One Texas Cowboy Too Many

One Texas Cowboy Too Many

by Carolyn Brown

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One Texas Cowboy Too Many by Carolyn Brown

"A delightful story with a charming, laid-back cowboy and a good blend of humor and sexy tension makes this one entertaining read."—RT Book Reviews, 4 ½ stars, TOP PICK!

It's Romeo & Juliet meets the Hatfields & the McCoys in New York Times and USA Today bestseller Carolyn Brown's delightful and wildly romantic third contemporary cowboy romance in the Burnt Boot, Texas series.

Leah Brennan has always been the good girl of the Brennan family, groomed to become the matriarch of the clan. When a dark-eyed, tattooed, ponytailed bad boy saunters into her life, Leah knows he's off-limits—but his mesmerizing gaze makes her forget everything she used to think was important. As town-wide tension rises, Leah wonders if love really can conquer all...

When Rhett O'Donnell roars into Burnt Boot on a hot July evening, the first thing he sees is a beautiful blonde. She puts a little extra giddy-up in his heartbeat, but when Rhett's desire throws him into the middle of a love triangle and a hundred-year-old feud, he realizes that winning his cowgirl's heart will be a lot more complicated than he thought.

Burnt Boot, Texas series:
Cowboy Boots for Christmas (Book 1)
The Trouble with Texas Cowboys (Book 2)
One Texas Cowboy Too Many (Book 3)
A Cowboy Christmas Miracle (Book 4)

Praise for The Trouble with Texas Cowboys:
"Touching and heartwarming, and completely believable...[the] characters are hilarious, colorful, and eccentric as ever; what a treat to be back in Burnt Boot!" —Fresh Fiction
"Ruggedly handsome cowboys...a plucky heroine...humorous, heartwarming storytelling...infectious banter...a solid, well-crafted plot...and the chemistry sizzles. One entertaining read." —RT Book Reviews 4 stars

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781402296116
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 03/01/2016
Series: Burnt Boot, Texas , #3
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 317,457
Product dimensions: 4.20(w) x 6.80(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Carolyn Brown is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author with more than sixty books published. She writes bestselling single title cowboy and country music mass market romances, as well as women's fiction. Born in Texas and raised in southern Oklahoma, Carolyn and her husband now make their home in the town of Davis, Oklahoma.

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One Texas Cowboy Too Many


Sourcebooks, Inc.

Copyright © 2016 Carolyn Brown
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4022-9612-3


The rumbling noise of a motorcycle took Leah Brennan's attention away from the produce in the Burnt Boot General Store. She pushed her cart up a few feet so she could see out the front window, expecting to see leather, chains, and shiny, black biker's helmets on maybe half a dozen cycles after all that noise. It had sounded like part of the Hell's Angels gang had come to town, so she was surprised when only one person removed his helmet and hung it on steer horns mounted on the front of the cycle. And she was even more surprised when a cowboy dismounted instead of a biker.

It was impolite to stare, but Leah couldn't tear her eyes away from the newcomer, especially when Sawyer O'Donnell shot out from behind the checkout counter and rushed outside. Horses and four-wheelers on the streets of the little town weren't unusual, but motorcycles were an altogether different matter, especially a big, tricked-out Harley with enough chrome on it to blind the angels. He met Sawyer in one of those fierce man hugs that involve a lot of slapping on the back and laughter.

She moved to a different vantage point so she could get a better look at the cowboy. His wavy, dark hair was wet with sweat and hung in ringlets to his shirt collar. He fetched a rubber band from the pocket of his tight jeans and whipped it back into a short, little ponytail. Green eyes sparkled beneath heavy brows, and a little soul patch of dark hair rested beneath lips that stretched out in a wide smile. A green-and-yellow plaid shirt hung open to reveal a damp, white T-shirt clinging to a perfect six-pack. He removed the overshirt and slung it over his shoulder, revealing a tat of longhorns on his right arm.

Her breath caught in her chest, and she forgot to exhale for several seconds. Her biggest fantasy, other than someday marrying Tanner Gallagher, was to ride on a cycle, holding on to a cowboy like the one talking to Sawyer O'Donnell. Neither one would ever happen, but it didn't hurt to dream.

They wasted no time getting out of the hot July sun and into the cool store, and Sawyer motioned to her as soon as he shut the door. "Hey, Leah, come on up here and meet my cousin Rhett O'Donnell. He's going to live on Fiddle Creek and help us out. We wanted him to join us last spring, but he had to fulfill another contract. But he's here now and believe me, we can sure use him. Rhett, this is Leah Brennan."

