One Spirit Place

One Spirit Place

by Beverly A. Anderson


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ISBN-13: 9781452536927
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 08/23/2011
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.34(d)

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One Spirit Place

The Powerful Connection Between Body & Soul
By Beverly A Anderson

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2011 Beverly A Anderson
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-3692-7

Chapter One

Face-To-Face with Truth!

* * *

What would you do and how would you feel if you were confronted by the undeniable truth that dead people are not really dead? How would you explain to others that you saw and heard from dead relatives and honestly, you were not drunk or high on anything? Imagine the conflict within when you realized that what you learned about your life and death was definitely not what you had been brought up to believe? And that Spirits really are around us all of the time? And death is not the end of our existence or our reality? Yikes! Sounds like something out of a bad horror movie or a dark comedy. Remember in the movie Ghost, when the female police officer said to Molly, in response to the discussion about spirits, that she would never undress again since the spirits were watching? It sort of feels like that, initially, but the truth about their presence is undeniable ... as I learned on a hot summer night over fifteen years ago ...

The summer of 1995 blasted the usual hot and muggy weather found in Gainesville, Florida. I was warm in the meeting area in the home of my "spiritual teacher". Rita was an older woman in her seventies that I had met several weeks before at a local community college where she taught an adult education class on psychic abilities. After that class ended, she had invited some of us from the class to continue our weekly get-togethers in her home. A psychic circle, of sorts. I knew no one in the group nor did I ever speak at any length on a personal level with Rita. This particular night, Rita decided she would give us "messages" from our loved ones in Spirit.

"This should be entertaining," I thought to myself as I settled in to watch from my spot across the room. Rita opened with a prayer, and then began to tell different people in the room various messages from those in Spirit. There were nods of approval; heads shaking and one woman began to cry softly as she heard words of comfort from her mother. I watched with amusement and disbelief.

Without any prior warning, Rita suddenly turned to me and said, "Beverly, your grandfather is here. He says his name is Tom. He says you know him well and he was there when you were a child."

The room was warm, but that did not stop the chills that ran down my spine. All I could do was nod. Rita then laughed and said, "Wow, he sure has a head of hair."

She went on to mention a "younger" spirit also named Tom that told her he crossed in an accident when I was young, and that I would not remember him. She ended by telling me that my grandmother was also present and that she wanted me to know her " foot was better now."

I was beyond speechless. I knew, beyond any doubt that Rita would have no way to know this part of my family history. My maternal grandfather was named Tom, and he and my grandmother lived just around the corner from us. As children, we ran in and out of their house like it was our own. He and my grandmother, who had a terrible wound on her foot that never healed, were indeed, very much in my life for my entire childhood. They had a son, also named Tom that died in a car accident when I was only 6 years old. I had no memory of him. But the clincher for me was the hair comment. My grandfather was known for his large, thick, bushy head of hair. That hair never left, and he had thick white, beautiful hair up until the day he died.

What Happens When We Die?

So what actually happens when we "die"? Where do we go, what do we look like? At the moment of death are we aware that we have died? How can my Grandfather "talk" to Rita? Why can't he talk to me? Why can't I hear him? Where is he and what is he doing while in Spirit?

The answers to some of these questions depend on the circumstances surrounding the physical death and the belief system of the soul that has crossed. For some, the transition is more difficult than others, especially if the physical death is violent or sudden. They do not immediately understand that they are "dead". The physical body is dead but their conscious energy is not and this can be confusing. But for most, they quickly understand what has happened. If the newly departed soul is of a religious or spiritual nature, they will usually make an easier transition. They are expecting to see Angels and Light and their loved ones who have already crossed before them. Many folks talk of seeing their loved ones or a Being of Light in their hospital/bedroom for days prior to their death. They often will be heard talking to or following someone or something with their eyes. My father asked me if I could "see them" in his hospital room. This conversation took place about three months prior to his crossing. He told me his mother (my Grandmother) his Uncle Bucky (who had crossed when I was a child) and others that he knew were there in his room talking to him. He thought I might be able to see them like he could. (I could not). But I affirmed that I believed him and I knew they were really there. My other family members thought he was just hallucinating but he was not on any drugs that would have caused him to do so.

Often times, those crossing report hearing a loud clanging noise or a buzzing sound. Sometimes they report seeing the Light, but not always. Some report having no conscious memory of the exact moment of crossing and just "waking up" on the other side. Sometimes in the event of a catastrophic illness or crossing a soul whose person was not in touch with their God-spark, the transition will be slow and easy. The soul may need a chance to rest before beginning their new life in Spirit.

