O'odham Creation and Related Events: As Told to Ruth Benedict in 1927

O'odham Creation and Related Events: As Told to Ruth Benedict in 1927



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ISBN-13: 9780816534159
Publisher: University of Arizona Press
Publication date: 07/01/2016
Series: Southwest Center Series
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 267
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Anthropologist Donald M. Bahr has studied the Tohono O'odham extensively.

Table of Contents

Foreword Barbara A. Babcock ix

Acknowledgments xiii

Introduction: Benedict's Choice Donald Bahr xv

1 The Rafter Hauled: The Long Telling of Ancient Times 3

Introduction Donald Bahr 3

The Rafter Thomas Vanyiko William Blackwater 5

Earth and Sky 5

Humans 10

Flood 11

New Creation 17

The First Death 22

Farming and the Calendar 24

Navitcu 25

Ho'ok 27

Man Eagle 29

Killing Elder Brother 31

His Resurrection 34

Passage to Earth's Surface 38

Elder Brother's Campaign 41

Departure of Elder Brother 52

2 Pieces Left Out 55

Introduction Donald Bahr 55

Blackwater's Ho'ok William Blackwater 56

Blackwater's Man Eagle William Blackwater 63

Corn Woman William Blackwater 69

The Coyote Brothers, Part 1 William Blackwater 77

The Coyote Brothers, Part 2 William Blackwater 80

Dove Makes Magic for a Race William Blackwater 87

Girl Becomes Star William Blackwater 87

Girl Becomes Saguaro William Blackwater 88

The Feud William Blackwater 89

Nasia's Twins William Blackwater Thomas Vanyiko 97

Cloud's Twins William Blackwater 123

Rain's Twins William Stevens 124

Rain's Twins Clara Ahiel 126

3 Pieces Afterward, on War 129

Introduction Donald Bahr 129

Koolhaa (or, The Orphan Boy) William Blackwater Thomas Vanyiko 133

Eagle Hawk Man Thomas Vanyiko William Blackwater 144

An Old Woman's Grandson Rescues His Mother Clara Ahiel 153

The Survivors William Blackwater 155

4 Coyote Tales 157

Introduction Donald Bahr 157

Coyote Marries the Hunter's Wives William Blackwater 157

Red Racer Snake and Coyote William Blackwater 160

Turtle and Coyote William Stevens 161

Coyote and Frog Clara Ahiel 162

Deer Planter William Stevens 163

Lion and Coyote Rope Horses William Blackwater 164

Coyote Is Pursued by Lion William Blackwater 165

Coyote and the Turkeys William Blackwater 166

Coyote and Buzzard William Blackwater 167

Coyote and Buzzard (and the Apaches) Oliver Wellington 169

Coyote and the Crows William Blackwater 170

Bluebird and Coyote William Blackwater 171

Coyote Eats His Own Bowels Clara Ahiel 172

The Mesquite Tree William Blackwater 173

War of the Coyotes against the Sun Thomas Vanyiko 174

5 Oratory 175

Introduction Donald Bahr 175

Rain Ceremony William Blackwater Thomas Vanyiko 179

Navitcu / Probably spoken William Blackwater 182

Notes on the Navitcu Ruth Benedict 182

The Mountain Goat: A Rain Recitative Thomas Vanyiko 183

The Mountain Goat William Blackwater 184

Notes on Rain Speeches and Rainmaking Ruth Benedict 186

Speech of Elder Brother, after His Resurrection William Blackwater 186

War Ritual: Speech of Elder Brother Thomas Vanyiko 189

Speech of Elder Brother Thomas Vanyikoo 191

Prophecy of Elder Brother Thomas Vanyiko 192

War Recitative Thomas Vanyiko 193

Nasia Speaks William Blackwater 195

Welcome to the Aaduma Ceremony Thomas Vanyiko 195

Welcome to the Aaduma Ceremony William Blackwater 196

War Ritual William Blackwater 198

War Ritual Thomas Vanyiko 200

War Ritual William Blackwater 201

Ritual for the First Water Allowed the Slayer in Purification Rites William Blackwater 203

Notes on the Warriors' Purification Ruth Benedict 204

Thanksgiving for Food William Blackwater 205

Thanksgiving for Food Kisto 206

Recitative of the Acquisition of Power William Blackwater 207

Figures of Speech among the Pima Ruth Benedict 208

References Cited 215

Index 219

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