She pushed her cart to the checkout counter.

"Right pleased to meet you, ma'am." Rhett smiled and held out a hand.

She put her hand in his and his deep-green eyes bored into hers. She felt as if he could see all the visions in her head and hear her unspoken thoughts. Two spots of high color filled her cheeks and hot little vibes danced around the room. She quickly pulled her hand away from his and latched tightly on to the cart handle.

She could almost hear the gossip flying about Rhett O'Donnell and his tricked-out motorcycle, but that cowboy was way, way too wild and exciting for Leah Brennan. She bit back a sigh as she said, "Welcome to Burnt Boot."

"Leah is a teacher over at the school on River Bend Ranch," Sawyer said.

"None of my teachers were ever so pretty," Rhett drawled.

Sawyer chuckled. "No, they weren't."

"Thank you." Leah smiled. "If you'll charge these things to River Bend, Sawyer, I'd appreciate it."

"Yes, ma'am," Sawyer said.

It was easy to see that Sawyer and Rhett were cousins. They had the same angles in their faces, and they were the same height. Sawyer's skin was the color of coffee with lots of pure cream and his eyes were brown, giving testimony that he had some Latino in his background. But while Rhett's skin was as brown, it looked more like a deep tan from working out in the sun all summer.

Rhett's green eyes were rimmed with dark eyelashes so thick that most women would commit homicide to have them. He'd better be able to run fast in those cowboy boots, because the women in Burnt Boot were probably already getting their jogging shoes out and cleaned up. A picture of her old, well-worn pink shoes with a white swoosh on the side came to mind. They were sitting beside the nightstand in her room. She'd worn them last Sunday when she went to the river to do some fishing.

Get ahold of yourself, Leah Brennan. Good God, girl! She scolded herself. You don't get all woozy just lookin' at a new cowboy in town.

She stole glances at that soul patch and the lip above it. What would it be like to kiss those lips? Or to wrap her arms around that broad chest with her breasts pressed against his back as she rode on the back of that cycle?

"That's an interesting motorcycle. Did you ride from very far away?" Her voice sounded a bit hollow in her own ears, but his eyes were locked on hers again and it flat-out made her antsy.

"I personalized it." He smiled. "I had a good long ride up across the state from down near Comfort, Texas. My sister and her husband are almost here too. They're bringing my truck and all my belongings with them, including Dammit. That would be my dog, not a cussword. Do you ride?"

Leah shook her head. "No, never have ridden on one. Is that really your dog's name?"

Rhett's head bobbed up and down. "It really is his name. Did you ever wonder what it would be like to have the wind blowing past you at seventy or more miles per hour?"

Could he read her mind? Surely he couldn't read minds. Holy Mother of God, what if he did and he knew what she was thinking when she looked at his lips?

"What makes you think that I ever even thought about riding?" she asked.

"The way you look at the cycle."

"Well, it's pretty unusual with those horns attached to the front."

"Just lettin' folks know that a cowboy rides that bike." He chuckled.

Sawyer finished sacking her groceries and shoved a ticket across the counter for her to sign. "There's a story about those horns, but he has to know you real well to tell you."

She initialed the receipt and asked, "Would it be the same story as the one about the tat on his arm?"

One of Rhett's eyelids slid shut in a slow, sexy wink. "It sure is, but it's not a first-date story. It could be a third-date story."

She was intrigued by the story, but she'd never see a third date with Rhett O'Donnell, because in order to get to that point, she'd have to have a first and second date. That would never happen no matter how many times he winked at her or how badly she wanted to ride the cycle or hear the story. Her grandmother hated motorcycles, and no one bucked up against Mavis Brennan.

Leah quickly changed the subject. "Dammit? Why would you give a dog such a name? Or is that a third-date story too?"

"No, it's only a dog story." Rhett smiled and the temperature in the store shot up several degrees. "I named him Lambert after Miranda Lambert, but I guess he didn't like bein' named after a girl, so he sat there like a knot on a log every time I called him. So I'd say, 'Dammit, come here.' And here he'd come runnin' hellbent for leather. So I gave up and called him Dammit."

Leah reached to pick up two of the paper bags of groceries. "Smart dog. With a name like that, he sounds so mean that I bet all the other dogs leave him alone."

"You are so right. Here, let me carry those out to your truck for you." Rhett grabbed the two bags she had, and his fingertips brushed against her bare forearm. "They're way too heavy for a cute little woman like you."

