Only You

Only You

by Stephanie Feagan

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BN ID: 2940148761723
Publisher: Pink Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 10/14/2013
Series: The Mephisto Covenant Series , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 332
Sales rank: 796,168
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Stephanie Feagan is a multi-published RITA winning author who loves travel, books, and smart guys. A practicing CPA, she lives in the outback of west Texas with her husband and a mean cat. For bonus content and more about the Mephisto, visit her website at

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Only You 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really love this book series, but this one was my favorite yet, i think.  It had some unexpected twists, which I loved, and it kept my attention the entire way through. Mariah was a very admirable character.  She's had an incredibly painful past but has come out on top.  She's not a pushover.  Her relationship with Phoenix was awesome to witness. The mythology in these books and the way they are written are captivating.  Sure, some aspects are a little cheesy, but I think that always comes with books about soul mates.  I love that the villains aren't flat, bad guys.  They have reasons behind what they do, and there is a chance at redemption.  It's really great.  Also, it's nice that, although there are a lot of references to Christianity, the author mentions that the Anabo are attracted to all places of holy worship.  I'm glad that this book's religion is inclusive.  Now for a non-white Anabo! Also, I'm glad that sex didn't completely take over this book.  I'll admit, when I heard the novel was classified as New Adult, I was a little worried it would have some pretty racy scenes.  Mariah was a victim of sexual abuse, and the sex it did include seemed to be her moving past that.  But no pages upon pages of detailed sex, like is in a lot of other NA books I've read! Anyway, I enjoyed this book, and I'd recommend it to anyone who appreciates fantasy romance with a happy ending.  I can't wait for the next one!
Shanrock19 More than 1 year ago
I love this series! This book was one of my favorites in the series. I look forward to more books in the series and more books by this author. I like the involvement of previous characters, and I really felt for the main characters. I liked that this story takes place when the previous story was also in motion; its good to see how events line up. This a unique series and I interested in where it ends up. Great read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this book!  Although it could be read as a stand alone I strongly suggest reading the first two books of this series first.  The first two help set up the plot and story line better to make you truly appreciate Only You. Without going over the whole synopsis, your heart will break for poor Mariah, who suffered the worst kind of abuse a woman, or in her case a child, could endure.  Feagan does a remarkable job exploring the mind of such a broken person.  Mixing this shattered girl with the tormented soul, Phoenix, created a story that will have you so captivated you won't be able to put the book down.  Your emotions will be all over the place.  It's a beautiful story of how two totally damaged people may be able to heal each other if they can open themselves back up after being emotionally shut down for so long. If you like the concept of each person being destined to being with one other this is the book/series for you.  The series is based on insanely hot sons of hell only hope of redemption is falling in love and making that girl love them in return, although their true natures may be too much to overcome for both parties involved. All the while fighting their eldest brother who is determined to have as many people turn their backs on God and pledge their souls to him so he can one day take over hell and destroy the world.  It has all the elements of your good versus evil, while adding a fun twist to the religious aspects of it. So to say it simply, Stephanie Feagan makes the characters lovable because of their flaws, and delivers such a beautiful story that will leave you begging for more.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved reading this book and i love the series. I really liked how the story was narrated and i loved how the readers could see each character developing. Amazing book, and i cant wait to read more.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am so excited the author wrote and published another book because I absolutely loved the first 2 and this one was no disappointment by any means!! I was so captivated by Phoenix and Mariah that I literally could not put it down and read the whole thing in one sitting!! They are insanely attracted to each other despite both of their prejudices, and create this miraculous bond almost from the moment they meet when Kyros doesn't realize she's Anabo and brings her to the house unannounced. Both Mariah and Phoenix have issues to work through on their own but decide to help the other instead which in turn helps them work through their own internal issues especially since neither of them judge or pity the other but simply accepts it and helps the other overcome it. The chemistry is so absolutely off the chart with these two it's amazing they resist as long as they do!!! I cannot wait for the next one that I'm sorely hoping is really coming!!
