she stretched out on her blanket. Maybe she should go home. Not because she believed the guy would return, but because her emotions were clearly too close to the surface for public consumption. If only she hadn't run into Ethan and his freaking new girlfriend at the store this morning.

Apparently it was just her he wasn't ready to commit to. Because the woman's round belly and glittering ring finger sure as hell looked like commitment to Jocelyn.

It would be really nice if, just once, someone wanted to keep her.

So not helpful, Joss. Cut it out. But she couldn't help it. Seeing Ethan happily devoted to another woman seemed further proof that men would always leave her.

She sighed and tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

To be honest, though, she felt a lot better after the run-in with Brady. He'd been an unexpected distraction. And it never hurt to be flirted with, especially when the guy was so ... really, really freaking hot. And funny. And kind of annoyingly endearing.

Yeah. That definitely explained her lighter mood.

She retrieved her novel, her gaze going unfocused as she remembered the embarrassment of being caught holding it upside down. Thank God he hadn't noticed what it was about. She hid her growing smile behind the book, her mind going back to the sight of him.

Sailor boy. The nickname tugged at Joss's cheeks. Tall. Built. Light-brown hair kissed by the sun with a hint of blond. All that lean, bare muscle. The way his running shorts had hung low enough to reveal the cut of his hips. Sex on a freaking stick.

And a soldier to boot. Bet he looked seriously fine in his dress uniform. Panties probably dropped at the mere sight — thongs, too. Maybe even like the one she was currently wearing.

Not that she was actually expecting Brady to return and put her willpower to the test. And that was for the best. Because she suspected he would be a little too much fun to play with and a lot too risky for her fragile ego. Her thong should have nothing to worry about.

Something bumped into her arm, pulling Joss from her thoughts. She glanced up into the smiling eyes of a toddler retrieving a pink plastic ball that had rolled onto her blanket. "Hi, sweetie. Is this yours?"

The little girl with a yellow gingham jumper pointed. "Ball."

A woman came jogging over. "I'm sorry."

"Oh, it's all right. Here you go." She held the ball out and the girl took it in her chubby hands.

"Thanks." The mom smiled and playfully tugged on the girl's blond pigtail. "Come on, Emily."

"Ball!" the girl shouted, holding it up to her mother.

"That's right," the woman said.

Joss watched them return to their neighboring blanket, an empty ache forming in her chest. The girl threw the ball in the air and chased it when it bounced.

One day, that would be her. A wife, a mom, having a fun outing with her family. It wasn't the kind of dream people expected she'd embrace from looking at her. Nothing said June Cleaver like tattoos, piercings, and pink highlights, right? But the two had more in common than was obvious on the surface. When you grew up alone in the world without a family, you had to carve out your own identity. The ink and metal coloring and piercing her skin told the story of that effort, but they didn't mean she still didn't yearn for the family.

She sighed and opened her book again. The badass, hard-bodied Navy SEAL in this story rocked her world. Only now, she couldn't help but imagine a certain flirtatious soldier in the hero's place. That didn't hurt one bit.

Soon, the words sucked her in, drew her into a battle scene with a bad guy that made her forget the sun and breeze and growing crowd. Having spent so much time alone, reading had always been her biggest source of escape. When she read, she lost track of what was happening around her. Many times in her life, that had been a damn good thing.

Which is why she didn't hear him.

"That must be some good book," a loud — and amused — male voice said.

Joss looked up into Brady's smiling brown eyes. "Oh," she said. "Were you ... I didn't ... you're back."

He smiled, and she shook off the story's hold on her, surprised to see that the sun was much lower in the sky and park grounds more filled with people. "You doubted me?"