Sawyer picked up the third bag. "What makes you think she drives a truck? Maybe she's in a van or a car."

"Leah is a truck kind of lady, and besides, there's only one other vehicle in the lot besides your truck, Sawyer." Rhett managed to open the door and stand to one side. "In the backseat or in the truck bed, ma'am?"

She had always imagined that Tanner's touch would set her hormones to spinning like Rhett's had just done. But she'd sure never thought a comment about what she drove would create a picture in her mind of making out in the backseat — or the bed — of her truck. Holy hell! Rhett had opened Pandora's box and Leah had no idea how to handle it.

"Backseat is fine, and thank you," she mumbled.

"Anytime. I understand there will be days I'll be helping out in the store and at the bar, so maybe I'll see you in one or either place this summer," he said.

She nodded. "Burnt Boot is a small town. I'm sure our paths will cross."

Rhett held the truck door open for her until she was settled into the driver's seat, and then he slammed it shut. She started the engine but sat there for a few minutes watching them go back inside the store. She took one more long, envious look at that motorcycle before she pulled out onto the road and headed toward River Bend Ranch. The air conditioner shot semi-cold air right into her face. It would cool down more as she drove down the paved road to the dirt one that turned in to the River Bend Ranch properties, but it wouldn't do a thing for the heat inside her body.

She slapped the steering wheel and inhaled deeply once she was out on the road. If she'd been a swearing woman, she would have turned loose every bad word in the dictionary. But Leah Brennan knew how to control her tongue and her thoughts. At least, she had until right at that moment.

"Dammit!" she said so loud that it bounced around in the truck and shot right back into her ears. "Damn cowboy has got me cussin' and I don't use that kind of language."

* * *

"She's one of the Brennans. I told you about the feud," Sawyer said.

"Yep." Rhett nodded. "But I expected old people with shotguns and chaws of tobacco in their mouths, not knock-your-socks-off drop-dead-gorgeous women."

"Speakin' of which." Sawyer pointed.


"More Brennans." Sawyer nodded toward another truck pulling up in front of the store. "I can give you directions to the bunkhouse if you want to get on down there. Jill is waiting on y'all. She's making one of her famous desserts."

"Hell no!" Rhett grinned. "I'm not going anywhere. Store closes in fifteen minutes and you can lead the way to the bunkhouse."

"And, besides, you do like to meet the pretty women, right?" A burst of hot air followed two women into the general store. A tall, willowy blond with brown eyes stopped in her tracks not four feet from Rhett and slowly looked him up and down.

"You don't look like a biker," she said.

"Rhett, meet Kinsey and Honey Brennan," Sawyer said, introducing them.

"Pleased to meet you both," Rhett said. "Sisters?" Honey, the dark-haired one with crystal-clear blue eyes shook her head. "Cousins."

"Kin to Leah, then?" Rhett asked.

Kinsey took a step forward, and he got a whiff of expensive perfume. With those velvety eyes, high cheekbones, and full lips that didn't ask but demanded a man to kiss her, she might have been considered downright sexy in some men's eyes. Not Rhett's. He'd seen her kind at rodeos — their eyes always scanning for a cowboy looking for a good time.

"So you've met Leah?" Kinsey asked in a low, husky voice.

"There's lots of us Brennans over on River Bend." Honey smiled. "Would you like to come to Sunday dinner and meet all of us?"

Her dark hair floated down to her shoulders in big waves that begged a man to run his fingers through it. Eyes the color of a Texas summer sun floated behind black lashes and perfectly arched eyebrows. She wore a cute little sundress that hugged her curves, but both women made Rhett feel like they were studying a prize bull at an auction. In another place, like a rodeo, where they'd fit right in with the buckle bunnies, he might have been interested, but not in Burnt Boot.

"Well?" Honey asked.

"Not this week," Rhett said. "But thanks for the invitation."

Sawyer pointed at the clock above the register. "Ten minutes and we'll have to close, ladies. Y'all might want to get what you need so we can ring it up."

Kinsey ignored him and looked at Rhett. "Are you here for a visit? We heard that you were coming to help Gladys and Sawyer, but no one could tell us how long you're staying."

Rhett propped a hip on the checkout counter. "I'm here for good or until Sawyer kicks me off Fiddle Creek."

Sawyer fixed his stare on the clock.

Honey's eyes kept running up and down Rhett's body from boots to ponytail. "It's hot enough to make a woman want to go skinny-dippin' in the Red River. You want to join me to cool off?"

