One White Stone

One White Stone

by Daniel C Posney


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While sitting in a coffee shop in Sedona, Arizona, Daniel suddenly feels a strong divine calling to experience a life of devotion and faith. Setting out on what would become a 3000-mile motorcycle ride through rain, wind, hail and snow, Daniel left a fulfilling relationship, close friends and enriching spiritual life in a city known for its red rocks, intense energy and seekers of enlightenment.

Even more difficult than the late winter weather would be faith. Faith that would carry Daniel through and allow him to let go of all temptations to plan or control the journey.

Along the way, Daniel discovers his own truths about mastering his own life and living from love and knowing that we are always protected and provided for...if we let it. This is a true story of divine awakening and spiritual experience, of learning and practicing conscious communication and cultivating love relationships more expansive than ever thought possible. One White Stone is a journey across the Western United States and a guide in living in self-mastery as an awakened human. One White Stone serves as a guide for creating a more perfect and healthy body, of easing and eliminating suffering, for transforming your life into your greatest joy and fulfillment. One White Stone answers the questions "Who Am I?", "What Am I?" and "Why Am I Here?".

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780990527602
Publisher: I AM Publishing
Publication date: 06/19/2014
Pages: 158
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.34(d)

About the Author

Daniel Posney was born as an identical twin with his brother, Ken, and older sister, Lisa. From a young age, Daniel knew he had a different perspective than some, but it wasn't until later in his life that his experience would transform.
Daniel's life has involved travel to over 20 different countries (including Tahiti, Africa, Europe, Australia and India), deployment on two U.S. Navy ships, triathlons (2 Half-Ironmans), daughters (Briana and Caley), granddaughter (Athena), black belts in Hapkido, training in Reiki and Munay Ki, living within a spiritual community on a 4000 acre ranch, riding over 100,000 by motorcycle and 1700 miles by bicycle (Pacific Coast).

In 2012, Daniel relocated to Sedona, Arizona (from California) where he continued to realize profound, inner transformation. Daniel currently lives in Sedona, Arizona and Kauai, Hawaii and travels the world connecting with others who are seeking the perspective that he offers and to be empowered. Words such as "radiant" and "clarity" are often used to describe Daniel.

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