Open Air: How People Like Yourself Are Changing the Aviation Industry

Open Air: How People Like Yourself Are Changing the Aviation Industry




Aviation touches nearly everyone, few understand how and why it works. Armed with experience as an aircraft owner and flight instructor, retired Navy Veteran and stay-at-home dad, Jeff Jorgenson, set out on a journey to inspire his kids and others with a holistic vision of how accessible aviation can be in our rapidly changing world.

While aviation is accessible to the middle class, it is only accessible in theory. Traditionally, aviation has been the privilege of the 1% or of those who have invested considerable time and money in aviation. But that model is changing. Democracy has made it so that more middle-class, more minorities, and more women are getting involved in aviation like never before.

Open Air is an overview of the basic building blocks of aviation. Jeff demonstrates how democracy has influenced the industry, providing an ideal platform for S.T.E.M. education. Jeff homes to equip everyday people with the tools that allow them to understand how the imbalances of the industry require a real shift to help close the gap on the looming, nationwide, pilot shortage. A must-read for anyone with an unaided interest in aviation.

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Publication date: 05/18/2017
Pages: 236
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Table of Contents



Prologue: I Think I’m Gonna Like it Here


Chapter I: A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Four Paths . Practical Reasons to Fly . LET’s GO! . Loot . Employment . Travel . Gladness . Obtainable . The Two Fs . Why Flying Today Is Safer Than EVER: Equipment, View, Education, Run-throughs . Equipment: Back-up Systems & New Technology . View: Mandatory Walk-around Inspections . Education: Rigorous & Structured-Run-throughs: Countless Drills & Scenarios . Pilot Requirements A-F


Chapter 2. I Can Go the Distance

The 3 Steps to Becoming a Pilot in the United States: JET . Jurisdiction: Join the Family . Education: LIFT . Testing: Oral and Practical


Chapter 3. The Bare Necessities

Availability and Quality . Scholarships and Costs . Kinds of Certificates . Sport Pilot Certificate . Recreational Pilot Certificate . Private Pilot . Instrument Rating . Commercial Pilot . Air Transportation Professional (ATP)

Chapter 4. Where Do I Go From Here?

Let’s Go Down Memory Lane! . Let’s Walk around the Airplane . Let’s Go Window Shopping for Airplanes! . General Aviation . Training Aircraft . Gliders . Personal Transportation . Competitive/Airshow . Business/Corporate . Helicopters . UAS/UAV/RPAS/Drone . Experimental Aircraft . The Military . The Airlines


Chapter 5. I Just Can’t Wait to Be King

Tangential Aviation Careers . Traditional Pilot Careers . Tier 3 Pilots . Tier 2 Pilots . Tier 1 Pilots


Chapter 6. I’ll Make a Pilot Out of You

Options: Finding a Flight School . Clubs: Sharing the Load . Educational Institutions: College or University . Accelerated Flight Training . Niche Ratings: Type Rating Schools

Chapter 7. Very Good Advice

Planning: Financial Discipline . Pals: Find a Mentor . Payments: Look for Scholarships

Chapter 8 – A Whole New World

Space Travel . Passenger Airlines . Oil-Alternative Engines . Remotely Operated Vehicles (Drones) . Technology Advances

Chapter 9 - It’s a Small World After All

Female Aviators . Local Legends . Athletes . Professionals . Entertainers . Musicians


Chapter 10 - Let’s Go Fly a Kite

Museums . Airshows . Productions: Fly-in Events . Seek Your Own Adventure

Appendix 1

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: Mnemonics

Appendix 2

Trivia and Tidbits

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