Kinsey laid two candy bars and a couple cans of soda pop on the counter. "Don't give us the old stink eye, Sawyer. I know it's closing time and we won't be but a minute. We came in for an afternoon treat. Charge these to River Bend." Kinsey winked at Rhett. "FYI, darlin', River Bend is the Brennan ranch. I'll see you tonight, cowboy. You could be nice and save me a dance."

"I'll be the one behind the bar drawin' beer and makin' margaritas. Don't reckon I'll have time for dancin'," he said.

"I'll be the one wantin' a pitcher of those margaritas," Honey said. "If you asked real nice, I might let you take me home on that cycle out there, Rhett O'Donnell."

"How do you know that's my cycle?" he asked.

A throaty chuckle caused Rhett to shift his attention from Honey to Kinsey. Kinsey had a hand on a hip, a pose that should have made him drool and follow her around like a little hound dog puppy. "Everybody in town knew you were arriving today. But we didn't know you'd be so delicious. I've never ridden on a cycle with horns on the handlebar. It's a nice cowboy touch."

"I'll be driving my truck tonight, and I'll be going home all by myself when the bar closes," Rhett drawled.

"Oh, Kinsey, he's going to play hard to get. I do like a good chase," Honey said.

Kinsey slung a hip against her cousin. "I'll bet you a hundred dollars I can outrun you and get a ride on that cycle first."

"I'm standing right here, and I'll bet you both a hundred dollars that neither of you are going to ride on my cycle," Rhett said.

Honey reached up and touched the soul patch. "I do like a little facial hair, and that is so sexy. The Sadie Hawkins Festival is only two weeks away. If you're going to outrun me, darlin', you'd best start walkin' outside in your bare feet."

"Why would I do that?" Rhett asked.

"Because you'll want to toughen up those feet so that you can run faster through the grass and stickers when we are chasin' you ... unless of course, you want to just sit down and let me catch you in the first two minutes of the race."

"And do the ladies run barefoot too?" he asked.

"Oh, yes," Kinsey said. "And we're already getting our feet ready for the race."

Kinsey picked up the brown paper bag with the soda pop and candy bars and motioned for Honey to follow her. They almost made it to the door when it opened wide and a redheaded woman with emerald-green eyes was right in front of them. Kinsey's nose curled and Honey rolled her eyes at the sight of the lady coming into the store.

Betsy moved from her place under the air-conditioning vent to stand so close to Kinsey that their shoulders almost touched. Kinsey moved away from her and held her nose.

"Are you another Brennan?" Rhett asked.

"Bite your tongue, cowboy. I'm a Gallagher. Don't you know you're in cowboy country? We ride horses and four-wheelers, not motorcycles. That's not cowboy, even if you do glue horns on the front of it," the woman answered.

Kinsey rolled her eyes toward the ceiling and sighed.

"What scorpion crawled up your prissy ass this morning, Kinsey Brennan?" Betsy asked.

"You smell like shit and don't look much better, Betsy Gallagher," Kinsey growled.

"Shit smells better than that perfume you took a bath in this morning."

"Ladies, remember where you are," Sawyer warned them. "You want to fight and argue, take it out in the middle of the road. Better hurry up and grab what you came in for, Betsy, because closing time is in five minutes," Sawyer said.

"What the hell is that out there?" Betsy pointed. "Is it a motorcycle or a bionic steer?"

Her jeans and boots testified that she'd been working in the hay fields all day. Sweat rimmed the misshapen straw hat shoved down on her red hair, and her knit shirt and tight jeans hugged her curvy body.

"Four minutes now," Sawyer said.

"Don't get your undershorts in a wad, Sawyer. I'm not here to buy anything. I stopped by to see what all the fuss is about. I see Honey and Kinsey did the same thing."

"What fuss?" Sawyer asked.

"This wild biker right here." Betsy's eyes did a sweeping scan of Rhett. "I do like the ponytail and the soul patch, and the tat is real nice." She traced it with her forefinger.

"Oh really?" Rhett grinned.


