One Teenager at a Time: Developing Self-Awareness and Critical Thinking in Adolescents

One Teenager at a Time: Developing Self-Awareness and Critical Thinking in Adolescents

by Kari O'Driscoll


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This book is a social-emotional education manual for middle and high school educators. The curriculum contained in this book is innovative, creative, and draws on the most current research in education, mindfulness, and adolescent brain development. It will add a vital piece to the growth and development of middle and high school students as it offers them "soft skills" they will need as they navigate higher education and the workforce. It offers no Right/Wrong solutions and instead helps adolescents explore their own values and beliefs in a shared space that allows for an honest exchange of ideas. Content areas include Compassion, Mindfulness, Self-Worth, Positive Mindset, and Dealing with Stress, Anxiety, and Fear. Each lesson addresses more than one of the CASEL guidelines for social-emotional health, with an appendix mapping the specific skills to each lesson. Educators will find the lessons flexible in that there is no specific progression or required format. They can be delivered in one sitting or across several smaller time periods such as homeroom or advisory periods.

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ISBN-13: 9781475851465
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 08/01/2019
Pages: 122
Product dimensions: 6.03(w) x 8.69(h) x 0.28(d)

About the Author

Kari O’Driscoll is the founder of The SELF Project, an organization that uses mindfulness and nonviolent communication techniques to build resilience in adolescents. She is a Pacific NW native and mother of two who writes about parenting, health, and social justice.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1- First Lessons
Adolescent Brain Development 101
Learning/Communication Styles
Chapter 2- Mindfulness
Educator Notes
Energy Follows Intention
Anger Comes From Fear
Owning Our Stories
Mindfulness & Conflict
The Trap of Superlatives
Living Your Values
Chapter 3- Compassion
Educator Notes
Seeing Others in Pain
Differing Perspectives
Name-Calling v. Owning Our Emotions
Myths & Misperceptions About Bullying
What Don't You Know?
Alternative Forms of Wealth
Chapter 4- Positive Mindset
Educator Notes
Deserving Joy
Finding Joy
The Three Crowns
Finding Meaning
Chapter 5- Self-Worth
Educator Notes
Comparison as a Form of Self-Judgment
Fitting In
Platonic Ideals
Pressure to Perform
Chapter 6- Stress, Anxiety & Fear
Educator Notes
Going it Alone
Fear, Wisdom & Equanimity
How We Freak Ourselves Out
The Power of Story
Rewiring Your Brain to Chill
Appendix A- Activities
Positive Mindset
Stress, Anxiety & Fear
Additional Activities
Appendix B- Skills Reference Guide
About the Author

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