Livlovesbooks More than 1 year ago
I'm so glad that the author listened to fan requests to keep writing and publishing the Mephisto Covenant Series. I discovered this series earlier this year because of the book summary for the 2nd book and quickly got my hands on book 1 to start reading it. I've been in love every since! I wasn't disappointed with this latest book in the series. In The Mephisto Mark, we learn more about the on-going quest of the younger Mephisto brothers (Phoenix, Jax, Keys, Titus, Denys & Zee) to defeat their oldest brother, Eryx in his attempt to gain enough lost souls and therefore power to defeat Lucifer and rule Hell. There are all sorts of cool supernatural beings like Anabos (rare human born without sin), Luminas (angels) & ghosts in addition to Skias (lost souls) and Mephisto (sons of the dark angel, Mephistopheles), and they all have different roles to play. I was fascinated by the author's ability to weave the very serious subject matter of the effects of sexual abuse into the storyline while still sweeping the reader up into the intense yet romantic relationship that develops between Phoenix and Mariah, an Anabo. Phoenix has already lost one Anabo and is dead set on not marking Mariah as his. There are some really great moments when Mariah and Phoenix read a couple of romance novels out loud. We also learn more about what really happened when Eryx killed Jane, Phoenix's first Anabo, what Hell on Earth is really like and who all can transport there and back, and how the Mephisto and Anabo scents work. After a 3rd great installment in this fantastic paranormal series, I am totally looking forward to the 4th book, The Mephisto Code: The Redemption of Xenos. This is also one of my favorite series to re-read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I knew Phoenix's story was going to be deep,however i never expected this story.i laughed and cried. Very raw enotions fit into this story. Loved it-another homerun for this author
Magluvsya03 More than 1 year ago
Mariah is the main character, and though I haven’t read the others in this series, I find each main character of each book is connected. Yes, I will say the good thing is that you can read this as a stand alone, I did it with easy, but I have every intention of now going read the first two of this series now :) This is going to maybe be hard for some readers, as this is very real life situations we have, especially with the abuse, and while it’s horrid that this abuse happens in real life everyday-trust I know this personally- it had made Mariah’s character one of the most touching I’ve read in a while. I felt every inch of her pain and the writing has made that so much more.  This is a complicated subject as I know some people don’t wanna talk about that, but it’s such a beautiful thing to be a survivor. Especially when you look at how your very own biological sister got to grow up good because of the foster system, while you had a bad hand. This is the case with Mariah and Jordan. This was a gut wrenching, tear spilling story, but hot damn if it wasn’t a beautiful story in the end. And while I say again, I read this book with easy, I think I will go ahead and say GET THEM ALL FIRST! I KNOW there are things in those first two novels that will just make the big picture so much MORE.  Mariah and Phoenix’s relationship is also one that might break your heart, or heal it, depends on how you look at it :) I really don’t want to say too much, as I could give away some major spoilers, but I am not very interested in all of these series books and the future ones to come. I believe I may be even more shocked when I read the first two, and then the fourth, which will hopefully not keep me waiting too long! The writing is fantastic and the plot is not something you will think of as predictable or repetitive. I am very much a new fan! 4.5 Tear Jerking, Heart Warming PAWS!