Excerpted from One Texas Cowboy Too Many by CAROLYN BROWN. Copyright © 2016 Carolyn Brown. Excerpted by permission of Sourcebooks, Inc..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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One Texas Cowboy Too Many 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 21 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Recommended This is a story which can easily make the reader laugh out loud. The two main families are as bad as, if not worse, than the Hatfield and McCoys. The extremes they go to to "get revenge" is funny when it is fiction. I wanted to give this a 5-star rating but just could not justify it when there were such obvious mistakes. Two examples from several: The paragraph was talking about a female and it used a male pronoun. Then, in another section it was writing about Rhett leaving - the beginning of the sentence indicated he was going towards his cycle; three or four words later it switch to his truck; finally ending the sentence back to his cycle. These types of errors are so frustrating to read. Even with these blaring errors the story remained sweet, funny and a great read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guaranteed to make you smile and wish you had a man as sweet and sexy as this cowboy. Mixed with a lot of crazy family drama and action. Looking forward to hear what happens to Betsy ;)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great,action!! packed Good cowboys
TheSassyBookster More than 1 year ago
ONE TEXAS COWBOY TOO MANY is the perfect read for anyone looking for a good laugh. It's sweet, sassy, chaotic in an entertaining way and so very funny! Leah Brennan has always had a crush on Tanner Gallagher but the long running and legendary feud between their families means that nothing can come of her feelings for him. Leah has been the good girl, quiet, obedient and malleable and would never go against the wishes of her grandmother, the matriarch of their family in any way, especially by getting involved with a Gallagher. But all that changes when Rhett O’Donnell rides into town on his bike and brings Leah's hunger for a walk on the wild side to life. Cowboy Rhett O’Donnell is in Burnt Boot, Texas to help out family temporarily but finds his attention snagged by blonde beauty, Leah Brennan. Pursuing his interest in Leah lands him in the middle of an ongoing feud but he won't let such a little (or big) thing stand in the way of what he wants. But the path to happiness is not easy. Between dueling matriarchs and a former love interest with ulterior motives, the town of Burnt Boot is waiting with bated breath to see how Leah and Rhett's romance plays out. This story got my attention about five pages in and I knew I was in for a fun time, a promise that was delivered on big-time. The Brennan-Gallagher feud is quite over the top but is a central part of this story and right off the bat there are a lot of characters to meet, which makes it a little confusing at times but adds to the entertainment. The entire story is sometimes funny, sometimes annoying, sometimes silly, and a lot stinky but there is never a dull moment when these families do battle. I enjoyed both Leah and Rhett's characters very much. Rhett is quite the romantic and very caring and Leah's sweetness hides a core of steel. Her growth from quiet to feisty is my favorite thing about this book. Leah wants to keep the peace but not at the expense of her happiness and Rhett is worth fighting for, so when it's a choice between Rhett and her future with the family, she chooses Rhett without any hesitation. The ending was a bit rushed and convenient for me but for lighthearted fun, you can't go wrong with ONE TEXAS COWBOY TOO MANY. Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
BookSnuggle More than 1 year ago
"One Texas Cowboy Too Many" by Carolyn Brown is book three in the "Burnt Boot, Texas" series. This is Leah Brennan and Rhett O'Donnell's story. In Burnt Boot there are the Brennan's and the Gallagher's that have been feuding for years. If you are a Brennan, then you do what Mavis says. If you are a Gallagher, then you do what Naomi says. These ladies will do just about anything to get back at each other even if it's against the law. Then in Burnt Boot you also have the people that don't take either side. Leah has always been considered the quiet and good girl. Growing up Leah had a crush on Tanner Gallagher but because of the feuding they never dated. Leah meets Rhett O'Donnell and is immediately attracted to him. Rhett is off limits because he drives a motorcycle, has a ponytail, and has tattoos. Mavis, her grandmother, forbids her to have anything to do with Tanner or Rhett. Leah loves her family, but is tired of the feuding. Will Leah go against her grandmother's wishes? So far, no one in the family has. Can Leah live with the consequences if she does go against her grandmother's wishes? Carolyn Brown is an author that doesn't disappoint. She pulls you in at the beginning and keeps you hooked throughout the book. I read it in one day. The book is filled with humor, heartfelt moments, sensual and romantic scenes. I really loved Rhett's character. You will also fall in love with his dog. A great book! I look forward to reading any book by Carolyn Brown. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley/Sourcebooks Casablanca for an honest review.
TheHealer15 More than 1 year ago
I absolutely love this series! Carolyn Brown, please keep going with the O'Donnell family. There are enough to keep us entertained for a long time.