Excerpted from One Night with a Hero by Laura Kaye, Heather Howland. Copyright © 2012 Laura Kaye. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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One Night with a Hero 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 244 reviews.
GraceDZ More than 1 year ago
I could not get enough of Brady and Joss! When I heard Her Forbidden Hero was going to have a sequel and that it was going to be Brady Scott's story, I just knew it was going to be good. I had no idea that I would end up loving One Night With A Hero even more! “This was a one-night-only deal. Exactly his style. He didn't do sleepovers.” Brady and Joss meet in a such a cute way. He turns on the charm from the moment he notices Joss, and he doesn't waste time figuring out how to spend more time with her. It all leads to her making a one-night-only offer to him. Be prepared, because things get hot and heavy right away! Their one night together becomes more when they find out they're neighbors! You see where this is going, yeah? Brady and Joss are so insatiable together! Their scenes together are super have been warned! “She wrapped her arms around his neck and held him close, surrendering to the hot chemistry that burned so brightly between them.” I really enjoyed getting to know Joss. She has quite a few tattoos, a pierced tongue, and pink hair highlights. She's quirky, lovable, and works with kids. Her heart has been broken too many times that, like Brady, she's got a wall around it. Brady's protective and possessive side can't help but surface when he's around her, but he's got a lot of anger issues. The overall storyline for One Night With A Hero is not original. We've seen it before, a night of giving into lust leads to something unexpected, and the guy can't back away fast enough. Kaye gives her characters a unique enough voice to set them apart from the rest. Combine that with her talent to create a love story so emotional that it tugs your heart, and a tortured hero that turns you into a puddle of goo, and you've got yourself one fantastic, satisfying read! I honestly could not get enough of Brady and Joss! My favorite parts? Well, I have too many! If I listed them all, I'd be describing the entire book. If you're wondering if Marco and Alyssa make an appearance, yes, they do! They are tied into the story very well. If you loved, Her Forbidden Hero, I'm sure you will enjoy One Night With A Hero as well. I think Kaye's The Heroes books just might be my favorite of her series. Her heroes are simply irresistible!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved Joss and Brady. Seriously hot, sexual tension and humor. I even cried a bit with them. This was my first Laura Kaye book and definately not my last.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was so much more to me than The Forbidden Hero, which i really enjoyed. Much much sexier and steamier, wow, and Brady? Wowza hotness! I loved their sexy banter when they first meet - you don't have to wait long for the sparks to combust with Joss and Brady ;) Joss is such a sweet and strong female lead - i couldn't get enough of how caring she was and how she stood her ground with him. The ending was so perfect.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Omg i love this book from beginning to end. I've read so many books but none has wowed me like this one since Beautiful Diaster. Great book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
## Loved this book. It was a perfect sequel to "Her forbidden hero" which I also loved! The beginning of this book was so fabulous. The way the hero and the heroine met and flirted was extremely sexy. I was smiling through the whole scene. I love it when you get to experience a couple meeting. Books in which the hero and heroine already know eachother and have history aren't the same for me. Brady and Joss were so good together, until of course the obligatory conflict. Brady treated Joss very badly and I had a hard time believing she kept forgiving him. Yes, he was hot, but for me Joss was the hero of this story. She shined and I adored her. A must read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Had me going from the begining. Never new this author but i am now looking forward to reading more of her books. You will not regret it
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
OMG, I love Brady!!!! This was a great sequel to Forbidden Hero. Laura Kaye grabs you into the story from the start. I can never put her books down.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Her Forbidden Hero is the 1st book of this series though that tells the story of Brady's sister Alyssa and his bestfriend Marco. Both greatt books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was such a great story. Brady and Joss were fantastic characters and their chemistry was sizzling. The story was developed nicely and the pacing was perfect. And holy cow, Brady was a HOT hero!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
<3 Brady and Joss.. Their character is so lovable.. Can't stop reading it till the end.. So love that the author included Marco & Alyssa, 2 characters I love too..
