Online Dating Survival Guide

Online Dating Survival Guide

by Jo Ana Starr PhD


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Online Dating Survival Guide is a power-packed, online dating guide that takes readers by the hand and helps them to navigate the sometimes tricky waters of online dating, so that they can succeed in their quest for romance! The top eight online dating sites are reviewed and summarized in this book, helping you to choose the best dating site for you.

The author, Jo Ana Starr PhD, is a veteran Online Dater who has experienced all the phases Online Daters go through and more importantly, using the same tools she shares with you, she has been successful in her search for love! Her research reveals that online dating increases the likelihood of finding the right partner exponentially. The sheer numbers of people who meet each other through online dating websites is staggering. Thirty Five Million people visit the largest US online dating website at least once a month and those numbers are increasing monthly. And that's just in the US. The global numbers are growing too.

The author's research prior to writing this book uncovered that 40% or more of marriages in 2014 are believed to have occurred between people who met online. Online dating is here to stay, and the membership numbers in the last five years among the top eight online dating websites have more than tripled.

Why might you consider online dating? Online dating frees us from the geographic limitations of traditional, old style dating. For those living in small towns with limited numbers of single people, online dating is a gift! No longer do you have to choose among the 3 single guys or gals you know in your hometown. You can choose among hundred or thousands of possibilities within a 25 mile radius of your current location and within 5 years of your age, or whatever parameters you choose.

This book simplifies the process of online dating by helping readers to accomplish all the steps to creating a compelling profile, uploading pictures, communicating with possible matches, responding to emails, dating safely, and even helps you to determine what sort of person you are looking for, as well as what sort of relationship would be ideal for you.

If you are looking for your special someone, and you are considering online dating, please read this book first. It can save you valuable hours of your life and a lot of money. All the research on the top eight US dating sites is shared with you, and all the steps of getting online and beginning the online dating process have been explained step by step for you.

Online dating allows you to meet so many people in so little time, that anyone who is seriously looking for love would be wise to take note of the growing trend of online dating. And ladies, in the online dating world men seriously outnumber women, so that old wives tales that all the good men are taken is simply not correct. Expecting to meet Mr. Right or Ms. Right in the supermarket or in church does seem to be asking a lot, and honestly if that were working, why would thirty five million people be visiting the biggest online dating site monthly?

Consider expanding your horizons by meeting a lot of nice people who are looking for love. What do you have to lose? Read this book, gain confidence in your ability to date online successfully, and find the love of your life!

Purchasers receive a Free $29. Hypnosis session that will help you to become a confident and successful online dater!

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Publisher: Jo Ana Starr
Publication date: 04/30/2015
Pages: 208
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