GHott More than 1 year ago
Hott Review of One Texas Cowboy Too Many: For the longest time Leah Brennan has had a crush on the one man that’s off limits. When Rhett O’Donnell looks her way she finds she’s got one Texas cowboy too many. I completely LOVED One Texas Cowboy Too Many. Even with the fued it wasn’t intense and ugly, well, a few were but it wasn’t terrible. It was sad that these two old ladies were holding a grudge over something dead and gone. I enjoyed Rhett and Leah. Tremendously. They were just fun and open. My favorite part though was learning more about the whys of the fued and seeing an end in sight… well, maybe in the generations to come. More… Author: Carolyn Brown Source: NetGalley via Sourcebooks Casablanca Publisher & Date: March 1st 2016 by Sourcebooks Casablanca Genre: Contemporary Romance ISBN: 1402296118 (ISBN13: 9781402296116) Pages: 352 Grade: A+ Steam: Adult | Not too steamy or detailed but definitely inappropriate for younger readers. Some foul language. Setting: Burnt Boot, Texas Series: Burnt Boot, Texas #3
DebsIN More than 1 year ago
Carolyn Brown is one of my favorite authors and I just loved this 3rd book in the "Burnt Boot Texas" series. Rhett, the motorcycle cowboy, and Leah were so much fun. The two feuding matriarchs and their clans had me laughing to tears. The antics of the two clans that were one upping each other with the ongoing feud of a hundred years, while Leah and Rhett were falling in love kept me reading into the wee hours of the morning. No one tells a story of western romance like Carolyn Brown and this one packs a punch. Of course, the sweet romance between Leah and Rhett during all of the feuding makes this story a must read! Thank You to NetGalley and SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca for gifting me this ARC and only asking for an honest review.
Anlenhart1 More than 1 year ago
Leah Brennan has lived her entire life on her family's ranch in Burnt Boot, Texas. The Brennan's are bitter rivals of Gallaghers and she has been raised under her grandmother's iron fist. She meets Rhett O'Donnell, a long-haired cowboy on a motorcycle who is in town to help a family member, and is instantly drawn to him. They start to date and Grandma Mavis takes an instant dislike to Rhett. She forces Leah to chose between her place in the family and her relationship with Rhett... How will Rhett and Leah's romance work out... I don't want to spoil anything, but your will smile as Carolyn Brown adds her signature blend of humor and romance! This is Book 2 in the Burnt Boot series and while it isn't necessary to the first to enjoy this book, it definitely helps the reader understand the characters of the town. This is fun book with enjoyable characters! I was given a free copy for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love it hoping for in this series
PollyBennett More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this addition to the series. The feud is getting more and more violent and complicated. This series is funny, well written, and the story line does get it's points across.
alterlisa More than 1 year ago
I'm always a sucker for a good cowboy romance and nobody is better at it than Carolyn Brown. It amazes me at the variety of sexy, sweeter than soda pop characters that she comes up with. Reading one of her romances is like going to a family reunion where you get to see the feisty older aunts (that you've heard just enough about to know they were hell raisers in their day), the blatantly sexy cousins (who you know not to let get close to your boyfriend) and all the other family members that you hadn't even realized you'd missed so much. When you throw in a 100 year feud with a growing romance, you are bound to get some hilarious escapades that will have you laughing out loud and swearing you can hear and smell the outhouse as it explodes all around you.
ReneeEntress More than 1 year ago
4.5 star I was pulled right into this story. The story flowed well and I was kept interested. The story has laughs, crazy family feuds, and sweet romance. If you have not read the below I would recommend reading those books(s) first Cowboy Boots for Christmas: Cowboy Not Included (Burnt Boot, Texas, #1) The Trouble with Texas Cowboys (Burnt Boot, Texas, #2) This is Leah and Rhett’s story. Leah is a good girl and follows all the rules of her family. That is until she is forbidden on seeing Rhett. She is not going to stop seeing someone to make her family happy. But what happens when threats and ultimatums are issued. The feud is getting hot and heavy. They are trying to seduce her over to their side of the feud. Rhett is a cowboy who is in town to help out his cousin. He sees Leah and falls for her. But he will not make her choose him or her family. She has to decide for herself. The more the feud goes on the more Leah pulls away from her family. When she finally has enough and leaves will she choose Rhett or just to be on her own? I loved these characters and also the side characters. I felt I was able to connect with the characters and the story was a great read. I highly recommend this book and can’t wait for the next story in this series.
judiOH More than 1 year ago
another great story set in burnt boot. there's a feud going on between the brennan's and the gallagher's. rhett o'donnell arrives in town and ends up smack=dab in the middle. this is a heart-warming love story with many bits of humor. with each family trying to outdo the other in the feud, and rhett trying to romance leah brennan, there are many moments of enjoyment for the reader. the 'pig war' is nothing compared to this new one.
