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One Step Ahead: A Mother of Seven Escaping Hitler's Claws

One Step Ahead: A Mother of Seven Escaping Hitler's Claws

by Avraham Azrieli
One Step Ahead: A Mother of Seven Escaping Hitler's Claws

One Step Ahead: A Mother of Seven Escaping Hitler's Claws

by Avraham Azrieli


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Hitler’s attack on Russia in the spring of 1941 and the Nazi eastward blitzkrieg form a dramatic backdrop to this true story. On the first day of Operation Barbarossa, in the midst of battle, Esther Parnes leads her family east, away from the Polish village of Skalat. A step ahead of Hitler’s earth-scorching troops, Esther and her children endure hunger, disease, and bloodshed. But Hitler’s four-year campaign defeats neither Mother Russia nor Esther Parnes. In an era when women were confined to traditional household roles, at a time when proud men bowed their heads as they stood at the edge of a pit waiting to be shot, this redheaded woman challenged Adolf Hitler. Based on extensive interviews and independent research into the Parnes family’s plight and the Nazi war on Russia, this book tells the story of an extraordinary mother’s battle to save her seven children.

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ISBN-13: 9781401082802
Publisher: Xlibris US
Publication date: 07/21/2004
Pages: 198
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.45(d)

About the Author

Avraham Azrieli, a graduate of Columbia Law School in New York City, practiced law for two decades before publishing his first novel, The Masada Complex, a best-selling political thriller. Azrieli's novels include The Jerusalem Inception, The Jerusalem Assassin, Christmas for Joshua, The Mormon Candidate, Thump and The Bootstrap Ultimatum. He is also the author of two non-fiction books, Your Lawyer on a Short Leash, and the WWII biography One Step Ahead, which inspired the musical By Wheel and by Wing. Like his protagonist, Ben Teller, Azrieli often rides his motorcycle in the mountainous forests of western Maryland. His website is:

Praise for Avraham Azrieli’s books:

The Mormon Candidate – “Plotted like a cinematic thriller, Azrieli has come up with a very powerful novel. At work here is his extraordinary magic in making his readers as eager as his protagonist in uncovering the truth and thus effectively creating pervasive fear and suspense. Sure to keep you up late against your better judgment. Don't say I didn't warn you.” Norm Goldman, Examiner.

The Jerusalem Inception - “Beautifully and superbly narrated.” Bookpleasures. “Boldly realistic plotlines and genuine, well-developed characters. Highly recommended!” Yahoo News/Politics. “Protagonist Jerusalem Gerster is the quintessential recruit.” NY Daily News.

The Jerusalem Assassin - “Action-packed escapade ... memorable cast of characters ... pages turn as fast as the plot twists and locales shift, taking the reader from Paris to Zurich to Amsterdam to Tel Aviv.” Jewish News.

Thump - “A light-hearted romp through sexual proclivities ... the characters are lovable ... the irreverence is delightful. Thought-provoking. Interesting. Unconventional. Recommended!” U.S. Review of Books.

Christmas for Joshua - “In its own gentle way, the book is as much a page-turner as Azrieli’s thrillers - pulling the reader into complex personal and familial conflicts.” The Jewish Journal.

The Masada Complex - “Brims with gritty authenticity ... a genuine treat!” David Liss, author of Conspiracy of Paper, winner of Edgar. “Riveting portrayal of global intrigue!” Stella Pope Duarte, author of If I Die in Juaréz, winner of the 2009 American Book Award.

The Bootstrap Ultimatum - “The real magic here is Azrieli's incredible ability to create well-developed characters as well as his skill in knowing how to draw in his readers.” Examiner. “This novel is not merely a fast-paced, action thriller but it is also full of heart. An entertaining, thought provoking read that will be sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats.” Hollywood Book Reviews. “Thought-provoking. Plenty of action make this book difficult to put down. Fans of Ben Teller and girlfriend Dr. Keera Torrens won't be disappointed. Entertaining.” The US Review of Books “Much more than a fun read. Azrieli’s latest work will appeal to a wide range of readers in its accessibility, fast-paced action, and intelligent storyline.” Pacific Book Review.

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