shannschoice More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Cocktails and Books by Carin. Review copy received from Publisher for honest review. One Night With a Hero is the follow up book to Her Forbidden Hero but is a stand alone book, with a plot and story line independent of the first book. Brady Scott, United States Army; Special Forces, home on a two year assignment at the Pentagon to get his life together, his anger under control and get over his past so he can receive the promotion he has worked for. Brady has a lot of issues with his father over the way he and his sister were treated after his mother died. He doesn't go for attachments and when he needs sexual release a one night stand is the way to go. Joss Daniels an assistant director for a children's community center has her own demons from her childhood to fight, she expresses herself through her piercings, tattoos and the streaks of pink in her hair. She has always been left alone and isn't about to let someone close enough again for her to be hurt by their leaving. When she meets Brady and they have instant combustible chemistry she is all for a one night stand with the hot soldier. Brady is in a bad place emotionally when he meets Joss and she is able to help him forget all of that for a time, Joss feels the same instant attraction and after having had a really bad day up until the point she meet Brady she jumps at the chance for some hot sex! What starts as a one night stand turns into something much larger when Brady and Joss find out they are neighbors and also find it hard to fight the magnetic pull they have to each other. When Joss finds out she is pregnant Brady who was already at his emotional wits end says some pretty awful things to Joss pushing her away just the way she has always been left alone before. Can Brady make things right when he realizes how badly he has messed up? Can he get control of his own emotional issues before he pushes Joss and their baby away forever? Will Joss be able to forgive Brady and learn to trust when she never has before? Laura Kaye has an amazing writing style that allows you to bond with her characters, she writes them so that you know them, you feel them, you hurt with them and are happy with them. Ms. Kaye takes a pair of emotionally damaged characters and brings them together in a way that when Brady screws up you feel like you can reach over and smack him in the back of the head and then go over an comfort Joss. This story while having some blazing hot sex scenes in some wildly unusual places is still tasteful while being stimulating. One Night With a Hero is a novel you can jump in and be a part of. A very character driven story with very well written characters. We do have a few brief appearances from Alyssa and Marco (I am still totally in love with Marco!) that may provide very minor spoilers for Her Forbidden Hero if you don't read it first. I would say it isn't enough that it would be a big deal. I give One Night With a Hero a five cocktail rating!
twocoulters More than 1 year ago
New Favorite Author ~ Once in a great while, a book comes along in the tributary of exhausted, unoriginal romance troupes that overshadows all previous attempts - this is such a book. After reading only a couple of pages I was so in love with Joss that I decided upfront that it would be impossible to create a hero worthy of her. However, when Ms. Kaye designed Army Special Forces Sgt. Brady Scott, who supersedes the stereotypical egotistical hero &ndash; she did just that. The story is told with an unheard of amount of heart-wrenching emotion - even this jaded reader was squirming uncomfortably. There isn&rsquo;t any typical about this romantic novel, even though you knew how it would probably end (with a HEA); it had some interesting and often twisted ways of getting there.
RRPNC More than 1 year ago
Loved It!!!! Recommend Very Highly!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This story starts off hot and quicky rushs through the HONEYMOON period for the two of them. I love that she held out for him to come around, even though she had to go through much of it on her own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The difference between books and movies is that with each recurring novel, the writer gets better. I have not read Her Forbidden Hero, but One Night With a Hero was fantastic! It flowed smoothly and never missed a beat. I literally read it in one sitting, I really could not put it down!
Shellbelle1 More than 1 year ago
Fantastic book!
AMR0406 More than 1 year ago
So, so good. One Night with a Hero by Laura Kaye is so good. It is the second in The Heroes series. Laura's writing is so smooth and easy to follow. I don't normally like one night stand type books but this one worked. The characters are very likeable from the beginning.  I really enjoyed their easy dialogue with each other and how sure they seemed to be of themselves. Deep down, they were a mess, though. I feel like the cover police when I say this but the cover of this book does not do it justice.  I know sex sells so it is a big deal to have hot and sexy covers (so it appears anyway - I am no expert) but really, this book was not about the sex. There were intimate scenes in this book that were well done and moved the story along. They were not overly detailed or long. In fact the memories that stand out for me from this book are not the sex scenes. There is an oh so sweet gift-giving scene and a scene that happens during Halloween that melts my heart. Oh and there is a &quot;mutual&quot; scene that was a lot of fun (but I am not giving that detail away). Brady and Joss don't really know how to handle their relationship. They are attracted to each other in more than the physical sense, but neither wants to be vulnerable enough to open up and stick with the other. It is easier on their hearts if they keep each other at arm's length. Luckily, as this spirals out of control for Brady and he risks losing Joss because of the PITA he is, his sister Alyssa steps in and saves the day (one of the reason's I can't wait to read her and Marco's story - Her Forbidden Hero).  One Night with a Hero is a story about rising against the odds and learning who you can become if you allow yourself. It is about acceptance for who you are and allowing yourself to love completely. If you are looking for a sexy, intense, love story about real people, I highly recommend One Night with a Hero.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another great love story! :) read Her Forbidden Hero first....