LindaTownsend More than 1 year ago
An action-packed, fast-paced, sexy tale with a generous dose of laugh-out-loud silliness "Sometimes you've got to get a machete and hack your way through the kudzu to make your own path in life." ONE TEXAS COWBOY TOO MANY by Carolyn Brown is a sexy romp returning fans of the series back to Burnt Boot, Texas where the Gallagher/Brennan family feud has escalated into territories previously unimagined. This installment is the story of good girl schoolteacher Leah Brennan and green-eyed, tattooed, long-haired, mouth-watering rancher Rhett O'Donnell. Leah and Rhett shined as our hero and heroine. Rhett roared into the small western town on his cycle sporting a set of impressive steer horns on its handlebars. You'd better believe that there's a story behind those horns... but don't expect to hear it until after you've survived a third date with its dangerous, hot rider. Leah had been crushing on Tanner Gallagher for as long as she could remember. Being a Brennan, a Gallagher was off-limits to her. But, as the two families' feud literally explodes into uncharted territory, Leah finds herself on Tanner's radar just as she starts questioning her attraction to him in light of the raw chemistry that's sparking between her and another forbidden guy, Rhett. Mavis, her grandmother and the matriarch of the Brennan's, isn't budging on her strict refusal to consider Rhett as a possible beau for Leah. No one expects Leah to buck Mavis' rules, but that's exactly what Leah does creating a mini-feud within the Brennan's. Rhett's and Leah's romance is a sure-fire standout alternating between sweet and hot. Even though the title implies a love triangle, there's no real competition once Rhett and Leah set their eyes on each other. Their romance is self-contained within this book. However, this series is best read in order as the feud's wonkiness would not play well as a standalone. Supporting characters included favorite characters from the previous books. It's an added treat to catch up with them. This series is lighthearted and whimsical. It's a fun read and not meant to be taken seriously. You can expect an action-packed, fast-paced, sexy tale with a generous dose of laugh-out-loud silliness. There's a plethora of drama - but not in the romance dept - the theatricals are concentrated between the wonky feuding families. I would recommend this series to anyone who enjoys highly entertaining sassy romances featuring sex-on-a-stick cowboys. My full review will be posted at Reading Between The Wines Book Club. Please check it out there. 4 Wine Glasses!
Holly More than 1 year ago
One Texas Cowboy Too Many is the third book in the Burnt Boot, Texas series and it tells of how one woman is brave enough to change the rules of a town feud for love. Leah Brennan has always been the good girl in a family that has a long time feud with the Gallaghers. When Rhett O'Donnell shows up in town on his motorcycle and which his family is the neutral family around, everything is bound to change in this small town. When Rhett shows up in town to help his family out with the town's bar and family ranch, a women named Leah catches his eye but she doesn't really want anything to with him until a surprise meeting at her secret spot changes everything. As Leah deals with her hard-headed grandmother, a few secrets come out about her past that makes her want to change things but a childhood crush on a Gallagher threatens everything with Rhett. It's not until both the Gallagher's and Leah's grandmother makes threats against Leah and Rhett, that they will make a decision that will change the town and to hopefully start the end of this feud!! I really loved this book and even though I'm not big on reading a series out of order, everything just flows together just right so your not totally lost in what happened in the previous books! The only problem I really had with the book was the ending, it ended too quickly for what was going on with story-line. For me personally, any book that is a romance and set in Texas is a true winner in my book and now I need to go back to read the first books in this series just to get a better handle on the families and the feud! I am gonna have to warn you though, there is gonna be a point that you are just gonna laugh out loud for what these families are doing to each other!! Thank You to Carolyn Brown for making me want to read more books by you and I can't wait to see what the next book in this series will hold!! I received this book from the Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.
Pure_Jonel More than 1 year ago
Brown returns to Burnt Boot, Texas with her readers in a story that was both comically light and emotionally hard hitting. She brings the setting to life with picturesque yet extremely vivid descriptions that allowed me to walk through these ranches alongside the characters. All the while, Brown tells a complex yet easily enjoyable tale about love, family, and all of the headaches that go with it. The feud between these two families was absolutely hilarious. It was so blown out of proportion that I couldn’t help but laugh at it. That said, because of it there were also some characters that I absolutely couldn’t stand. Nothing topped Leah & Rhett in this story however. As easy as it was for them to come together as individuals, the sheer number of things that they were battling was astounding. Not only was the relationship between them fantastic, but as individuals they were the type of people that you really want to read about. I enjoyed the fact that above all they both stayed true to themselves. This novel was a great addition to Brown’s Burnt Boot series. It was a fun read with that hint of emotion that makes the romance shine all the more brightly. It is best read as part of this series, but can also be easily read as a standalone. Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