The Bible talks about the "silver cord" being broken at the time of our physical death. Spirit confirms this is indeed the case. The cord is severed and our spirit, energy and soul are now free of the cumbersome physical body that had housed us for the time we are on the planet. There are countless reports of family members at the bedside of a loved one who has crossed and the family member reports seeing a mist or some energy form rise from the body and dissipate. So where does that energy go?

Spirit says that at the time of crossing we are met by those in our "soul group" that have crossed before us. This could be family members, close friends, pets and, of course, our Angels and Guides. Spirit tells us that our loved ones are waiting to greet us. There is often a great deal of joy at the reunion and often a huge amount of disbelief on the part of the person who has just "died." We are then sometimes taken to a "seeing" place for the purpose of observing the activities and the reactions of those left behind.

Interesting thought, isn't it? How would those around you react to your crossing? Remember, Spirit is love and that is all that matters to Spirit in the end. What would you see from your new perspective from Spirit? What would you feel? How would your family and friends react to your crossing? Many of those in Spirit tell of watching their own funerals. My father told me he was appalled by the amount of make-up on his face in the casket and he was busy wondering about that instead of listening to his eulogy! That is a typical statement that my father would have made! He was a jokester in life and remained one in Spirit. He also thought it amusing that during the funeral service while I was at the podium speaking the lights behind me were flickering on and off. The point is that we do not lose our personalities after we cross, at least not initially. If your "Uncle Bubba" was a big mouth obnoxious sort on the Earth, he would still be that after crossing ... until maybe after his time of "judgment". Always, at some point, our souls are gently led into the Light for our Life's Review....

The Life's Review

The Bible talks about us being judged after we die. The good, the bad and the ugly, it's all there. Organized religion teaches us that God will judge us and determine if we will be sentenced to an eternity in heaven or hell. This determination will be made on the basis of how we have behaved in our daily lives. Religion teaches us that we are all sinners; it is really a matter of how severe and frequent our sins are that will send us one way or the other.

Interesting concept, but it brings to mind many unanswered questions about this idea. Where do small babies and children go if they cross early? How are their "sins" judged? What happens to the souls who cross in a time of war? Is killing another human during war justified to God or are they all violating the commandant "thou shall not kill"? Whose side is God on in a war? If He is on "our" side, then is killing in wartime not a violation of the commandant? Does God "take sides" when we are all His children? Does God judge those who kill during war the same as He judges others who take the life of another through murder?

What happens to the souls of those who end another's life through an accident? Is a drunken driver who kills someone judged the same as someone who kills another soul because they ran a red light? What happens to these souls?

We are taught that those who cross themselves over through suicide are guaranteed to spend eternity in hell. Is God so unloving and lacking in compassion for those who are so obviously in the most pain, that he harshly throws His child into a burning hell forever?

What happens to the many souls who commit adultery, another violation of the Ten Commandants? Is a politician, with whom we have entrusted to do what is best for us as a people, held to a higher standard because he is supposed to be a trusted role model? Or is he judged the same as the utility worker who cheats on his wife? The questions go on and on and the answers that many religions teach us are difficult to grasp at best.

Think about this: you are born, you grow up with many factors contributing to your decisions that you make, including your parents influence, your social economic status, your race and religion all play a role in defining who you are and who you choose to become. The key word being is that you choose. The Guides and Angels have told me repeatedly that we got it wrong with our current belief system. Yes, we are judged after death, but not by God. We judge ourselves after we cross, in what is commonly called our life's review.

After the initial phase of our crossing we are taken to a place Spirit calls Wayside which literally means "the way to the side of God." This is where our life review occurs. So what do we review? We look at every thought, action and deed that we have had during that life time that has impacted the soul of another, in both positive and negative ways. Please don't worry that every random thought we might experience will be reviewed. Spirit is only interested in looking at the experiences and actions that have had impact on our families, friends and lives. We look at the good we have done, the love we have freely given and the love that is freely given to us. We look at the thoughts, words and actions that have been less than loving. We realize through our life's review, the hurt we have caused others in this lifetime as well as those we have helped.

Think about this for a minute. If you were to cross today, what would you see in your life review? What will you feel? Do your words, thoughts and actions promote love, healing, laughter and joy? Do your words, thoughts and actions promote anger, jealousy, depression or unhappiness? What do you say to your loved ones? Are you short-tempered, a yeller or a screamer, do you judge or ridicule your loved ones? Do you hit your children or your significant other? Do you name call? Do you lie and steal or cheat family members, friends or business associates? Are you warm, loving and compassionate? Are you there as a lifeline for your loved ones and friends? Do you laugh and dance and promote joy and happiness? Are you kind and respectful to others, even those you disagree with? This is the Life's Review information that is so vital to examine now. We might say that we love our families and friends but if we are acting and talking in unloving ways, we are NOT loving them the way Spirit intends for us to be loved.

