One with All of Thee: Sowing the Seeds for Change

One with All of Thee: Sowing the Seeds for Change

by Celine Koropchak
One with All of Thee: Sowing the Seeds for Change

One with All of Thee: Sowing the Seeds for Change

by Celine Koropchak


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One with All of Thee: Sowing the Seeds for Change is the second book in the One with All of Thee (OWAT) series. Author Celine Koropchak shares another year’s worth of gentle and comforting messages she has received from her friends, the Tovarysh. This collection of practical wisdom continues where the first book left off, speaking directly to the challenges of a time of great change and spiritual growth. It guides us to the next level of personal development with tools designed to support us in our spiritual evolution.

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ISBN-13: 9781504384872
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 09/27/2017
Pages: 152
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.33(d)

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Week 1

What of ... Life?

You have been given the gift of life. You are conscious of your surroundings. You are sentient and have feelings. You are able to think, to create, To connect with other sentient beings. And yet, how many of you are truly living?

How many of you are actually thinking, feeling, creating and connecting with others? How many of you are just going through the motions of daily living, like an automaton, as in one of your movies? Do you ever wonder why, how, who, when and what if?

Your current state of being is encased within a human form, for the most part ... or at least that is how most of you relate to life. I am a physical being with physical limitations, with physical vulnerabilities, with physical pain and suffering, in a physical form that ages daily, then takes its last breath, and that is the end of life as I know it. Many believe that is the extent of it, of life ... and then comes oblivion.

When, over this short course of time, are you going to live your life? Tomorrow? When you have more time, more money, more energy, or more freedom? What about now, in this very moment? Can you break free from the chains of complicity that have bound you so tightly, you do not even know how to move, to breathe, to dance?

Now, this moment, is the perfect time to begin your life. With no judgments, no regrets of past actions, no fear of future possibilities.

You are living your life at this very moment ... breathing in and out, in and out. And now the time is ripe for your dreams, your hopes, and your visions to manifest. The energy is rising. The group consciousness is stirring into action. The Universe, the entire Universe, is beginning to take a deep breath to release the ways of the past and to bring in your dreams of the future.

And what are those dreams of yours? Do they consist of fear, dread, worries and doubts? Do they immobilize you? Have they even managed to make it to the very surface of your consciousness? Or are they buried so deep within you, they are inaccessible to your conscious mind?

The Universe is listening to you! It is preparing to serve you the very thing that you have ordered from the menu. Be it joy and hope, or fear and dread. What does your palate crave today? You deserve only joy and love. And yet, you order less, much less than that for yourselves.

If you could change your world today, how would you change it?

Sit, breathe, close your eyes and see that world before you. Create the energy of that world in your mind's eye with love, only with love. Smile as you do this and allow the creativity to flow. Do it this very instant, exist in that world for a moment. Draw it to you and watch it unfold. Breathe life into it. For all creation requires the breath of life ... and so, too, your creations require your breath of life.

Not only do you have the gift of life, you have the gift, the ability, of creating life around you. It is your choice to create that which you want. Will you be passive and live in others' creations, or will you create your own world in which to live?

Will you be passive in this physical existence and complacently go through your allotted time? Or will you be active and learn the steps to your dance, the dance of your spirit and your soul?

Can you hear the beat? Listen. It may be faint, but it is there. Listen and feel the beat of your song, your music; for the Universe sings to you every moment of your day. And it is time for you now to get up and dance. Open your arms and spin your world around you.

Accept the gift of this life with joy. And once you do, you will understand that your very existence is limitless. Neither time nor space can limit who you are, for your very being exists within the All.

For you are the All.


Week 2

What Comes Now?

Your seasons here upon this physical plane Are now changing; Some areas of the Mother Are moving into a period of growth While other areas are coming into a period of rest. In synchronicity and yet in opposite directions. Is that not the way of life here on this physical plane? The give and take. Of life. Of energy. Of joy. Of love.