Leah Brennan prides herself on being a good girl, and always doing the right thing, however, she has often dreamed about what it would be like to be bad for once in her life. And as soon as she sets her sights on Burnt Boots newest resident she knows he could be the one to help her live out her fantasy of walking on the wild side, but there's just one problem...he comes from the wrong family. A family that her family has been feuding with for years, which automatically makes him off limits... Rhett O'Donnell moved to Burnt Boot for a fresh start, and to help work on his families ranch, but once he arrives he realizes he has gotten himself into far more than he bargained for, feuding families and hundred year old grudges are just not something he wants to get mixed up into. So, he tries his best to avoid it, but that proves to be quite difficult when the woman he is interested in is right in the thick of it. They want to find a way to be together, but their feuding families aren't standing for it, and are doing their best to drive a wedge between them...question is can their love for one another withstand the war? This was my first visit to this series, and I have to admit I really enjoyed it, so much so, I plan to make a return visit very soon. The story line was very inventive and engaging and made for a refreshing first read. The characters were very well crafted and wildly entertaining, they had me laughing, smiling, and swooning the whole way through!! Definitely one I recommend everyone add to their reading lists, it's sure to warm your heart and add a few laughs to your day!! ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by Sourcebooks Casablanca in exchange for a honest and unbiased review
JackieBCentralTexasJB More than 1 year ago
Read from December 08 to 09, 2015 Book Info Paperback, 384 pages Expected publication: March 1st 2016 by Sourcebooks Casablanca ISBN 1402296118 (ISBN13: 9781402296116) seriesBurnt Boot, Texas #3 other editions (1) Source:Netgalley EARC Book Buy Links Amazon B&N BOOK SYNOPSIS For good girl Leah Brennan, the only thing worse than falling for the dark-eyed, tattooed Rhett O'Donnell would be falling for a member of the off-limits Gallagher clan—or maybe both. All Leah wants is to please her grandmother and bring some peace to the feuding town of Burnt Boot. With Tanner Gallagher—her forbidden, childhood crush—flirting with her and sexy Rhett showing up wherever she goes, Leah soon realizes that this may not be as easy as it seems… Will love be enough to conquer her family's hundred-year-old feud with the Gallaghers? My Thoughts I thought the pig wars in the last book was inventive but this time around we have a real stinker take place between the feuding Brennan's and Gallagher’s. Leah and Rhett's romance however is the main focus as well as being a source of gossip for Broken Boot residents. Once again we return to a fictional place with fictional characters one cannot help but feel involved with and root for every step of the way. Normally quiet, responsible, easy-going and considered the ”good girl” of the Brennan family Leah finds herself unable to ignore the excitement Rhett O’Donnell brings to life inside her each time they meet. Soon this is a bone of contention between her and her Grandmother Mavis, one that leads to changes long overdue for Leah as well as the rest of her family. Rhett O’Donnell finds a home in Burnt Boot Texas, one he did not expect when he came to help out his family on their ranch and bar. Although he is tattooed rides in on a motorcycle and wears his hair in a short ponytail Rhett is still a cowboy at heart. A cowboy who finds himself in the middle of the Brennan-Gallagher feud without quite knowing how he became ensnared. This was at times funny, at times poignant, at times frustrating, at times silly and always entertainingly described in a way that made it feel like the reader was right in the thick of things as they happened. Have to say there was never a dull moment when following along as the families plotted their shenanigans nor was Leah and Rhett’s relationship without some expected as well as unexpected pitfalls. Of course the end result was all the sweeter for the journey it took to get there. [EArc from Netgalley in exchange for honest review]
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
Burnt Boot is not your average small town. I would not describe it as quiet. There is definitely a lot going on in this crazy little town. I started out confused and maybe that is because I have not had the chance to read the first couple of books in the series. I received an ARC of One Texas Cowboy Too Many in exchange for an honest review. Leah and Rhett as a couple were a hot commodity. In a town built on secrets, feuds and chaos it's hard to hear your heart without wearing a pair of earphones. Leah wants to keep the peace but wants a little happiness for herself. One Texas Cowboy Too Many is good but has the potential to be great, once I catch up on a little back history that I missed in the other books from the series.