My father is a great example of this. He loved us, his kids, but he was not loving to us. He and my mother fought constantly. He called her names and even hit her on occasion. We were always terrified that he would hurt her during one of their constant fights. I remember being a very frightened little girl sitting on the stairway with my frightened little brother listening to them do battle. That is not showing your children love, kindness or compassion. My father was a "good" man in many ways. He had an outstanding work ethic and did not abuse alcohol or drugs. He and my mother married young and had five children very quickly. By the age of 28 years old my father was responsible for a 22 year old wife and five children all under the age of seven. Can you imagine the stress on that young, struggling couple? No wonder they fought like they did! My father had no idea that his words and actions hurt his children so deeply. He is the perfect example of how Spirit and the Life's Review can alter what happens next. We examine what we have done to try and heal that hurt that we created. My father has decided to work from Spirit to try and help heal my mother and his children from the pain that he created when he was on the planet. Healing is about forgiveness; an important questions to ask one's self is how and if we have learned to forgive. Forgiveness takes different forms; forgiveness of others who have hurt us and forgiveness of ourselves for hurting others. Have we tried to do better, by loving more openly and honestly? Have we loved fully and without condition? Forgiveness does not mean that we continue with behaviors that are less than healing to our physical bodies and our souls. True forgiveness is at the heart of Spirituality, forgiveness of others, forgiveness of self, and living one's life in the state of forgiving and healing of all.

Fred's Story

Fred, the father of six children, mostly sons, recently crossed to Spirit at the age of 86 years old. In his younger years, Fred was not very loving or compassionate toward his children. He was often harsh in his criticism and his discipline methods. His father, who by all accounts was even harsher in his treatment of the young Fred, had raised him much the same way.

Fred was a hard worker and possessed a strong work ethic. He started his own company and through hard work and perseverance became successful and financially well off. He was well spoken, well educated and was well respected in his community. He enjoyed good food, good conversation and good wine.

In spite of his business success and his best intentions, the damage was great and severe with his sons. As Fred aged, as is often the case, he mellowed in his attitude and his harsh and cold ways. He developed better relationships with some of his children, but the damage had taken its toll. Most of his children had serious alcohol and drug issues. They suffered from low self-esteem, failed marriages and broken relationships. Some of his children were apathetic towards him, and visited infrequently, usually for a holiday. On the few occasions when they did come together as a family, it often ended with the sons drinking too much, loud arguments, and even an occasional fistfight would ensue. Fred was a devout Catholic who loved God and practiced his faith. He rationalized his cruel behavior as "spare the rod, spoil the child". Imagine his surprise when he was shown his life's review. He had no idea when he was on Earth how his actions and lack of compassion had so deeply hurt his children. He was saddened by this hard reality and felt very remorseful. He was hurt by the hurt he had caused them.


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Table of Contents


Face-To-Face with Truth!....................3
What Happens When We Die?....................4
The Life's Review....................6
Fred's Story....................9
How Can We Communicate?....................11
Rocking the Baby....................14
The Realtor and the Ghost....................15
The Traveling Balloons....................16
Maggie's Dog....................18
Crossing Yourself Over....................20
Dan's Story....................23
The Hierarchy....................25
The Light Workers....................29
The Light & the Light Beings....................30
The Guides....................31
Lake Erie – Back in Time....................32
The Shiprock....................37
The Dog Named Enzo....................38
Astral Travel & the Trip to Sedona....................40
Message Of Light & Love From Spirit....................43
Free Will....................44
Kobe's Soul Journey....................45
The Billy Pulpit....................48
The Rainbow Slide....................59
The Ancient Battle....................60
The Beauty and the Lawyer....................61
The Regulators....................63
A Message to Me....................64
Soul Clans....................66
The Player and the Playmate....................69
Karma, the Great Equalizer....................72
What You Fear You Create!....................75
Soul/Spirit Versus Person/Ego....................81
The Importance and Unimportance of Ego....................84
The Oneness Profile....................87
One Spirit Profile....................90
The Journey Profile....................97
The Healing....................99
The Message to Linda....................103
Linda's Story & the Angel named Marcella....................104
Lauren's Song....................106
Rules For Healing The Soul....................114
Self – Love – What It Is And What It Is Not....................116
The Summary....................118
We Will Never Leave You!....................119
Truth, Love and Justice....................120
The Joy of Loving God....................121

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One Spirit Place: The Powerful Connection Between Body & Soul 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
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The journey of the soul and the person are closely intertwined. The soul needs a body to experience and create, the body needs a soul to be human. Incarnated souls often do not hear the elusive voice of their soul. If your desire is to have an understanding of your life purpose and create profound positive change, the key lies in understanding the powerful connection between the person and their soul.