Remember that all are connected, so what may be perceived as a loss from one viewing frame appears as a gain from the equal and opposite viewing frame. It is really neither, but just the movement of energy from one position to another. There really is never loss or gain, just movement and flow. That is how things really work in the Universe. However, you still do not seem to accept this concept within the physical realm.

This is partially due to the inability of many to recognize the connectedness of the All. They still believe that more for you means less for me. How is this possible when you are all One? External conflict truly becomes internal conflict, until one can understand the ways of the Universe.

As we continue the lessons of these writings, let this truth be known. All life is energy, including your thoughts, words and deeds. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. Therefore, it is in a constant state of transition or transformation. The words you speak are composed of energy that goes out into the ethers, to be accepted or rejected by another in the form of thoughts or deeds. Perhaps it is transformed to another's words with their energy and back into the ethers. It is cyclic, it is never-ending and it is all connected.

Knowing this, try to understand how everything works together, even though it may not appear that way at first viewing. Can you work with the perceived limitations that you have, rather than trying to will those limitations into something that they are not? It is a dance - the dance of life ... and too many of you are trying to lead when not knowing the steps to the dance.

Understand that all is as it should be. And whether you can see it or not, there is forward movement. It may not appear that way from your perspective, because you have only a limited view in this physical realm. But remember that this is not the only plane of existence, and your actions here upon this physical plane are teaching others in different realms how to grow. Whatever is occurring in your life at this moment is not for naught. It has purpose. You have purpose and are a very important piece of the mosaic of life.

We cannot emphasize enough your connection to the All. Remember this before you speak or act, and give gratitude for what you have in your life. The concept of haves and have-nots does not make sense in a world where All are One. Remember that your lessons, your growth, your life contribute to the All. They have a purpose far greater than you are aware!

There are no small acts, no insignificant lives, and no worthless deeds. It is all greatness, all powerful and all with significant purpose. No matter what does or does not happen in your life, you have contributed to the growth of the All, the Universe. And that is no insignificant contribution.

You have our gratitude for what you have given us. And we shall continue to return to you all the love that you can hold, all the joy that you can accept and all the guidance for which you ask.

For we are one with you in love ... always.


Know No Fear

What of this emotion That has been predominant in your life For as far back as you can remember? How does this emotion serve you? And how does it serve the Universe In its growth and expansion?

The simple answer is that it does not. It does not serve you or this physical world or the Universe. Yet it is prevalent everywhere you look. It has inculcated your very existence, to the extent that you do not even realize that it is a constant presence in your life.

And so, what of fear? What is this power over you and your world, such that fear is continuously invited into every thought, word and action on this physical plane? Can you step back for a moment and be an observer in your life, in order to see how powerful you have allowed this emotion to become?

There is the fear of aging, the fear of rejection, the fear of the unknown, the fear of lack, the fear of plenty, the fear of what just occurred, the fear of what did not occur. No matter what your situation, your status, your gender, or your age, there it is creeping into your conscious, your subconscious world. Why? Why do you allow this Ego-driven emotion to control how you live your days, your precious days here upon this plane?

For a moment, just for a moment, can you allow all that fear to fall from your immediate environment, as dirt washes from your physical body? Set down the weight of the burden of fear, and observe the lightness that you suddenly feel. Can you feel the edges of your mouth beginning to curl into a smile, a laugh, a song that affects your entire being? All because you released yourself from the shackles of fear, for just a moment. Imagine how the entire world would change if everyone did this exercise at the very same instant of time!

It is possible to release yourself from this burden, entirely possible. But first you must observe and note how much this emotion rules your life. Once you stop and take a good look, you will be astonished at what you see! The next step is to slowly replace that fear with love, for that is truly all there is. This cloud of fear shades the brilliant light that shines within and around each and every one of you. Each and every one of you!

Do not let fear hold you back any longer. Do not allow it to prevent you from unfolding your wings in preparation for taking flight ... not to run, but to soar. Why do you settle for crawling around on your belly, when you can soar above it all? You do not realize the power that you have within you. So retrieve the power that you have given to fear. Take it back, replace it in its true form within you, and feel the change in your physical, emotional and mental beings!