Just-Julie10 More than 1 year ago
Oh dear, where to start! Firstly I received the ARC for this book in return for an honest review. Secondly, look at that cover, awesome and haunting. The book blurb had me, lock, stock and two smoking barrels. I'd committed to this tour before I went back to work and was worried I wouldn't have time to read it and do it justice. I was wrong, it took me 2 days because I couldn't wait to get off work and sink into my cozy chair to find out what was going on. I feel I should but a warning somewhere in here and this could be a good point to do that. The book contains content that some might find disturbing. There are paragraphs dealing with the subject of child sexual abuse & physical abuse. Please don't let that put you off, it isn't gratuitous but pivotal to the story. So, Mariah is broken, she has her life neatly stored away in boxes in the corners of her mind. She's coping and hoping to go to school to get her degree, life isn't perfect, but then whose it. That is until the night a mysterious stranger walks into the bar she's working in and knows everything about her. He knows her sister and he wants her to go with him. Enter Phoenix, deeply screwed up and detached. Guilty and sorrowful for what he had done a century ago. Phoenix and Mariah were made for each other. Only nobody though to tell them that. He is Mephisto and she (unknowingly) is Anabo. He is a son of hell and she is, well lets say an angel. They hate each other, or do they? If you're not hooked yet I don't know what will get you to be tempted. (I'm trying not to do any spoilers but its hard) Eryx, the sinister, more evil older brother of Phoenix is wanting not only to gain more power to befall Lucifer by claiming lost souls but also he has a prize in mind, Jordan. Mariah's younger sister who she sent away to an orphanage to save and in doing so sacrificed her own life. The journey Trinity takes us on is magical, heart breaking, wonderful and gut wrenching scary (in a good way) Mariah's palpable demons in what happened to her growing up were so real I could taste them, I felt her pain. Phoenix's guilt is tormentingly touching, yet somehow, someway he manages to get her Mariah to open up to him and she begins to trust him, feel things for him and have some slight hope they might just become more than friends. That is until he shatters her world by one decision. I honestly couldn't put it down, I thought about their story when I couldn't read it. The writing is outstanding, the descriptive narrative compelling and the ending had me weeping. Although this is the third book in the series (this is the first one I've read) it can be read as a stand alone. What it did do however, is make me now want to dash out and buy the first two and get caught up in all that is Mephisto. Awesome work brilliantly done.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! I read it in about four hours. I couldn't put it down. I think this is the best out of all 3 but Jax is still my bbf . Please read this you will love it! 
Chrissy_W More than 1 year ago
A delicious little treat. Did I enjoy this book: I love Mariah; she’s remarkably written, and it was Mariah that kept me reading. She’s a broken, tough little thing, and I admire her strength. She’s the victim of sexual abuse, which is a difficult, heartbreaking topic, and Faegan tackles it respectfully and honestly—even posting a warning at the beginning of the book that it may disturb readers who have experienced abuse. I liked the concept well enough: it’s another version of the eternal Good versus Evil struggle, only this time there’s a half-devil pack of delicious-looking brothers who go around smiting people (and they’re the good guys!). Add to the mix some Immortals, some Souls stuck in Purgatory, a new and different version of Hell, and of course, a love story, and you’ve got the gist. The concept isn’t new, but Faegan’s twists make it feel that way. There was only one little thing that annoyed me. I thought I could get past it, I really did. Again, I even like the concept. But it festered. Faegan not only updated the God versus Devil tale, she also updated the language said figures use. I get it—it’s easier for readers to relate to characters who speak the same way they do, and it certainly adds a layer of humanity, but. Well. For some reason I just can’t picture Lucifer telling anyone to “Man up,” no matter what the circumstances. I expected Mariah to use modern lingo, but it just didn’t ring true for me that the immortals spent as much time studying pop culture as they did trying to save souls from eternal damnation. I mean, *I* describe things as ‘epic,’ but it just seemed weird that a thousand-year-old-son-of-Mephistopheles would do the same. This is the first book in the series I’ve read, so perhaps one of the first two books explains the language thing. I finished the book in a day, so I guess the slang didn’t annoy me as much as the thought of cleaning my kitchen. Ultimately, it was a delicious little Saturday treat. Would I recommend it: Sure. If you’re into seriously hot anti-heroes who spend their time reading romance novels to their soul mates while also trying to save the world, you’ll enjoy The Mephisto Mark. Will I read it again: Probably not. As reviewed by Melissa at Every Free Chance Book Reviews. (I received a copy of this book for review purposes.)