One Thousand Years to Forever

One Thousand Years to Forever

by Mary Moriarty

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BN ID: 2940045262477
Publisher: Mary Moriarty
Publication date: 08/30/2013
Series: My Beloved Vampire , #1
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 56,731
File size: 205 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

I grew up in New England surrounded by a lot of history and story telling by my father who was from the Mid-Coast of Maine. What I remember of my mother was her love of fairy tales, the wee people and poetry. So it’s no wonder I would one day write.
I actually started writing at a very young age, mostly poetry but I loved playing with words. I also loved books and before I even learned to read I would sit and pour over the books that had belonged to my mother. Works by writers such as Dante and Shakespeare filled the shelves. When I was about 6, I remember trying to read a first edition copy of Ivanhoe that belonged to her.
I have always expressed myself better on paper, I seem to stumble over words when I talk. It probably has to do with writing being in my blood. Louisa May Alcotts’s Grandmother’s maiden name was Bronson. That made Louisa a 2nd cousin to my Great grandfather. I found her when working on my Bronson Genealogy.
Always hearing history from my father gave me a very early love of that. I also went with him on jobs, he was a carpenter and he did a lot of work at Strawberry Bank in Portsmouth, NH and the surrounding historic homes so I was always near by, looking and absorbing the atmosphere.
All that translated into me getting into genealogy and working on both family histories in the early 80s-90s. I also helped with research for Historical Societies and family histories. This would lay the foundation for research for my books.
Fast forward to the late 90s I moved from New Hampshire to Texas to go to linguistics school . Then onto Cambodia for 11+ years. Many of those years were tumultuous . For a woman who hated heat and spiders I got a full dose but I loved the people and their culture. I learned some about the Ancient Khmer from Chandler’s “A History of Cambodia”. He worked at the Embassy in the early 90s when it was just a mission.
Again fast forward to 2009 my son Brendan Moriarty called and asked me to write a book about the Kings of Angkor. His idea at that point I couldn’t grasp. I said no. Not to be deterred he would wait a bit but in the very early spring of 2010 he asked me to do some research, knowing how well I loved to do just that… he said he needed it for his movie idea for The Kings of Angkor… Before we got done I said I not only wanted to do research for him I wanted to write the book. What he wanted and what I envisioned was a lot different but that was fine with him.
So began my writing career… well not entirely. I had started a novel back in Cambodia that Brendan later titled “The Lioness”. It’s still collecting dust but maybe some day I will pull it out and brush it off.
I finished “The Kings of Angkor: Army of a Thousand Elephants” and it was published by Dorrance Publishing in 2012. A year later, 2013 I self- published “One Thousand Years to Forever : The Making of a Queen”, The first of My Beloved Vampire Series. November 2013 it’s sequel “I’ve Been Waiting for You” came out.
Which brings me to up to date.
February 2014, I am editing the 3rd in My Beloved Vampire Series. Its title is “Redemption at Midnight”. Somewhere towards the end, another vampire showed up and begging to have his own story along with his own HEA. So I also just finished a prequel/novella titled “The Witchling Grows Up” Both of these will be out the first part of this year.
I have the 2nd in The Kings of Angkor in the first stages of writing and research, which needs a lot. I was able to visit for the very first time at Angkor Wat in2013 and all its temples last year , giving me a better understanding of those magnificent temples and the people who built them. I have two other works on the back burner that will require a lot of research. One is a mystery with a lot of history and the other a sweeping WWII era novel.
When I am not writing, I read. Of course I love Romance but can’t read the same genre that I write so I read mysteries, memoirs and history… I love history, especially Medieval and WWII.
I don’t generally watch TV but I love Downton Abbey.
My favorite authors… Mmmm, well let me see. Jane Austen, the late Elizabeth Peters, LM Montgomery, Loretta Chase, J.R.Ward , Sharon Kay Penman and Pamela Kaufman to name a few that come to mind.
What do I do when I am not writing? I am a mother of seven, four still at home. I have a home filled with pets, four dogs and six cats. I write seven days a week.
My job that allows me to write full times is being a part-time, paid call Fire Fighter for my town. I went through training and classes back when I was 50 & 51 to become FF 1 & 2 certified. Thankfully my husband is very supportive and sees how much I love to write. He helps out when he can as my assistant.
So that is a bit out this author. I love hearing from my readers so please connect with me either here or on my author page on Facebook.

Update: Now that Redemption at Midnight is out I am working on revisions to my next project to be out in June 2014, titled The Witchling Grows Up. That is a Prequel/Novella to a new series that is coming from My Beloved Vampire Series. Also My other book that was published by Dorrance is waiting to come home to mama so to speak. Once I get my rights back, I will be re-issuing The Kings of Angkor, with a brand new inside and a wonderful new cover.