BookFairies More than 1 year ago
The chemistry between Brady and Joss is evident from the moment he lays eyes on her. Their bantering back and forth; the light heartiness with which they easily fall into, coupled with the heated passion makes for some face fanning moments. I was so happy for them when they finally found the bedroom. The crosses they each carry give the story depth. It not only explains why they have issues, but also makes them the perfect companion for each other. Keep up the good work Laura!
mcsbclcc More than 1 year ago
One Night with a Hero was delivered in true Laura Kaye fashion! I highly recommend it, it's one I would gladly read again. there is just something about Laura creates characters that I feel like I know them personally, and can actually miss them when the story is done. One of my favorite parts about reading books in a series is how you not only get to revisit previous heros and heroines, but you get to be part of the story for the supporting characters. The story contained everything a story needs to pull at all of your emotional strings just enough so that you feel what the characters are feeling. I felt my brows crease, and ached in my chest, tears in my eyes and a smile across my face. when a story does that it was done correctly. Brady is a brooding, broken man who feels that all of his issues can be blaimed on his terrible childhood. I fell in love with Brady in the few scenes we meet him in Her Forbidden Hero and couldn't wait till he fell in love too. Enter Joss Daniels, a snarky smarth mouthed independent woman who doesn't put up with peoples garbage (my kind of girl). She needs to be wanted, and he wants to be needed which should make for the perfect match, right? If not that, its the explosive chemistry that should keep them together....The problem is he can do lust not love, or so he thinks. If only he had figured it out before he ruined everything. It has a woman who has the ability to love regardless of her past, and her ability to see past a mans defenses and love him regardless. A man who doesn't realize he knows how to love and deserves it equally until he has shoved it all away. And most importantly, it has two people who realize that while having hope is frightening risk, its also a risk worth taking.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Read this book in 2 days, I couldn't put it down!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hot sex scenes and great story.... hottest book i have read in awhile...will re-read this for sure...loved it
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the first book i read by this author, and i have read 2 others since!! Fantastic read!!
Book_Sniffers_Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Laura has done it again! I must say that I am in love with her Hero series. I loved the characters in this story. From first glance Joss appears to be this tough girl with tattoos, piercings and pink highlights in her hair but deep down she's insecure. She was abandoned as a child and was sent through the system. Brady's childhood was even worse. His mother passed away when he was a teenager leaving both himself and his younger sister to deal with their father's down fall. He was abused a lot as a kid but he would prefer his father took his frustration and hurt out on him rather than his sister, Alyssa. The result of that has left him a very anger filled man. Both of these characters really had a lot of emotion behind them. They were not one dimentional characters, they were real and their story made me both laugh and cry. From the synopsis I thought that Joss was going to become pregnant right from the start. So imagine my surprise when I was halfway through the book, and she was still not pregnant. I thought maybe I read the synopsis wrong. The majority of the book is about the two of them feeling each other out and getting to know one another while dealing with their issues. It isn't until much later that the baby bomb drops. Which for me was sort of perfect because nothing felt rushed. These two characters had a one night stand, thought to never see each other again only to find out that Joss' new neighbor is the man from last night. They try to tread around the awkwardness while fighting their hormones for one another. There was no crazy love at first sight or instant soul mates. These two had a lot of issues to work out and in showing their vulnerable side, they built a connection with each other. I think Laura's Hero series is going to be one of the few series that I will actually keep up with. I usually get bored with them but so far we are 2 for 2.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very good. Don't normally read books involving babies but Brady and Joss's story was good, had already read Marco and Allyssa's story. Would recommend.