The first step is to recognize the presence of fear. The second step is to replace that fear with love. And all the remaining steps of your forward movement will gently and quickly fall into place. Do not hold your breath! Blow out the fear. Reclaim your power and see how far you can fly!

And if that first step is tenuous, call upon us. We shall light the way until your own brilliance lights the path ahead of you. Ah, if you can only see the possibilities, the exquisite beams of light that shine within each and every one of you.

We shall be here beside you, until you no longer need our support. But until then, we shall always be here with a helping hand, an encouraging and gentle push forward.

Ah, what lies ahead is only brilliance and light! Shine brightly as you were meant to do!


What of ... Ego?

What is this thing called Ego?

Does it have a place in your immediate world? You have the terms for it ... That person has a big Ego, or is egocentric or ego-driven. Does it have a purpose here for you Or should you deny its very existence?

Ego is a constant presence on this physical plane, and it is supported by the feeling of separateness caused by your individual physical forms. Without these forms, it has no reason for being, as the Oneness of All is much easier to understand. But individual personality exists across all planes, to a greater or lesser degree, depending on the location. You are all a part of the Oneness, yet you are all individual spirits and souls with individual lessons or tasks to experience in your lives.

As you grow spiritually, becoming more aware of the Oneness, with better understanding of the Universal ways, you also realize that Ego is a part of your existence that is no longer necessary for you. However, as a child first coming into being on this plane, you rely on Ego to help you transition from the non-physical plane to the physical plane. If you did not have Ego present, you would not be able to best learn the lessons that precipitated your existence here on this plane in the first place. For if you understood the Oneness of Being throughout your entire life, many lessons would be moot and not necessary to learn.

The problem occurs when you become too accustomed to the way of Ego and fail to realize its intended purpose in your life. When Ego continues to grow in strength, it begins to overshadow your connection to the Divine, thus making the connection to the All less apparent to you. Ego was never intended to overpower the Divine connection, as it has in so many of you. This makes your journey back into the loving embrace of the All a longer and often more challenging journey.

Allowing Ego to have a small presence in your life is most certainly acceptable and actually helpful, as you continue on your path to knowledge. It is when Ego blinds you with false illusions of grandeur that it becomes a burden for you, slowing down your forward movement.

Do not berate yourself for a flare of Ego as you live your daily life. But do become vigilant when it begins to overtake your thoughts, feeding itself by taking power away from others and encouraging you to forget the ways of kindness and compassion. That is when it is time to take a step back and ask yourself the question, 'Why?' Why am I doing this? Why am I thinking this way? Why am I saying these things?

Be aware of your thoughts, words and deeds every day, and how they may affect others who cross your path. If you find yourself making excuses for these thoughts, words or deeds, then begin to watch for the presence of Ego in your life. Perhaps it has overgrown its boundaries and needs to be pruned back to a smaller size.

And if ever you stumble or need a helping hand, know that we are always here beside you, basking in your light, awaiting the day of your return to your true state ... when we shall welcome you home with love and gratitude.

Do not allow Ego to shade the brilliant Divine light That shines from within you. Do not doubt for a moment the existence of this Divine light and the power of it. Do not forget your connection to the All.


Week 5


Have you ever had something come to mind And within the next moment or few hours, Exactly what you were thinking came to pass? Perhaps you were thinking of a friend or loved one And they called. Perhaps you were wondering when It was going to start raining And the next moment it began. Or perhaps, you mistakenly made A wrong turn driving home Avoiding an accident that occurred On your usual route

Why do these things happen to you? Do you have an innate knowledge of what is going to happen? Have you the ability to manifest certain things to occur in your life? Or was it just a coincidence? What do you think? How do you explain it?

We have mentioned the web of connection to you before. All are connected by a web of energy, similar in concept to your internet. What occurs on one end of the web can be picked up on the opposite end at various time points, depending upon the speed of your connection. We know this is a good metaphor to explain what happens on an energetic level, because many are using that same type of connection to read these words.