Enjoy!! Now back to writing!!

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One Thousand Years to Forever 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
RenWar More than 1 year ago
Katherine MacNamara is one tough lady with a lot of moxie, which has gotten her into one hot mess of a jam. Colum O’Heachthanna, a fierce Irish warrior prince, is there to save and protect her, as he evidently has tried, unsuccessfully, to do for centuries. Colum is heir to the throne of his vampire world and Katherine is destined to be his queen, if Colum can save and turn her. There is a twist to the world of Colum O’Heachthanna, I don’t want to give it away, but I LOVE IT! The attraction between Kat and Colum is all encompassing. Colum knows why, but Kat is not sure she is ready to move on and love again after the loss of her firefighter husband in the Twin Towers on 9/11. It was Colum who saved her life that day, and who made a promise to her husband that he would watch over and protect Kat and their children. Kat has vowed vengeance on those responsible for the attacks that day, and in a very public forum; which has attracted the attention of a group determined to silence her once and for all. Several years after the loss of her husband Kat moves herself and her children to the home her deceased Grandmother has left her in a small town away from the city, and its memories of that fateful day. During a morning jog she runs into Colum and discovers that they are now neighbors. Colum befriends her and their friendship quickly escalates. As Colum begins to reveal to Kat that this is not their first time together she, also, begins experiencing disjointed memories of their past lives and deep love for each other. As the attacks on Kat and her family begin in earnest, Colum vows that, this time, he will turn Kat before it is too late, and she will finally take her rightful place as his queen. Will he succeed? This book is jam packed with intrigue, action, and plenty of steam. We get to meet all of Kat’s family and much of Colum’s, but I have a sense that there will be a lot more to learn about the O’Heachthanna family in coming books (I’m hoping). All those we meet in this first installment are strong, interesting characters that immediately draw you into their lives and make you want to know them better. The storyline is captivating and keeps you turning page after page until there are no more pages to turn. I guarantee it will leave you wanting to know more. I believe Ms. Moriarty very cleverly left us with a few strategic questions, hopefully to be answered in future installments and I, for one, cannot wait to read the continuing story of eternal love and devotion between Kat and Colum.
Donna_Hok79 More than 1 year ago
A love story that transcends time Very well written and enjoyable story to read.  First in series but still a standalone story.  Very original story line intertwining a little from the past with the present.   I loved the character interplay with all of them not just the main ones.  You have life, love, death, terrorist enemies and a love story that transcends time itself. Interesting and very entertaining story to read.  Even though some of the characters are “Vampires”, this is unlike any vampire story I’ve ever read.  It’s more of a magical thing along with some Fae magic in the story. I may have won this book but am so glad I did, because I now have another favorite author.
ATEAM55 More than 1 year ago
Katherine MacNamara was in the elevator on that fateful September 2011 day. She calmly gets herself and the other occupants out when the power fails, and begins leading them down the stairwell where her firefighter husband, John is on his way up. He can't convince her to continue down to safety with the others. She is determined to be with him even though it's a death sentence to do so. Colum O'Heachthanna is suddenly there and picks Katherine up to take her to safety. As she is kicking and screaming, John and Colum lock eyes in a silent conversation. In a few seconds, certain knowledge and promises are exchanged. John knows this is a one way trip for him and his beloved Katherine is now with the one she has always belonged with. Colum vows that he will take care of her and her three young children. At Johns grave side, Katherine is beside herself with grief & anger, so when she sees the news van there she marches over and on camera, challenges and threatens the terrorists that took loved ones from their families. Colum is watching from the side lines ever vigilant in his promise to John. Ever patient, he won't lose her again. Twice before in the last thousand years he has lost his beloved Katherine, his Queen. He had to wait for her to be born again and grow up each time only to helplessly watch her die because he was too late to save her. This time he will not let her out of his site. His father wants to step down and make him king, but Colum refusing to before his queen is by his side. This is where their story really begins. What is Colum? And who and what really is Katherine? The answers just blew me away! This is a love that not only defies time but transcends thorough the ages! I am going on to read "I've Been Waiting For You" .......Start reading and catch up! I promise you an amazing journey!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The story starts on 9/11/2001. But you find out later that they have a history that goes back a thousand years. It makes you wish that there really was love so pure in the world. That is the reason we are hooked on romantic stories. The really good ones touch our souls and feeds our need to believe that love like this truly exists. It is one of my favorites.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Interesting spin with horrors of 911.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great book, fast read.luv it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this story. Wish it had been longer.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Stunning , exceeded all my expectations! A talented portrayal of a scenario that all to often is portrayed the same way book after book. This book is a must have. L.M.A.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a very good read! Loved the fact that the author incorporated the tragedy of our 9/11 and the heros of that day!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago