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For generations, the Gods have been at war. Two rival pantheons, the Old Gods and the New Order, have been vying for the faith of the mortal realm. Bound by the covenants between mortals and themselves, the Old Gods have all but vanished from the land. Now Malik, the God of War and Peace, has devised a plan to champion the war and win back the faithful they have lost. He has created nine swords, each a godslayer in its own right, designed to be given unto the faithful, with the mission to seek out and slay the Gods of the New Order! However, even the best laid plans of a God can go awry, and the swords were cast into the mortal realm, ensorceled in a prophecy that has bound the Gods to a new set of rules, a set that requires their creating a mortal agent in the world to seek out the swords and assure their purpose be carried out.

Nathaniel Goodsmith becomes the selected agent of the Old Gods, a reluctant Avatar required by the Gods to seek out their weapons before they can fall into the hands of the New Order. However, though his mother was a devoted druidess, Nathaniel owes no allegiance to the Gods. The last thing he wishes to do is to abandon his family and home and travel across the countryside at the bequest of Gods long-since thought dead. But the machinations of the Old Gods have not left Nathaniel able to easily walk away from his destiny, and in the end, it may take a loss greater than he can bear to compel him to aid the Gods in their foolish war.

"One" is the first in an ambitious nine book cycle, containing within itself a trilogy of trilogies. The nine swords of the Old Gods are waking and once their existence becomes known, forces from across the world will be vying for the swords powerful enough to slay Gods. If Nathaniel does not rise to his destiny, it could be the end of the world - or at the very least, a world at war!

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ISBN-13: 9781481132688
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/01/2012
Pages: 418
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.85(d)

About the Author

Ron Glick (born January 20, 1969) is a community activist, and is presently active in several charitable enterprises. He was born in Plainville, KS. After living in various states, he currently lives in Kalispell, MT. He is the author of The Godslayer Cycle, Chaos Rising, the Oz-Wonderland series, and Ron El's Comic Book Trivia, as well as having written a screenplay adaptation of The Wizard In Wonderland. Additionally, he created the Golden Age Preservation Project as a means of making Golden Age comics more accessible to modern audiences. His expose, U.S. Political Prisoner Since 2004, broke him away from his fictional works to shed light upon political corruption in Montana.

"Ron Glick is an incredibly imaginative author..." - Sabrina Ricci

"[T]he author is a true storyteller." - Crystal of Orchard Book Club

"As a writer, I can tell you how hard it is to maintain a single voice, but to do two different styles is way beyond cool." - CP Bialois on The Wizard In Wonderland
Twitter ID: @Ron_Glick

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CPBialois More than 1 year ago
One is the first installment in Ron Glick’s Godslayer Saga where we’re introduced to the Old Gods as their centuries old plan to take back their power from the New Gods begins. The crux of their plan relies on an Avatar named Nathaniel Goodsmith, who is unwilling to follow his destiny until Fate intervenes. There are nine swords crafted with the ability to kill a God scattered across the world. As each one awakes, Nathaniel feels it through his newfound abilities, but nothing it that simple. Not only is Nathaniel unwilling to follow the wishes of the Old Gods, but a vengeful outcast finds One when it awakens. With the ability to become invisible, a heretic known as Avery intends to wreak vengeance on the people of a town he was recently chased out of. What he didn’t count on was thwarting a pending rape of a bar maid by the corrupt officials and proclaiming himself the God of Vengeance. The plot lines are intricate and well written as they weave together in a way similar to the old style fantasy stories of Tolkien and the ancient Greeks. His character developments and interactions are done wonderfully as you feel their anger and love for one another grow and change.  Of all the characters, my favorite was Bracken, a dwarf and friend of Nathaniel. Seriously, there’s something about a cantankerous dwarf that brings life to any story for me. Add into the mix Bracken’s knack for dead honesty and you have the perfect character. If you’re a fan of Epic Fantasy, then you’ll want to check out this series. It has the makings of a great one.