Is it such a great leap then, to accept a web of connection at a higher frequency, that is not a part of this physical world, but more a part of the energetic plane? This physical body you currently inhabit is necessary for lessons to be learned here upon this plane. But it is not necessary for your existence in your natural state. And when you have experiences as have been described here, you have tapped into that energetic web that is constantly pulsing with messages, ideas, and knowledge.

This is possible for every one of you, without exception. The fact that the scribe of these messages is able to write is because she has allowed herself to be open to the energetic connections that abound in this physical world, just not in a fashion to which you are accustomed.

It is possible for every one of you to make a connection and find the way best to receive the knowledge available to you. It is just a matter of quieting your mind, of trusting your own abilities and approaching this means of communication with love and not fear.

If what you hear is not of light and love, then it is not from us or from the web of love that surrounds each and every one of you. And should that occur, call on us immediately to surround you with love and light.

Remember that you are a Divine being who inhabits a physical body to learn lessons for the group consciousness, for that web of connection. This means that any piece of information that has been received through that web is available to you. What we are trying to say is that the information, the knowledge which you seek, comes from within, not from without. For this web of connection flows from Divine light to Divine light to Divine light; and your inner core is that Divine light.

When these thoughts come to you, do not shake your head in disbelief and fear. Instead give gratitude that you have experienced a very natural phenomenon that occurs constantly. You may just need more time, more practice, to accept the gift of these thoughts, this connection.


Excerpted from "One With All of Thee: Sowing the Seeds For Change"
by .
Copyright © 2017 Celine Koropchak.
Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents

Note to Readers, ix,
Preface, xi,
Week 1 What of ... Life?, 1,
Week 2 What Comes Now?, 4,
Week 3 Know No Fear, 6,
Week 4 What of ... Ego?, 8,
Week 5 Thoughts, 10,
Week 6 Dreamtime, 13,
Week 7 What of ... Memories?, 16,
Week 8 Sadness and Loss, 19,
Week 9 The Universal Song, 21,
Week 10 Kindness, 23,
Week 11 Reclaim Your Power, 25,
Week 12 Silence, 27,
Week 13 The Web of Connection, 29,
Week 14 The Souls Purpose, 32,
Week 15 What of ... Perception?, 34,
Week 16 The Reflective Mirror, 36,
Week 17 Tears of Sadness or Joy, 38,
Week 18 Why Are You Not Listening?, 40,
Week 19 What of ... Purpose?, 42,
Week 20 Once Upon a Time, 45,
Week 21 Focus, 47,
Week 22 The OM, 49,
Week 23 Forward Movement, 51,
Week 24 Do Not Fear the Unknown, 53,
Week 25 Self-Blame, 56,
Week 26 Are You Ready for Change?, 58,
Week 27 What of ... Power?, 61,
Week 28 How Do You Communicate?, 63,
Week 29 Listening, Hearing, Seeing, 65,
Week 30 What of ... Action?, 68,
Week 31 Forgiveness, Understanding and Growth, 70,
Week 32 What Do You Want?, 72,
Week 33 Fear, 74,
Week 34 Your Daily Practice, 76,
Week 35 Only You, 79,
Week 36 What If?, 81,
Week 37 Common Threads, 83,
Week 38 Moving Forward, 85,
Week 39 Healing, 87,
Week 40 Care for Thee, 89,
Week 41 The Healing Has Begun, 91,
Week 42 Why Not Today?, 94,
Week 43 Opportunity and Abundance, 96,
Week 44 Trust, 99,
Week 45 Your Daily Interactions, 102,
Week 46 Designing Your Life, 105,
Week 47 Transformation, 108,
Week 48 What Does the Future Hold?, 111,
Week 49 Transitions are Occurring, 113,
Week 50 Light, 116,
Week 51 The Joy of Being, 119,
Week 52 One, 122,
A Final Message My Mantra, 125,
Readers Guide, 127,
Acknowledgements, 131,
About the Author, 133,
NOTES, 134,

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